Charles L. Bowers School Farm - Winter Park - Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
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5 Ways to Have More Fun at Bowers Farm Winter Park in Metro Detroit

There are hundreds of activities and events going on around Metro Detroit at any given time. While a farm is probably not at the top of your list, Bowers Farm is a popular destination all year. Even during winter, the Bowers Farm winter park attracts all ages for fun in the snow!

An Overview of Bowers School Farm

If you live in Metro Detroit, you’ve probably heard of Bowers Farm. In the winter, this one-of-a-kind farm draws thousands of visitors to its tubing hill, which is one of the best in Southeast Michigan! With new offerings as well as old favorites, this is the ultimate winter destination. 

But, Bowers Farm is much more than just a tubing hill. The winter park includes an ice skating area, plenty of amenities, and of course, access to the farm store and kitchen. It’s a great place to visit at any time of year but is an unmissable experience in Metro Detroit in winter.

Charles L. Bowers School Farm, Bloomfield Hills - Charles L. Bowers School Farm In Winter
Charles L. Bowers School Farm | photo via @mcmicha7

The History

Charles L Bowers School Farm was founded in 1967 with the purpose of being a community farm. That involves being a central part of the community not just for providing food but also for providing education.

Today, the 93 acres of the farm serve as a place for people, young and old, to learn about and take part in agriculture. It hosts regular educational activities for kids ages kindergarten through high school, teaching them about where their food comes from, how to care for animals, and much more.

Bowers Farm Events for Every Season

Events are plentiful and always changing at Bowers Farm. The property includes barns, fields, livestock pens, gardens, and even a forest, providing plenty of opportunity for learning. The farm also hosts regular children’s programs where kids can learn all about life on a farm!

Throughout the year, visitors are welcome to explore the grounds, volunteer, and interact with the animals — including Tamworth pigs, cows, goats, sheep, and chickens.

Depending on the season you visit, though, you’ll find completely different activities going on at Bowers Farm. In fact, the website has is organized by season to help you plan your visit since the experience will differ significantly from month to month based on which seasonal activity is available.

Charles L. Bowers School Farm, Bloomfield Hills - Charles L. Bowers School Farm In Winter
Charles L. Bowers School Farm | photo via @mcmicha7

Spring Activities at Bowers Farm

In the spring, visitors have the chance to interact with baby animals, including chicks, calves, lambs, and kids. You can also gather flowers for Mother’s Day, observe new bulb flowers growing, or volunteer your time in the production garden.

Bowers Farm Summer Activities

Summertime brings the chance to take a wagon ride, go on a hike, and pick fresh produce in the fields and gardens. You’ll find heirloom tomatoes, berries, and much more ready for harvest. You can even visit with the farm peacocks!

Fall Activities at Bowers Farm

In the autumn, you’ll find things getting going with the annual Bowers Farm Fest, which includes activities like pumpkin carving, a straw tower, crafts, food and games, live music, and a beer garden for adults.

Charles L. Bowers School Farm, Bloomfield Hills - Charles L. Bowers School Farm In Winter
Charles L. Bowers School Farm | photo via @julieheidtrealestate

The Bowers Farm Winter Park 

While there are special activities in every season at Bowers Farm, winter is a time you don’t want to miss — from ice skating and snow tubing to winter festivals and farm fun.

When the temperature drops, the property transforms into the Bowers Farm winter park, where visitors can enjoy fun activities in the snow! Enjoy this Michigan winter wonderland and grab a tube to slide down one of the coolest sledding hills in Metro Detroit.

Snow Tubing & Glow Tubing

Snow tubing is one of the most popular activities at the Bowers Farm winter park. The huge snow tubing course draws visitors from all over Metro Detroit. Tubing even goes into the night, when the hill is lit up for glow tubing! It’s a one-of-a-kind experience to sail down a snowy hill surrounded by colored lights.

As of 2022, the farm has added a snow carpet, making it possible to maintain a snowy hill even when snow doesn’t fall naturally. Also, the snow carpet ensures a smoother descent with fewer bumps along the way!

Tickets are required for snow tubing and renting tubing equipment. You can buy tickets ahead of time via phone or on Bowers Farm’s website. Tubing tickets are $14 per person for 50 minutes of tubing. A new time window begins on the hour. If you love snow tubing in Michigan, put Bowers Farm on your list. 

