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Love Jerky? Don’t Miss Visiting the Dublin General Store in Wellston, MI

Family-owned since 1935, the Dublin General Store is the place to get fresh cured meats in Northern Michigan. In fact, it is known as “The Jerky Place.” They started home-curing jerky with their own special recipe in 1975 and have been perfecting their craft ever since.

Love Jerky? Don't Miss Visiting The Dublin General Store In Wellston, Mi
Photo courtesy of John Yonkers

About the Dublin General Store

Dublin General Store provides the perfect pit-stop on any and all trips up north and was actually named one of Esquire Magazine’s top detours in the U.S. While the original store burnt down in August 2019, it reopened in September 2020 with a brand new 43,000 sqft building.

The Dublin General Store includes a meat department, bakery, and grocery area. It also carries unique Michigan gifts and souvenirs. In true general store fashion, they also house an in-store hardware shop. You can find anything that you need at the Dublin General Store.

The Dublin General Store is in Wellston, MI, just south of M-55 on Hoxeyville Road.

Love Jerky? Don't Miss Visiting The Dublin General Store In Wellston, Mi
Photo courtesy of John Yonkers

Iconic Dublin Jerky Store

While it is an all-purpose grocery store, the Dublin General Store is best known for its eclectic variety of jerky. Jerky is a great snack for all sorts of activities like hiking, hunting, skiing, boating, or just relaxing and hanging out. If you bring some of this jerky to deer camp you will surely be given the best hunting spot.

With over 50 varieties of jerky to try at the Dublin General Store, everyone will find something that suits their fancy. The flavors range from Original Beef to Hell Fire Beef, Cajun Turkey, and Hawaiian Pork. Dublin also offers up jerky made from wild-game including venison, rabbit, pheasant, elk, kangaroo, wild boar, and crocodile.

Dublin doesn’t limit their salty meat production to just jerky – they also make their own brats, hot dogs, cheddar cheese and summer sausages, and jerky sticks! It is a carnivore’s playground.

The people behind the jerky counter are helpful and always willing to offer samples of all the jerky so that you can find the perfect type to tickle your palette.

Love Jerky? Don't Miss Visiting The Dublin General Store In Wellston, Mi
Photo courtesy of John Yonkers

You can’t go wrong with Original Beef, Country Brew or Pepper Turkey. If you prefer spicier fare give Superman, Hell Fire, or Ghost Chili Pepper a sample.

Reviews of Dublin General Store

If you’re wondering whether a trip to the Dublin General Store is worth your time, over 400 individuals have given the Dublin General Store five stars on Facebook! Here are a few of the most helpful reviews of Dublin General Store:

“We had their pulled pork sandwiches and they were delicious. We also got some of the fried chicken and that was also delicious. The store is big and beautiful and the prices are very competitive.” – Jeanie A.

“Greatest jerky and planner so I’ve been going to this place for over 35 years.” – Ryan B.

“We love shopping here when we visit up north. Jerky is delicious.” – Tamra Z.

Be sure to check out Dublin General Store on your next trip up north!

Other Ways to Enjoy Dublin Jerky

Not planning a trip to Wellston in the near future? Troy Fischer, son of Dublin General Store owners Greg & Bonnie Fischer, owns Dublin Jerky & BBQ in Grandville, MI.

Dublin Jerky offers over 70 varieties of Jerky all made in-house. You’ll find Beef Jerky, Turkey Jerky, Chicken Jerky, Pork Jerky, Buffalo Jerky, Venison Jerky, Elk Jerky, Alligator Jerky, Kangaroo Jerky, Wild Boar Jerky, Rabbit Jerky, Pheasant Jerky, Duck Jerky, Ostrich Jerky, Antelope Jerky, Snapping Turtle Jerky, and even Python Jerky. They use the highest quality meats as well as the highest quality spices available. This ultimately gives you the tastiest jerky you’ll find anywhere.

Stop in for many other products including Brats, Hotdogs, Pulled Pork, Pulled Beef, BBQ Ribs, Smoked Brisket, Summer Sausage, Beef Sticks, Smoked & Aged Cheeses, Cheese Curds, Deli Meats, Fresh-Cut Steaks, Thick Bacon, Smoked Dog Bones, Spices, Homemade Dips including THE Dublin Jerky Spread, and many other homemade products.

You can visit the Grandville store or have Dublin Jerky shipped to you anywhere in the US through the Dublin Jerky website.

article and photos courtesy of John Yonkers

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