Boy Eating A Pasty.
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Savor The Flavor Of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula At Lawry’s Pasty Shop

Last week, I traveled with my children up to the Upper Peninsula. We have passed through many of these towns several times before, but this time, we were on a mission: to find one of the best pasties the Upper Peninsula offers.

Before we embarked on our trip, I spoke with a friend who was from the UP. He told me his personal favorite spot was Lawry’s Pasty Shop, located in Marquette, MI. Luckily, we were headed in that direction, so I added it to my list. 

Boy Eating A Pasty.
My son enjoying his first pasty!

I’ve heard about pasties before, in fact, I’ve tried one or two over the years. I knew they were created long ago as a nutritious and filling lunch for those working as miners. I knew they contained some combination of meat and vegetables and were encased in a crust. I knew there was a lively debate on what dipping sauce was better- gravy or ketchup.

But here’s what I discovered, in no uncertain terms- Pasties are DELICIOUS.

A Mug From Lawry's Pasty Shop.
One of the adorable keepsakes found at Lawry’s Pasty Shop.

Lawry’s Pasty Shop

The kids and I were camping in Marquette- filling our time with endless activity. Following the recommendation I was given, we stopped into Lawry’s and I was pleasantly surprised!

The shop was quaint, offering shelves of homemade jam, relish, and adorable mugs. The menu was simple, but that is the beauty of this delicacy- they aren’t meant to be fussy or overly complicated.

They do offer a vegetarian option, and several homemade sandwiches, but we stuck to the original beef pasty, like tried and true Yoopers. The filling was hot, with a perfect combination of potatoes, rutabaga (a must!), onions, and finely minced beef. The crust was buttery, flaky, both crisp and tender.

One bite, and my kids were in heaven.

Layla Eating
My daughter devouring the beef pasty at Lawry’s Pasty Shop!

The pasty was large- big enough to save half for later. We wrapped up our leftovers, and took it hiking with us the next day. I know that pasties were used as food for miners, but I’d argue they make a perfect picnic lunch along the trail.

It was equally as delicious cold as it was piping hot. My kids fought over the leftovers, a sure sign that this pasty passed the taste test.

A Perfect Recipe

Later in the week, I asked the kids what some of their favorite stops were during our trip. The lunch experience tasting a pasty was a top memory for the kids- one that we will be sure to do again and again.

Combining history, simple ingredients, and the magic of the UP made for one perfect pasty recipe.

Marquette's Black Rocks And Lake Superior.
A beautiful cove found at Presque Isle Park in Marquette, MI.

Don’t Miss These Other Stops!

If you make the trip to Marquette, here are a few other places I’d highly recommend in the area.

  • Presque Isle Park– this is a must! You can jump off the infamous Black Rocks, explore hidden coves, and walk or bike the length of the park. Grab a pasty and head here to picnic or catch the sunset at Sunset Beach.
  • Dead River Falls- my personal favorite waterfall in the area. It’s a short hike to the first falls (about a 1/2 mile). You can meander up the trail for another 1/2 mile to catch the bigger falls above.
  • Wetmore Landing- part of the North Country Trail, this is a hidden gem. You can park at the trailhead and head to the beach, or you can follow the trail up along rocks, climbing out over Lake Superior. The beauty of this spot is unmatched.
  • Make a stop at Donckers– located in downtown Marquette, this old fashioned ice cream, soda, and candy shop is a must! You can also grab a delicious breakfast or lunch here. Kids will go wild with the candy options, and you can taste homemade chocolate to your heart’s delight.
  • After hiking, stop in at Blackrocks Brewery to catch a local band and some delicious brews! Food trucks are on-site and the atmosphere is lively!

The Upper Peninsula has so much to offer- see how many pasties you can fit in on your trek through the state’s attractions!

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