Mackinaw Bridge
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Most Instagrammable Spots In Michigan

Michigan is definitely one of the most beautiful states in America, maybe even one of the most beautiful spots in the world. Just look at our Instagram and you’ll see our many posts from around the state!

Our not-so-little Mitten State is truly a national treasure. From National Forests to miles of coastline, every region brings a breathtaking view sure to put you in awe.

Snow or shine, our state has an endless list of picturesque views just waiting to be snapped. Whether you’re a seasoned professional photographer, an avid Instagrammer, or somewhere in-between, these are our favorite picturesque views from across the state.

Mackinac Bridge

Mackinac Bridge. Photo Courtesy Of Scottshieldsphoto Instagram - The Awesome Mitten
Mackinac Bridge. Photo courtesy of @scottshieldsphoto

Of course, the most central landmark, the 5 mile-long bridge that connects the two beautiful peninsulas of our state, is a popular spot on Instagram. Snap a picture from either side of the bridge, or during your trip across the bridge, and take in the experience of crossing to the glorious Upper Peninsula.

Tahquamenon Falls

After you’ve crossed the bridge, you can make your way to Tahquamenon Falls for breathtaking views. Whether you prefer to keep your distance and stay on the trails and landings, or you want to get right into the action with a canoe or kayak, both the upper and lower falls have plenty of shots waiting to happen.

Detroit Public Art

Downtown Detroit Public Art. Photo Courtesy Of Seoung Instagram - The Awesome Mitten
Downtown Detroit Public Art. Photo courtesy of @seoung

The ever-changing art scene in Detroit brings culture together in a way that you can’t find throughout the rest of the state. From murals that can stretch hundreds of feet into the air to sprawling sculptures along the ground, your inner-hipster will appreciate the many living and breathing art scenes.

Michigan State University

Beaumont Tower At Michigan State University. Photo Courtesy Of Ksteppy Instagram - The Awesome Mitten
Beaumont Tower at Michigan State University. Photo courtesy of @ksteppy

Once named THE most Instagrammed spot in the state, MSU’s East Lansing campus comes with endless photo opportunities, no matter the season. We recommend a stroll across campus with a Dairy Store ice cream cone in hand.

University of Michigan

The Big House At University Of Michigan. Photo Courtesy Of Slydro Instagram - The Awesome Mitten
The Big House at University of Michigan. Photo courtesy of @slydro

Another of many beautiful campuses across the state, U of M’s vast Ann Arbor campus holds endless photo opportunities. From ivy-covered buildings to the art-covered walls of downtown Ann Arbor to the infamous Big House, you’re sure to find plenty of opportunities to fill up your Instagram feed.

Sleeping Bear Dunes

Lake Michigan At Sleeping Bear Dunes. Photo Courtesy Of Anna_Cookk Instagram - The Awesome Mitten
Lake Michigan at Sleeping Bear Dunes. Photo courtesy of @anna_cookk

This National Park brings a breadth of opportunities for adventure. We love the outlook from the Empire Bluffs hiking trail for a clear shot of the dunes and Lake Michigan. For a shot of the clear blue Lake Michigan, consider making the trek across the Upper bowl of the dunes. Then embrace your inner child and run as fast as you can down the dune (without face planting of course).

Point Betsie Light

Download 26Point Betsie Light. Photo courtesy of tmahlmann Instagram – The Awesome Mitten” class=”wp-image-38030″/>
Point Betsie Light. Photo courtesy of @tmahlmann

While there are numerous lighthouses worthy of a shot, we love this little red lighthouse located right off Lake Michigan in Frankfort. Sun or snow, it shines bright against the cool, clear, blue waters.

Turnip Rock

The Best View Of Turnip Rock Is By Kayak. Photo Courtesy Of Camera_Jesus Instagram - The Awesome Mitten
The best view of Turnip Rock is by kayak. Photo courtesy of @camera_jesus

This funky-looking rock located right off the Thumb of the Mitten is too cool not to miss. Head out for a kayak ride around it or a quick dip in Lake Huron.

Comerica Park

The Detroit Skyline Behind Comerica Park. Photo Courtesy Of Drewhaack24 Instagram - The Awesome Mitten
The Detroit skyline behind Comerica Park. Photo courtesy of @drewhaack24

The home of our favorite baseball team, the Detroit Tigers. Nothing beats an evening under the stadium lights enjoying a cold beer and a classic hot dog while taking in the sites of the city.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Arch Rock At Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Photo Courtesy Of Krystle_Gail Instagram - The Awesome Mitten
Arch Rock at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Photo courtesy of @krystle_gail

Last but definitely not least, the incredible and awe-inspiring Pictured Rocks. No matter where you find yourself along the coast, you’ll find yourself among 360 picturesque views.

Where is your favorite place in Michigan to get Instagram-worthy pics? Let us know in the comments!