Mccourtie Park
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Explore the Cement-Shaped Bridges of McCourtie Park

When it comes to beautiful parks, Michigan is anything but lacking. However, if you are looking for a park that offers both history and a mysterious charm, McCourtie Park in Hillsdale County is a perfect choice. This wonderful park has a great story, and visitors can peruse the grounds where grand parties were once held. Many people state that the landscape of this park is something that you would read about in a fairytale.

Mccourtie Park
McCourtie Park | photo via @brett_marchel_adventures

Brief History of McCourtie Park

McCourtie Park (often referred to as “bridge park” by locals) is a 42-acre property that was once known as Aiden Lair. W.H.L. McCourtie purchased this land during the 1920s after making his riches in Texas. Throughout the years, this area was known for massive parties and lavish celebrations.

Today’s property features seventeen lavish cement bridges built over a decade by talented cement workers and Mexican artists. The bridges tout intricate designs and details that appear to be made from wood. In Mexico, shaping cement to look like wood is a tradition. These bridges provide the whimsical ambiance that the park is now known for.

The park was purchased by Somerset Township in 1987 and was opened to the public in 1989. McCourtie Park is absolutely one of the best places to visit in southcentral Michigan and should be a destination on your Michigan summer bucket list. During your time in the park, you can marvel over the beauty of the land, have a picnic, and of course, view the beautiful bridges McCourtie had built during his time as the owner of this land.

In 1991, McCourtie Park was designated as a Michigan State Historic Site, and it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1992.

Mccourtie Park
McCourtie Park | photo via @chrisbdom

Visit Jerome Country Market

Once you have spent the morning at McCourtie Park or before you head to the park, make sure to stop at Jerome Country Market to purchase some excellent homemade goods. Jerome County Market is well known for its large variety of snack sticks and jerky. If you have been hunting in the area, you can have your meat processed at the market.

Meckley’s Flavor Fruit Farm

If you are looking for another fun activity while you are in the area, make sure that you stop by Meckley’s Flavor Fruit Farm. The farm is currently open Thursdays through Sundays. This is a beautiful place to take a stroll through the orchard and enjoy a fresh donut with a great cup of coffee or apple cider. The atmosphere at the farm is peaceful and offers a perfect place to spend a few hours.

Other Great Things to Near McCourtie Park

If you love outdoor adventures, be sure to check out Bundy Hill Offroad just down the road from McCourtie Park. Bring your OTV and explore the trails across diverse terrain.

Perhaps one of the best things about Michigan is all the excellent campgrounds that are available. When you visit the Jackson and Hillsdale area, you will want to check out Somerset Beach Campground. The campground is set on more than 200 acres, and day passes are often available. It offers swimming, boating, zip-lining, hiking, low ropes courses, disc golf, gaga ball, and basketball and tennis courts.

Lodging Near McCourtie Park

Hillsdale, Jackson, and Lenawee counties have so many great options of places to stay, including vacation rentals, campgrounds, and hotels. Here are just a few of the great lodging options near McCourtie Park:

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