Cranbrook Institute Of Science-Bloomfield Hills

13 Awe-Inspiring Dinosaur Museums & Attractions in Michigan

There’s something universally fascinating about dinosaurs. Even though their bones and fossils are on display in museums throughout Michigan, it’s hard to fathom that these larger-than-life creatures once walked along the shores of the Great Lakes just like us.

Fortunately for dino lovers in Michigan, there are a wide variety of dinosaur museums and attractions throughout the state filled with insightful exhibits and exciting activities.

These are the best Michigan dinosaur museums and attractions…

Attraction NameLocation
Cranbrook Institute of ScienceBloomfield Hills
Blossom Heath ParkSt. Clair Shores
Fun ZoneZRedford
DinolandDearborn Heights & Madison Heights
Dooley ParkLivonia
Woolley ParkAnn Arbor
University of Michigan Museum of Natural HistoryAnn Arbor
Stage Nature CenterTroy
Dinosaur ParkKalamazoo
Dinosaur GardensOssineke
Mystery DinosaurThree Oaks
Zoorastic Park @ Binder Park ZooBattle Creek
Cranbrook Institute Of Science-Bloomfield Hills
Cranbrook Institute of Science | photo via timberwolftaylor

Cranbrook Institute of Science

Bloomfield Hills

Described as Michigan’s Museum of Natural History, the Cranbrook Institute of Science has many prehistoric-themed permanent exhibits for people of all ages to explore. Their dinosaur-themed exhibits include:

  • Ice Age Survivors — Focusing on the large animals and plants that were able to withstand the rigors of the Ice Age, this exhibit provides information about prehistoric plants and animals and how those life forms shaped modern-day animals and plants in North America.
  • Life Changes Over Time — This evolution exhibit explores how birds and creatures that live today evolved from the dinosaurs. At this exhibit, you will come face-to-face with a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton cast, giving you a new perspective on the size of these unimaginable creatures.
  • Mastodons Did Not Survive — This exhibit focuses on magnificent mastodons, which roamed across the land that would become Michigan during the last Ice Age. In addition to the mastodon, this exhibit has information on the saber-toothed tiger and the western camel.
  • Megalodon — Considered to be the best photo opportunity in the museum, this exhibit showcases the jaw of a Megalodon, the mighty extinct shark that once traversed the ocean waters. Step right inside the jaw to snap a death-defying picture.

Blossom Heath Park

St. Clair Shores

Perhaps the most recent addition to Michigan’s dinosaur scene, Blossom Heath Park is the perfect outdoor space for dino-loving children who need to stay active and engaged. This St. Clair Shores public park recently added new playground equipment, which is all dinosaur-themed.

In addition to having a play structure that is shaped like a giant dinosaur fossil, there are also dinosaur pictures and facts for children to find. So, not only will they be enjoying fun and imaginative play with their peers, but they will also be learning a little bit more about their favorite prehistoric pals along the way.

Fun Zonez-Redford-
Fun ZoneZ | photo via divnamax

Fun ZoneZ


Fun ZoneZ is a family fun center located in Metro Detroit, offering visitors of all ages a chance to enjoy a wide range of activities and attractions. Its impressive dinosaur theme provides guests with an immersive and engaging experience.

From the vine-like decor that hangs from the rafters to the dinosaur statues that are strategically placed throughout, the young as well as the young at heart will bounce from one attraction to the next while feeling like they are traversing through a prehistoric jungle. Attractions at Fun ZoneZ include laser tag, bumper cars, arcade games, VR attractions, an indoor playground, and a toddler play space.

Dinoland-Madison Heights
Dinoland | photo via dinolandmadisonheights


Dearborn Heights & Madison Heights

Known as the premier dino-themed playland in Michigan, Dinoland has two locations in Metro Detroit, including one in Dearborn Heights and another in Madison Heights. Each day, Dinoland opens its doors for open play, inviting young children from around the area to begin exploring a prehistoric indoor playground that is complete with dinosaur statues, a themed soundtrack, and more. In addition to being a favorite indoor play place in Metro Detroit, it’s also a popular spot for kids’ birthday parties.

Dooley Park


For some simplistic dinosaur fun, head to Dooley Park in Livonia, which is a city park that features a small, dinosaur-themed playground. Situated near one of the local elementary schools, Dooley Park is a favorite among families with young children and toddlers. There are swings, a slide, and two dinosaur climbers for kids to romp and play on.

Woolley Park

Ann Arbor

Featuring everything you could want out of a local park, Woolley Park is the perfect place to bring the entire family. Not only does it have a dinosaur-themed playground — complete with dinosaur structures that kids can climb on — but it also has features for older kids and active adults as well.

This park has a basketball course as well as a disc golf course, and there’s a pavilion with a grill and additional picnic seating, so you can truly spend the entire day at this Ann Arbor area gem.

Um Museum Of Natural History-Ann Arbor
UofM Museum of Natural History | photo via mi_tiny_adventures

University of Michigan Museum of Natural History

Ann Arbor

Ancient creatures can be discovered around every corner of the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History, which has long been a favorite among dinosaur aficionados in the state. Some of the exhibits at the museum that include dinosaur discoveries are:

  • Evolution: Life Through Time — This interactive exhibit focuses on the major extinctions and how life has persisted on Earth in spite of them. A wide variety of fossils and prehistoric specimens are on display.
  • Prehistoric Whales — Featuring two larger-than-life prehistoric whale skeletons hanging from the ceiling, this exhibit is truly jaw-dropping.
  • On the Trail of Mastodons — Highlighting the magnificent prehistoric creatures that once dominated Michigan’s landscape, this exhibit is truly one-of-a-kind. It’s the only place in the world where both a female and male mastodon skeleton are on display, and there are other interactive spaces, such as a real mastodon footprint that you can step into.

