H&Amp;D Chuckwagon-Reed City
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Discover GIGANTIC Donuts at H&D Chuckwagon in Reed City Michigan

Tucked away in Reed City Michigan, there’s a diner that might not catch your eye at first glance, but step inside, and you’re in for a delightful surprise.

H&D Chuckwagon is not your average diner. It’s a place where giant, salad plate-sized donuts replace birthday cakes and where the eggs come straight from the owner’s local chickens.

H&Amp;D Chuckwagon - Reed City Michigan
H&D Chuckwagon, Reed City | photo via Sandy Shier

This diner redefines the phrase “hidden gem” with its commitment to homemade, hearty meals that leave you feeling like part of the family.

“I just had their giant, salad plate-sized donuts instead of a birthday cake. Truly, the hardest part was picking just a few!!”

Susan H.

H&Amp;D Chuckwagon-Reed City
H&D Chuckwagon | photo via carleekay9

Enjoy Gigantic Donuts

What sets H&D Chuckwagon — located at 20221 US-10 in Reed City — apart? First, it’s the donuts – so large they could feed a family of four and so delicious they sell out by morning.

Workers at H&D start in the early morning hours each day baking more than 100 delectable donuts for eager customers. The restaurant has 10-inch plates and the donuts — which include apple fritters, cinnamon rolls, bismarcks, and long johns — take up the entire plate.

If you can’t handle a “dinner-plate” donut, don’t worry. H&D also sells regular-sized donuts and homemade breads too.

These mammoth donuts usually have to be eaten with a knife and fork and began as a way to set the business apart. They’re affordable too, with customers able to pick up a giant donut (or two) for less than $5.

H&Amp;D Chuckwagon-Reed City
H&D Chuckwagon | photo via AnnMarie Schultz

Dig Into a Hearty Meal

H&D Chuckwagon’s giant donuts may be the star of the show at this Reed City institution, but it also provides a variety of other tasty options to ensure no one leaves hungry.

“Nothing like this place!! Amazing is an understatement, top 5 best places in Michigan to eat. Definitely worth the trip from anywhere. Everything is homemade, owner even brings the eggs in from his local chickens.”

Jenna L

Every dish here feels like a Sunday afternoon or evening at Grandma’s house, from the beef wet burrito and spaghetti to classic sandwiches on homemade bread to hearty breakfast platters, it’s a place where the atmosphere is as warm as the coffee, and the service makes you feel right at home.

H&Amp;D Chuckwagon-Reed City
H&D Chuckwagon | photo via cheeseburgerapocalypse

Savor Meals Made with Local Ingredients

Patrons travel to H&D Chuckwagon from near and far not just for the food but for the experience. Imagine biting into a donut so big, it’s bigger than your head, or enjoying a sandwich so packed, that it challenges your appetite.

“You’d never know by looking at the outside of this quaint little restaurant that you are walking into the World’s Largest Donut bakery! SO GOOD! We enjoyed sandwiches on HUGE HOMEMADE breads and hamburger buns. Service was great too!”

Careen L.

And it’s not just about the size; it’s the quality and the taste that have people talking. The diner’s dedication to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, like eggs from the owner’s chickens, adds a layer of authenticity and flavor you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Giant Donuts At H&Amp;D Chuckwagon - Reed City Michigan
H&D Chuckwagon, Reed City | photo via Sandy Shier

Take a Fun Road Trip

Reed City is just a half-hour south of Cadillac and an hour north of Grand Rapids, which makes it easy to plan a fun Michigan day trip once you’ve devoured your massive sweet treat at H&D Chuckwagon.

Grand Rapids is home to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, Frederick Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, and many award-winning breweries among its many attractions.

Nestled next to Lake Cadillac, the city of Cadillac offers year-round fun at places like Caberfae Peaks, beautiful scenery along numerous hiking trails, and excitement at one of Michigan’s biggest toy stores.

H&Amp;D Chuckwagon-Reed City
H&D Chuckwagon | photo via djrhino1287

Experience H&D Chuckwagon For Yourself

H&D Chuckwagon is more than just a diner; it’s a celebration of good food, great service, and even better company. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, it’s a place that welcomes you with open arms and leaves you planning your next visit before you’ve even left.

Just remember to get there early for the best selection of their legendary donuts!