Cafe Sante - Boyne City, Michigan
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14 Delectable Boyne City Restaurants for Every Appetite

Boyne City Michigan is a beautiful town that offers a wide range of amenities, including a fabulous natural setting. Situated near Young State Park and Avalanche Mountain, there’s no doubt this community is a destination for those looking for a relaxing retreat.

While planning your visit, it helps to know where you can enjoy a great meal (or 10). Check out these top-rated Boyne City restaurants for dishes that will satisfy everyone in your travel party.

Boyne River Grill - Boyne City, Michigan
Boyne River Grill | photo via @happyplace.lakecharlevoix

Boyne River Grill

For great burgers, fries, and warm, hearty dishes, check out Boyne River Grill. Located on Water St, it’s the best place for a filling breakfast that will get you through the day’s adventures, but it’s also perfect for a meal after a long day exploring the area.

Simple dishes with lots of flavor and lots of made-from-scratch foods make this a must-stop for anyone visiting Boyne City.

Lake Street Pub - Boyne City, Michigan
Lake Street Pub | photo via @sips_and_eats

Lake Street Pub

Lake Street Pub is a fun, full-of-life destination that is perfect for anyone looking for flavor and a positive environment. It is a truly iconic American-style pub with a great outdoor patio to spend warm summer days under the sun. Also, a fire pit is available for the evening hours.

The dishes here are simple, and there are 26 craft beers available alongside a full menu of wine and cocktails. One of the best things about Lake Street Pub is just how fresh everything is — the location uses locally sourced ingredients to keep things fantastic.

Cafe Sante - Boyne City, Michigan
Cafe Sante | photo via @sips_and_eats

Cafe Sante

For those who are looking for a European-style bistro, Cafe Sante is the perfect choice. It’s a combination of fabulous foods, including mussels, fries, wood-fired pizzas, and Belgian beers.

There’s a fantastic patio to enjoy during the warmer months and a bar that’s packed with fantastic options, including draughts and pour brews from Germany, the U.K., and Belgium. The wine is tempting, too.

While many people come from dinner, Cafe Sante is also a fun breakfast and lunch location with an eclectic menu.

Boyne City Tap Room - Boyne City, Michigan
Boyne City Tap Room | photo via @boynecitytaproom

Boyne City Tap Room

Without a doubt, Boyne City Tap Room is a favorite location for those looking for something enjoyable along South Lake St. It has 40 taps, serving a wide range of beer options. The location is also known for its curated wine list and cocktails.

The menu offers American favorites, including everything from fresh seafood and wings to fried chicken and smoked brisket. The brunch here is nothing short of fantastic too. It’s a busy location thanks to the great food and atmosphere.

Stigg’s Brewery &Amp; Kitchen, Boyne City - Winter In Petoskey
Stigg’s Brewery & Kitchen | photo via @sean_everest

Stiggs Brewery & Kitchen

Stiggs Brewery & Kitchen sits in a beautiful building on South Park St that dates back to 1899. The menu features mostly locally sourced foods for scratch-made recipes.

In addition to the attention to detail for each of its dishes, the location produces its own brews from locally sourced hops, malts, and other ingredients. There are over 30 taps available, including numerous house-brewed beers that are sure to become favorites.

Stiggs often offers a changing menu as well, so there’s always something new and interesting to enjoy.

Lake Street Pub - Boyne City, Michigan
Lake Street Pub | photo via @softpretzel_journey

B.C. Pizza

When you want a pizza that’s really good, and you don’t need a lot of extras or anything that’s too unique, B.C. Pizza is worth it. This location offers just what you would expect, with lots of specialty pizza options, salads, and subs.

On top of that, the menu has build-your-own pasta dishes for those who want something even more. With a lot of locally sourced ingredients, as well as a sauce recipe that has been passed down for generations, this is a pizza spot that you don’t want to miss when you’re in the city.

Red Mesa Grill - Boyne City, Michigan
Red Mesa Grill | photo via @suellenjparker

Red Mesa Grill

One of the best places to visit when you want authentic Latin American cuisine that’s full of ingredients and flavor is Red Mesa Grill. From the moment you walk in the door, you’ll enjoy a vibrant atmosphere with lots of music, a welcoming staff, and even some fantastic entertainment from time to time.

The atmosphere is just as fun as the dishes. From burritos and fajitas to specialties like the Chicken and Chorizo Stuffed Poblano, this menu is full of interesting options. Other favorites here include the Cuban Black Bean Cakes, Brazilian Steak, and Chicken Chimichanga.

Red Mesa Grills is a competitively priced location. Plus, there’s a full bar menu.

