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Enjoy a Movie at the Coldwater Capri Drive In Theater

When you plan a visit to Coldwater, Michigan, you are going to experience an old-fashioned, down-to-earth summer vacation. This town is defined by its quaint cottages and sparkling inland lakes, and it’s the kind of place where it seems like everybody knows everybody else. If you want to truly experience a blast from the past during your stay in Coldwater, then you have to catch a movie at the Capri Drive In Theater.

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About Capri Drive In Theater

Located on U.S. 12 just outside of downtown Coldwater, this drive-in movie theater has been a mainstay in town since it was built in 1964. At the time of its construction, the U.S. 12 highway was the only road between Detroit and Chicago, and Coldwater was the halfway point. This made the theater a popular attraction, not only among local residents but also for those just passing through on their way to the next big city.

Today, the Capri Drive In Theater maintains the atmosphere of an old-fashioned drive-in movie theater while still offering moviegoers the modern amenities that they crave. There are two screens at the theater, and your ticket allows you to watch two showings that evening.

This seasonal drive-in is open from March until October each year, and movies are shown seven days per week. This means that no matter when you head to Coldwater to check another destination off your MI bucket list, you will be able to catch a movie under the stars.

While this large theater can host 1,000 cars per night, it’s important to know that the line can stretch for more than a half-mile in order to get in on the busiest evenings. It’s best to plan ahead, come early, and enjoy the ambiance at this classic drive-in theater.

The Capri Drive In Theater is a summer bucket list attraction that has not gone unnoticed by those who travel to Coldwater Michigan. In fact, the Capri Drive In Theater was ranked as one of the 10 best drive-in movie theaters in the country by USA Today!

Other Things to Do in Coldwater Michigan

While this drive-in theater is one example of how this community cherishes its past while looking toward its future, there actually are several other attractions in town that honor the history of Coldwater. You may want to spend your daytime hours fishing on a nearby lake in Coldwater, but you’ll surely want to spend your evenings enjoying a relic from another era.

Little River Railroad in Coldwater

The Little River Railroad is a non-profit organization that operates out of Coldwater and works to restore railroad equipment so that it’s fully operational once more. Visitors to the Little River Railroad have the opportunity to ride on a 100-year-old steam engine that typically travels to Quincy, Michigan.

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Wing House Museum in Coldwater

Another attraction in Coldwater that is worth a visit is the Wing House Museum, which is a historic home located in the heart of the city’s downtown. This home was built in 1875 for a newlywed couple, but it was sold to local banker Lucius Wing in 1882.

For three generations, the Wing family occupied the home and played a prominent role in community activities. In 1974, it was purchased by a local historic society and transformed into a museum that told the story of the family and the influence they had in Coldwater.

Best Places to Eat in Coldwater Michigan

Discovering the past and uncovering the history of the community is wonderful, but there’s no time like the present to focus on a delicious meal. Fortunately, there are many places to eat in and around Coldwater.

If you are the type of person who likes to start your day with a hearty breakfast before you go exploring, then Jeannie’s Diner is the perfect option for you. With its classic diner motif and a miniature railway that runs along the ceiling, this is a favorite restaurant among people of all ages.

For a casual evening meal, consider grabbing a bite at JT’s Billiard Bar & Grill. Its spacious outdoor patio is a great place to enjoy the beautiful Michigan summer weather while sipping your favorite craft beer.

Watch A Holiday Movie At A Michigan Drive-In Theater
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Camping in Coldwater, Michigan

Whether you need a place to set up your RV or you want to camp in a tent, there are several campgrounds near Coldwater to consider, including:

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  1. Enjoyed this article. Came to Mi when 2 or less maybe and attended schools K-12 and moved away and came back and moved and then came back in 1965 and stayed till 2019. Had to move to Mo to be near daughter as age and health problems changed. When found my own apt. I laughed due to maybe 6 blocks from me there is a drive in movie theater screen still standing on a huge piece of property and some other bldgs. but not operated for years. Anyone interested it’s a small town called Pevely. Other land up from it is storage places and car wash. I was just surprised the movie screen was still standing.😀

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