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Hoxeyville: Where Michigan’s Bluegrass Lovers Unite

Living in Detroit, you come across a variety of musical opportunities. Electronic, all sorts of rock, and hip hop are spread throughout the city, some of the finest in the world, but there is one genre that seems to slip through its fingers: bluegrass. How am I going to get my fix? Tucked away deep in Northern Michigan lies Hoxeyville situated in Wellston, Michigan, it’s just waiting to cure that finger-pickin’ itch that I just haven’t been able to satiate.

Hoxeyville: Where Michigan's Bluegrass Lovers Unite - Awesome Mitten
Photo courtesy of Hoxeyville Music Festival

It’s a bit embarrassing to say that this will be my first venture up north this year. With so much going on around me and the city, I’ve found it hard to make the trip. What a better way though to rejoice with my northern friends then a weekend full of beautiful surroundings and some good old Michigan bluegrass? Unlike Electric Forest or Movement, Hoxeyville will feel more of a destination vacation. This is an experience where I hope to be able to kick back, relax, and listen to some subtle tunes, not be overwhelmed by which group I’m seeing from stage to stage.

Being burrowed deep in Michigan wilderness will be a breath of fresh air from all the hustle and bustle living in Detroit can bring. Living in the UP for so many years, I’ve come to learn that having Mother Nature at your backdoor is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted and I’m absolutely thrilled to make the trek north this coming weekend. From all the tales I’ve heard of years past from close friends, it sounds like Hoxeyville knows how to throw down in the woods from local vendors touting tasty treats and phenomenal music from across the state! What’s not to love?

Hoxeyville will grace the pristine Manistee National Forest, one of Michigan’s wonders, with talented and celebrated musical acts from across the state. Greensky Bluegrass, The Ragbirds, and The Crane Wives will all be representing the Mitten well, as they always do, and with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band making its way from New Orleans, it’s sure to be a party! Act fast and grab your tickets for the big show, you can purchase them here and check out the stellar line up below. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing you in Wellston!

Hoxeyville: Where Michigan's Bluegrass Lovers Unite
Courtesy of Hoxeyville Music Festival

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