Best Michigan 5K Races In Jackson
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Best Michigan 5K Races in Jackson | ORS Race Series

Whether you’re an avid runner or just love to get out and get moving for a good cause, these Michigan 5K races in Jackson are sure to get your blood pumping! Each of these races includes a run and walk option, making them family-friendly and accessible for all ages and abilities.

Best Michigan 5K Races In Jackson Mi

Best 5K Races in Michigan This Year

You might be asking “where are the best 5K races near me?”, and if you live in or near Jackson Michigan, the best 5K races are part of the ORS Race Series!

Running almost every month of the year, the ORS Race Series currently includes eleven 5K races in Jackson Michigan and its surrounding small-town communities.

Get Moving with ORS Physical Therapy & the ORS Race Series

Orthopaedic Rehab Specialists Physical Therapy has a mission to provide rehabilitation, injury care and prevention, and education to empower people in their communities to live a healthy, active life. This mission is lived out through their mid-Michigan physical therapy clinic locations, through community education and wellness opportunities, and through the ORS Race Series in Jackson Michigan.

As the title sponsor of the ORS Race Series, ORS Physical Therapy provides on-site running analysis and free injury screens at each of the eleven 5K races in Jackson throughout the race season.

Orthopaedic Rehab Specialists offers Physical Therapy in Ann Arbor, Jackson Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy in Lansing, and Jonesville Physical Therapy. ORS specializing in orthopedic and sports physical therapy and athletic training services, serving anyone limited by pain or injury. 

5K Races in Jackson MI | ORS Race Series

  • Grow Jackson Groundhog Gallop 5k at Ella Sharp Park (February)
  • Family Services and Children’s Aid 5K in Downtown Jackson (April)
  • Around the Park for Autism 5K at Cascades Park (May)
  • Jackson ORS Rose Run 10k/5K at Ella Sharp Park (June)
  • Concord Classic 5K in Concord (June)
  • Hanover Firecracker 5K in Hanover (July)
  • Traffic Jam’In 5K in Grass Lake (July)
  • Run Clark Lake 5K in Clarklake (August)
  • Heart of a Lion 5K at Ella Sharp Park (September)
  • ORS Octoberfest 8k/5K in Downtown Jackson (October)
  • Jackson YMCA Turkey Trot 10k/5K at Ella Sharp Park (November)

Find out all the details and sign up at ORSRACESERIES.COM.

Best Michigan 5K Races In Jackson

About 5K Races in Michigan

The 5K run is a long-distance running competition over a distance of five kilometers (3.1-miles). Also referred to as a 5K race or simply a 5K, it is the shortest of the most common road running distances.

Many people enjoy running Michigan 5K races as they are short enough for amateur runners to successfully complete, fast enough for experienced runners to test their speed, and long enough to require a large amount of aerobic endurance. Thus the 5K race has become a popular race for both novices and experts alike.

Why Run a 5K Race in Michigan?

Since the 5K distance is easily completed with just a few weeks worth of training (many first-time 5K runners use a training program like “Couch-to-5K” over the course of 6-8 weeks before running their first race), it’s a great way to participate in aerobic activity.

Signing up for a 5K race in Michigan is a great way to challenge yourself and create accountability for your desired fitness goals. Starting to train in early spring when the weather warms up is a great way to get outside and enjoy spring in Michigan!

3 Tips for Running a Michigan 5K Race

Here are a few tips for running a Michigan 5K race this year:

  1. Dress appropriately. Having a good pair of running shoes that are comfortable and supportive is key to avoiding injury.
  2. Find and register for a Michigan 5K race near you. If you live in or near Jackson Michigan, sign up for the best 5K races in Jackson listed above!
  3. Choose a training program. Depending on your current running routine and goals, there are a plethora of 5K training programs available. Find one that fits your goals.

Bonus Tip: If running seems overwhelming, try walking a 5K race – many of the best Michigan 5K races offer a walking option as well as running.

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