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TOP 9 Lansing Breweries for a Cold Draft in Mid-Michigan

A beautiful city noted for its strong car manufacturing history, Lansing Michigan is a surprisingly fun-filled city. There are many things to do in Lansing, including checking out some of the best breweries and pubs.

Chances are good that you’ll find a few of your favorite brews at these locations, especially if you want a fabulous traditional stout or a craft-made IPA. The only question is, which of these Lansing breweries will tempt you enough to be the first on your list to try?

Lansing Brewing Company-Lansing
Lansing Brewing Company | photo via maltedmichigan

Lansing Brewing Company

518 E Shiawassee St, Lansing, MI 48912

A local brewery noted for its location in the Stadium District, Lansing Brewing Company says that it’s built to serve the hard-working people who built the city. It does that with some great brewing discounts and excellent food.

The brewery, which was established in 1898, is also one of the longest-serving locations in the region. It’s easy to see the history in the architecture of the building, which has been a prominent fixture in the city’s skyline for well over 100 years.

Today, it’s a modern, super cool place to get a fantastic beer, whether you’re after an Amber Cream Ale or Northern Escape (American IPA). Other brews it’s known for include Joe in Black (a dark ale) and Velvet Villain (an imperial porter).

For a filling meal, you can pick up a sandwich, sriracha-marinated fried chicken, or the OG check and waffles.

Ozone’s Brewhouse

305 Beaver St, Lansing, MI 48906

Good food, excellent beer, and an outstanding atmosphere make Ozone’s Brewhouse one of the best Lansing breweries in Michigan. Though its lineup of what’s on tap changes often, it’s noted for a few — including Kryptonale (a cherry vanilla amber ale) and Master of Shadows (an American porter).

The brewery also offers Black Roses (a barrel-aged imperial stout), and Coconut Roses (another stout). Also, if you want a nonalcoholic option, go with the Hop Water, which is made of hops and water with a bit of carbonation.

To fill up, check out the wood-fired pizza, which is one of several options available from the food truck. It has vegan options, pastas, and burgers too. And, the deep-fried Oreos are a tempting late-night snack.

The father-and-son collaboration has become a fixture in the city, thanks to their creation of what they call “liquid art.”

EagleMonk Pub and Brewery

4906 W Mt Hope Hwy, Lansing, MI 48917

An unassuming location, EagleMonk Pub and Brewery is where you go when you want Red Eye Rye, a British pale malt with an incredibly authentic caramel flavor. The location has a range of other options like an Irish Red, Instigator Doppelbock, and a Delta Porter.

The Easy Blonde Ale is a nice and light British Ale often sought after by those wanting a mix of American and British pales. Established in 2012, this brewery offers English-style beer, wine, and hard cider, and it’s known to have a mead from time to time.

Additionally, you can check out this Lansing brewery for food. It has a light menu with some good pizzas, including a pesto chicken pizza, as well as paninis, like the Sriracha chicken. If you plan to stick around, try the frozen German sweet chocolate pie as well.

Ellison Brewery &Amp; Spirits-East Lansing
Ellison Brewery & Spirits | photo via hotgirlswalklansing

More Breweries Near Lansing Michigan

Ellison Brewery & Spirits

4903 Dawn Ave, East Lansing, MI 48823

Check out Ellison Brewery & Spirits, which is noted for a handcrafted lineup of beers and spirits that are brewed fresh on a daily basis. It has several popular beers, including an American Lager.

What makes this brewery a bit different than the other Lansing breweries is that it tends to produce smaller batches and constantly refines its formulas to offer something interesting and unique each season.

The brewpub and taproom have a wide range of food options as well, including brick-oven pizzas and calzones. You should try the loaded baked potato pizza when you want something unique. A number of handhelds are available, and the brewpub hosts Taco Tuesday each week.

A fun, large location, Ellison has grown to be so popular that more than 700 locations restaurants and shops in Michigan purchase its brews.

Old Nation Brewing Company-Williamston
Old Nation Brewing Company | photo via whatsbrewingnext

Old Nation Brewing Company

1500 Grand River Ave, Williamston, MI 48895

A few things make Old Nation Brewing Company stand out, including its ability to create handcrafted beers that blend old-style tradition with modern flavors. There’s plenty on tap to tempt your taste buds.