Sunnyside Breakfast And Lunch - Boyne City, Michigan
Sunnyside Breakfast and Lunch | photo via @d1spence77

Sunnyside Breakfast and Lunch

Sunnyside Breakfast and Lunch is a family-friendly, wonderful restaurant located near the waterfront. Many people come for the full breakfast menu, which is also very reasonably priced for the area. Guests are sure to find everything fresh and hot.

For breakfast, try the Belgian waffle, buttermilk pancakes, or traditional breakfast. The full breakfast menu is served all day!

And, there’s a full lunch menu that includes fish sandwiches, a Chicken Frito Sandwich, and Chicken Shawarma Pita. This small, family-owned location is noted for its friendly staff as well.

Provisions Wine Lounge - Boyne City, Michigan
Provisions Wine Lounge | photo via @michiganmagictreehouse

Provisions Wine Lounge

Elegant and, perhaps, one of the best locations to visit when you want to enjoy the very best in wine, the Provisions Wine Lounge is a treat for anyone. Start with a Provisions Cocktail Starter to get your palate wet, and then enjoy a classic wine pour.

The lounge offers a full, on-site deli with in-house specialties. It’s all made fresh, so you can enjoy it for a picnic or at home with the family. If you are heading out for the night or looking for a way to enjoy a few drinks with close friends, don’t hesitate to stop here.

Cafe Sante - Boyne City, Michigan
Cafe Sante | photo via @sips_and_eats

Indo China Gardens

When you want hearty American Chinese cuisine, the best place to get it in Boyne City is Indo China Gardens. The dishes are full of flavor and cooked when ordered, making them hot and fresh every time.

This highly rated restaurant only offers takeout, but has a full menu of affordably priced, traditional meals that you can easily fill up on after a long day out on the water or exploring the region.

Chandler's, Petoskey - Petoskey Restaurants
Chandler’s | photo via @travelinlindys

More Restaurants Near Boyne City

Chandler’s — A Restaurant & Wine Cellar

Chandler’s — A Restaurant & Wine Cellar has become a fixture in Petoskey Michigan with some outstanding food and global cuisine options. It’s not a large location, but that’s what makes it so special. There’s a small bar and about 50 tables for diners.

With options for brunch through dinner, the meals here are full of flavor and offer a bit of a special touch with lots of spice and variety. The walleye and spicy tuna rolls are some of the most popular options, but they also offer more elegant options, including lamb.

Chandler’s is a fantastic place to spend time with friends. Be sure to try the Howard Street Punch cocktail, which has bright notes.

1911 Restaurant At The Terrace Inn - Petoskey, Michigan
1911 Restaurant at The Terrace Inn | photo via Leah Tennant

1911 Restaurant

With a traditional American menu, the 1911 Restaurant at the Terrace Inn in Petoskey is an excellent choice for those who want a nice place for dinner with food that’s quite special. There are happy hour specials to enjoy and some outdoor seating.

If you are looking for breakfast that’s a bit more robust than what others offer, this is an excellent choice. The dinner menu includes Lake Michigan whitefish, ribs, and chops, along with some vegetarian and pasta dishes. Also, there’s a dessert menu that’s hard to resist.

Spring & Porter

An Italian American restaurant, the atmosphere, charm, and character of Spring & Porter in Petoskey are reason enough to visit. The menu is impressive with authentic dishes that are developed by the on-site chef.

Additionally, a pretty impressive wine selection is available, with options that range from vintage to fresh and modern. Most of the ingredients are seasonal and locally sourced to ensure freshness. Check out the crafted cocktail menu too because it is quite significant.

Walloon Lake Inn - Walloon Lake, Michigan
Walloon Lake Inn | photo via Brandi O’Granning

Walloon Lake Inn

Situated on Walloon Lake, Walloon Lake Inn is an excellent, upscale destination that has delighted guests for nearly 10 years. It has a very eclectic and distinctive atmosphere, as well as a strong reputation for serving exceptional food with locally sourced ingredients.

It calls its menu contemporary American, which shows in its new takes on traditional dishes. One of the nice things about this location, aside from the view from the dining room windows, is the staff. Friendly and upbeat, you’ll feel welcome for every meal that you enjoy.

Sunnyside Breakfast And Lunch - Boyne City, Michigan
Sunnyside Breakfast and Lunch | photo via @d1spence77

Try All the Best Boyne City Restaurants

Finding the best Boyne City restaurants means comparing a few of these locations. With a wide range of foods and cuisines to choose from, it is hard not to find good-tasting food here. What’s more is that the area is known for its welcoming, smiling professionals.

Perhaps eating at Boyne City restaurants is one of the best opportunities for those who are looking for great, fresh food that is close to all of the area’s best things to do, often with impressive views of the waterfront itself. Any of these locations should be at the top of your list.

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