In 2024, the university’s museum acquired a rotating display from the American Museum of Natural History that is sure to delight dino lovers. The Dinosaur Discoveries exhibit is a temporary exhibit that opened in February 2024, and features cast skeletons and models of dinosaurs that allow visitors to experience the magnificent and wondrous beauty of these mammoth creatures. The exhibit will be on display until September 2024.

Stage Nature Center


Aspiring paleontologists can get to work at the Stage Nature Center, which is located in Troy. Not only is the nature center home to winding walking trails and an outdoor rock climbing space, but it also has an interpretive center that is perfect for a day of indoor fun.

Inside the interpretive center, you will find a pretend mastodon dig site. Filled with rubber mulch and pretend mastodon bones, future scientists can spend hours using brushes and buckets to uncover the treasures that lie within the dig site. It’s the perfect hands-on introduction to dinosaur studies.

Dinosaur Park-Kalamazoo
Dinosaur Park | photo via

Dinosaur Park


Operated by the Schmaltz Geology Museum on the Western Michigan University Campus, the outdoor Dinosaur Park is one of the most unique dinosaur-themed attractions in Michigan. While there are dinosaur museums in Michigan that feature skeleton casts and fossils, this is one of the few places where children and adults alike have the opportunity to walk alongside life-like dinosaurs.

As visitors traverse the tree-lined paths, they will discover new prehistoric creatures around every corner — each one more colorful and lifelike than the last. Species that are showcased include Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and Parasaurolophus, to name a few.

Recently, during the summer of 2023, three more scale replica dinosaurs were added to the pack, adding an extra element of fun to this innovative park space.

Dinosaur Gardens
Dinosaur Gardens | photo by Kassandra Olschanski

Dinosaur Gardens


Michigan’s favorite dinosaur-themed amusement park can be found in Ossineke, near Alpena. Dinosaur Gardens allows visitors to embark on a thrilling adventure back in time, with attractions such as:

  • Dinosaur Gardens — Explore the winding pathways in this garden, where there are more than two dozen life-sized dinosaur statues on display.
  • Fossil Dig — Become a paleontologist and dig for fossils. You never know what you might uncover next!
  • Putt-Putt Golf — Play a round of dino-themed mini golf, and see who the champion is in your family.

This amusement park is a seasonal attraction that opens around Memorial Day weekend each summer.

Mystery Dinosaur

Three Oaks

No road trip through Michigan would be complete without stopping off at one of those random, inexplicable roadside attractions — and Mystery Dinosaur perfectly fits the bill. True to its name, this dinosaur skeleton is set up in the yard of an abandoned home that is located on Forest Lawn Road in Three Oaks, Michigan.

While it’s not an official attraction, it has earned a spot on Google Maps, making it an iconic dinosaur site in Michigan.

Msu Museum-Lansing
MSU Museum | photo via mutualldisorder

MSU Museum

East Lansing

Located on Michigan State University’s campus, the MSU Museum features three floors of natural history artifacts. Having earned the distinction as the first Smithsonian-affiliated museum in the state, it has long been considered one of the best places to learn about dinosaurs in Michigan. Some highlights of this museum include:

  • Allosaurus and Stegosaurus skeleton casts
  • African Bush Elephant full skeleton
  • Asian Elephant full skeleton
Dinosaur Gardens, Ossineke - Outdoor Things To Do In Alpena
Dinosaur Gardens | photo via Joel Heckaman

Zoorassic Park

Battle Creek

“Zoorassic Park” at Binder Park Zoo offers a captivating dinosaur experience with a collection of colorful, life-sized dinosaur replicas, including species such as triceratops, spinosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex, and stegosaurus.

The exhibit provides a range of interactive experiences:

  • Fossil Digs: Visitors can dig for ancient fossils and velociraptor remains in several areas of the park, offering a hands-on paleontological experience.
  • Educational Puzzles: Oversized puzzles reveal fascinating facts about dinosaurs, engaging visitors in educational activities.
  • Prehistoric Snake Exploration: The exhibit includes an exploration of the prehistoric snake titanoboa, adding to the variety of prehistoric life represented.
  • Photo Opportunities: Guests can pose with a trio of allosauruses, creating memorable moments.

The exhibit not only showcases the mysterious, fascinating aspects of dinosaurs, which ranged from the very small to the incomprehensibly large, but also ties into a broader message of conservation.

By illustrating how dinosaurs lived and became extinct, “Zoorassic Park” connects to modern-day conservation efforts, emphasizing the importance of preserving our current biodiversity.

Zoorassic Park At Binder Park Zoo - Battle Creek
Zoorassic Park @ Binder Park Zoo | photo via yea_bro_ham

Travel Back to the Prehistoric Era at One of These Michigan Dinosaur Attractions

From towering fossils to dinosaur-themed arcades, Michigan is home to some of the most thrilling and engaging dinosaur attractions. Indulge in your love of these magnificent creatures and begin planning your Michigan day trip to one of these cities.

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