Charles L. Bowers School Farm, Bloomfield Hills - Charles L. Bowers School Farm In Winter
Charles L. Bowers School Farm – Winter Park | photo via @ben_ewy

Ice Skating

Every year when the temperatures fall, Bowers Farm creates an outdoor ice skating rink for skaters of all ages to enjoy. While outside equipment isn’t allowed on the tubing hill, visitors must bring their own ice skates because no rentals are provided.

Ice skating at the Bowers Farm winter park is a beloved memory for many generations since it recreates skating on a natural pond and in a lovely natural setting. The outdoor skating rink is only available when temperatures fall low enough to maintain the ice, so enjoy it while you can!

Skating through the brisk Michigan winter air, surrounded by beautiful farmland scenery, is an amazing experience.

Equipment Rentals

Aside from snow tubing rentals, tent rentals are available for groups that make ice skating or tubing reservations. The tents include a light heating source to provide some relief from the frigid temperatures (make sure you still wear warm clothes!).

Charles L. Bowers School Farm, Bloomfield Hills - Charles L. Bowers School Farm In Winter
Charles L. Bowers School Farm | photo via @bowersschoolfarm

Farm Kitchen/Farm Store

The farm kitchen and store are open to all visitors in the Bowers Farm winter park, including hot concessions and farm-fresh goods. These are perfect for helping visitors warm up after an hour of ice skating or tubing.

The offerings vary but include options like popcorn, hot cocoa, coffee, and pizza. On Saturdays, adults can access a full bar. Outside food and beverages aren’t permitted. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Bowers Farm Winter Park

Is there an entrance fee for Bowers Farm?

There’s no entrance fee for Bowers Farm. The only fees you pay will be for renting equipment or buying food, beverages, or other items inside the park.

Is there an age limit for tubing at the Bowers Farm winter park?

While there’s no hard age limit, all people participating in tubing need to be able to ride in a tube by themselves (only one person per tube) and get in and out of the tube on their own. Generally, the farm recommends that kids be at least 5 years old and 46 inches tall.

Is outside equipment allowed at the Bowers Farm winter park? 

Visitors should bring their own ice skates. For tubing, no outside equipment is permitted, with the exception of helmets if you desire one. You’ll need to rent a tube for each person in your party. 

Do I need to sign a waiver to participate in Bowers Farm events?

You’ll need to sign a waiver before taking part in activities at Bowers Farm winter park. Visitors ice skate and snow tube at their own risk.

Are reservations required for Bowers Farm? 

Reservations are only required for snow tubing during the winter park. The fee for equipment rental is $14 per person for 50 minutes of tubing.

If you have a membership to Bowers Farm, you’ll get early access to tickets, so you can have your pick of time slots. Non-members may also make reservations. 

Plan Your Bloomfield Hills/Metro Detroit Winter Day Trip

If you’re planning to visit Bowers School Farm as a day trip, you can easily reach it with a short drive from many of Michigan’s major cities! Here are some nearby cities and their relative distances to help you plan your trip near Bloomfield Hills Michigan:

  • Birmingham – 3.1 miles/4 minutes
  • Pontiac – 4.9 miles/9 minutes
  • Downtown Detroit – 22.8 miles/28 minutes
  • Flint – 46.2 miles/41 minutes
  • Ann Arbor – 44.7 miles/48 minutes
  • Saginaw – 80.7 miles/1 hour 13 minutes
  • Lansing – 81.9 miles/1 hour 17 minutes
  • Jackson – 79.6 miles/1 hour 19 minutes
  • Toledo, OH – 78.9 miles/1 hour 19 minutes
  • Grand Rapids – 149.1 miles/2 hours 17 minutes
Charles L. Bowers School Farm, Bloomfield Hills - Charles L. Bowers School Farm In Winter
Charles L. Bowers School Farm – Bourbon & Brews | photo via @mollystapes

Where to Eat Near Bowers Farm

No trip is complete without a delicious local meal. If you’re looking for a place to eat near Bowers Farm, here are some of the top-rated local restaurants in and around Bloomfield Hills:

More Winter Things to Do in Metro Detroit

The Bowers Farm winter park is the perfect activity for a day trip in Metro Detroit, but it’s far from the only thing to do! If you’re looking to make a weekend of it or want to find another event, check out other fun winter things to do in Metro Detroit like visiting Campus Maritus, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and sledding.

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