Some of the most sought-after include Rubikon Italian Pils (a dry-hopped German light ale) and Small Tide (a unique wheat ale with a banana and clove flavor). Also, check out the Craft Root Bear for a nonalcoholic treat. Plus, a full lineup of seasonal options and new tastes is surely on the way.

The food on the menu is more extensive than at other Lansing breweries, with options like barbecue pulled pork tots, poutine, and spicy feta dip for appetizers. Burgers are on the menu too, as are shrimp, pasta, and chicken tenders. A lineup of salads, including a tasty black and bleu salmon salad, is also served here.

Old Nation aims to be a locally supported, respected name in the craft beer industry and do that well.

Michigan Brewing Works-Williamston
Michigan Brewing Works & Garlic Farm | photo via jodiknowsbeer

Michigan Brewing Works & Garlic Farm

3435 Dietz Rd, Williamston, MI 48895

While it may sound like a strange combination, Michigan Brewing Works & Garlic Farm is a fun location to visit when you want a traditional experience. It is built in a farmhouse that dates back to 1895, and while it may have strong historic roots, the beer on tap is some of the best around.

This handcrafted beer, along with other spirits, has a long history of success, having won awards for its unique flavors. Some of its award-winning brews include High Seas IPA, Sunset Amber, and Wheatland Wheat.

The beer here is authentic, something you are unlikely to find in most other locations. As a local microbrewery, it is a fun place to just spend some time. You can even pick up homegrown garlic and spices here.

BAD Brewing Company

440 S Jefferson St, Mason, MI 48854

Don’t let the name fool you. The BAD Brewing Company offers some of the best brews in the Lansing area. It has 17 beers on tap, along with two ciders, seltzers, and even some seltzer slushies — all of which are brewed on-site.

In a super-cool old building, with outdoor igloos to keep you warm through the winter, this brewery has plenty to offer. It often hosts events, including comedy shows, and it has a full menu of sandwiches, wraps, and a Cubano sandwich on exceptional grilled sourdough.

A nice touch, the location is noted for its willingness to alter dishes to make them dietary friendly, including gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options.

Dimes Brewhouse-Dimondale
Dimes Brewhouse | photo via michiganthumbbeerguy

Dimes Brewhouse

145 Bridge St, Dimondale, MI 48821

Located just outside of Lansing Michigan, Dimes Brewhouse is a fun-filled craft beer location that the locals are sure to talk about if you ask them where to grab a drink.

The cozy taproom is perfect for cold nights when you just want somewhere to warm up. And, the brewhouse offers a wide range of drinks that are brewed in-house, including craft beer, cider, wine, mead, and kombucha.

You can also grab some good food while you’re here, choosing from a lineup of sandwiches — like the Tuscan turkey, a build-your-own-grilled cheese, and a pastrami Reuben with the best thousand island sauce.

Dimes is a friendly location where you are likely to want to return a few times for good food, drinks, and a positive atmosphere.

Uncle John’s Cider Mill-St Johns
Uncle John’s Cider Mill | photo via cali.griz

Uncle John’s Cider Mill

8614 US-127, St Johns, MI 48879

Though it is only seasonally available, Uncle John’s Cider Mill is a must if you’re visiting during the winter months. That’s especially true if you want some of the best brews and other goodies on tap.

The mill is known for a few drinks, including the Apple Apricot Hard Cider, the perfect summer drink. That’s just one of numerous apple-inspired drinks, though. Don’t overlook the Atomic Apple, which blends its house-made apple cider with cinnamon.

The location is an apple farm, one that has changed over time to offer more than your bushel of apples. There’s often something happening, from the gift shop and bakery to festival events all summer and fall.

The taproom is the ideal place to warm up on a fall day too. If the taproom isn’t open for your visit, many local stores carry the full Uncle John’s lineup.

Lansing Brewing Company-Lansing
Lansing Brewing Company | photo via maltedmichigan

Exploring All of the Lansing Breweries & More

While many of these Lansing breweries are sure to tempt you to taste a few of the best brews out there, there are some other options to check out as well. Many Lansing restaurants keep these and other locally crafted beers on tap.

No matter where you go, ask what is available from a local craft brewer to get a few more options to try out during your visit.

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