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Why Michiganders Love Faygo

Big brands of pop are advertised everywhere you look. LeBron James wants you to drink Sprite. Coca-Cola spends staggering amounts of money to get their name in front of you. And who can’t resist Taco Bell’s Mountain Dew Baja Blast? (Me, admittedly.) But just like there are tons of fantastic craft beers for every Miller and Budweiser, there are smaller pop companies all across America. In Michigan, we have our own regional brand that is hailed unlike any other. If you’re in Michigan, you know Faygo. What is it about this particular Michigan drink that people adore so much?

History of Faygo

If you think Faygo is a new phenomena, you are mistaken. As told in cool comic book panel format on their website, this brand has been around Detroit in some form or another since 1907. That’s 110 years of sugary, carbonated goodness. Through the years they’ve grown into a regional powerhouse, selling both pop and merchandise for those who can’t get enough.

Why Michiganders Love Faygo - The Awesome Mitten
Official Faygo Gear, if that’s a thing that interests you. Screenshot from Faygo’s website.

Why People Love Faygo

Faygo is so great that it compels people like Desi Rottman to send me texts like this:

“My name is Desi and I love Faygo so much that when I lived in Charlottesville a friend drove me to Richmond to buy Moon Mist lol.”

To really dig into this, I needed to talk to some people. Thankfully, it turns out there are a good number of people in my social circle who are willing to go on the record to talk about pop. These interviews revealed a few common themes and reasons for why this pop is so popular.

Everyone has a story about the first time they had a Faygo. For New York based photographer Nick Karp, it was the first time he went on tour to shoot a band. Rob Van Auken grew up in the Thumb, so distribution was everywhere. Peter Born-Powell fondly recalls growing up with Faygo.

“Every Sunday night we would order a couple of pizzas and my grandparents would come over for dinner. My grandpa would always bring a two liter of Rock N’ Rye and a two liter of Red Pop or Moon Mist.”

Why Michiganders Love Faygo - The Awesome Mitten
A few of the many, many, many flavors of Faygo available. Screenshot from Faygo’s website.

The Many Flavors of Faygo

It also doesn’t hurt that it’s just good pop. Speaking for myself, the seldom times I do have pop, nothing beats our Michigan-based brand. Maybe I’m just imagining that it’s a little more sugary and bubbly than any national brand, but that’s the explanation I’m sticking to. As others pointed out, it’s fantastic as a mixer, too. Van Auken and Born-Powell both cited the Orange and Rock N’ Rye flavors as a good mix with whiskey. (The company even lists this on their site as an official recipe). No matter what your needs, there is a flavor that you’ll like. At 53 available flavors (and counting), it would be hard not to.

“They kinda have everything covered,” Van Auken says as he rattles off some of the more unusual flavors, like Pineapple Watermelon and Peach.

Faygo and Insane Clown Posse

And of course you can’t talk Faygo with people without bringing up Insane Clown Posse. This underground Detroit hip-hop group has been around for nearly 30 years. (The music video included here has some explicit language, so maybe pop those headphones in if you’re listening on your lunch break at work). The group has name-dropped, drank, and given out the Detroit-based pop for years. Their fan-base, known as Juggalos, love it as well. One of the biggest fan sites that cover ICP and other underground acts is called Faygoluvers.net. Karp shot the recent ‘Juggalo March On Washington’ and described it as “the best experience [he’s] ever had.” Everyone I talked to shared the stories they’ve heard of ICP buying hundreds of bottles of Faygo for their shows. They all agreed that it was a little weird. But more importantly, it was mostly harmless and a bit endearing to this local brand.

Most Michigan residents (and many people outside the state) are familiar with this glorious pop. It’s one thing for someone to know a brand of pop and quite another for people to feel such a bond to it. It’s clear that Faygo is a Michigan mainstay that isn’t going away any time soon.

What is your favorite flavor of Faygo? What flavor would you create it you could?


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