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8 Outstanding Ann Arbor Breweries to Quench Your Thirst

Looking for the best Ann Arbor breweries to end an amazing day of exploring this historic college town in southeast Michigan? 

Ann Arbor is a dynamic city known not only for its historic university campus and sophisticated downtown area but also its funky vibe and welcoming appeal. Anyone of any background will find something that they love to do in Ann Arbor.

After you have finished a fun day exploring the city, you will easily be able to grab a seat at one of the local Ann Arbor breweries to enjoy a refreshing beverage. 

Explore the Best Ann Arbor Breweries

The number of breweries in Ann Arbor increase year after year, as more entrepreneurs dip their toes into the city’s vibrant craft beer scene. With so many to choose from, it’s important to know where to find the best breweries in Ann Arbor:

Grizzly Peak Brewing Company 

120 W Washington St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Many people will tell you that the craft beer scene in Ann Arbor began at Grizzly Peak Brewing Company. This brewpub was founded in 1995 and has always been located in a historic building in downtown Ann Arbor.

For many, it’s an iconic destination that can be counted on to serve refreshing beer as well as delicious meals that combine casual comfort with the finesse of fine dining. The beer on tap at Grizzly Peak Brewing Company rotates throughout the year, and local residents love that they always have something new to sample when they visit.

Beer lovers of all tastes and styles appreciate the fact that this is a versatile brewery that tries its hands at many styles of beers, including Hefeweizen ales, lagers, and fruit beers.

With daily hours at both lunch and dinner, there’s never a bad time to head to Grizzly Peak Brewing Company in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor.

Grizzly Peak Brewing Company - #Mittentrip - Ann Arbor - The Awesome Mitten
Grizzly Peak Brewing Company | photo via Lynsday Israel

HOMES Brewery

2321 Jackson Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

With an industrial vibe and an urban atmosphere, HOMES Brewery is one of the most eclectic brewpubs in the city. This brewery features an intimate indoor tap room as well as an outdoor beer garden, and many consider it to be a hip place to relax with a handcrafted beer. 

Named after the Great Lakes (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior – get it?), HOMES Brewery strives to be a Michigan original. While many other breweries in the state have flagship beers that they always have on tap, HOMES always has something new to try.

In general, beer lovers will find between 8 and 14 beers on tap, and twice per month, the brewery sells its latest supply of cans and bottles to dedicated patrons. For the most part, this is the brewery that you go to in Ann Arbor when you are in search of hop-filled beers or sours.

Of course, you’ll find more than just beer at HOMES. This brewery is a fast-casual eatery that serves up Asian-fusion street food, all of which pairs perfectly with their beers. 

Townies Brewery

2350 W Liberty St., Ann Arbor, MI 48103

When you walk into Townies Brewery, it feels as if you are stepping into the neighborhood bar where everyone congregates after a long day at work. While it offers a bit of a nostalgic atmosphere, this brewery is thoroughly modern when it comes to its beer selections.

With more than a dozen drinks on tap, everyone is sure to find something that they love at Townies. Most other breweries focus exclusively on beer, but this brewery offers beer as well as handcrafted hard seltzers, making it appealing to a broader range of drinkers. 

Townies is considered to be one of the best places to gather and watch a Wolverines football game on their large screen TVs, and it’s also a place where furry friends can come alongside their human parents. Its relaxed and inclusive atmosphere makes it a favorite among townies, students, and visitors alike. 

Winter Beer Festival, Comstock Park - Grand Rapids Winter Beer Festival
Winter Beer Festival – Townies Brewery | photo via @towniesa2brewing


2290 S Industrial Hwy, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Previously known as Pileated Brewery, Mothfire is a craft beer initiative that aims to combine the flavor and culture of craft beer with the beauty of music and art.

Mothfire was launched by a pair of friends who formed a bond over their love of craft beer and pursued their interest as a hobby. Today, they are professionals who are trying to create an unparalleled craft beer experience in the city, and it seems they are succeeding. 

Mothfire strives to appeal to a range of beer lovers, though all of its beers fall into three categories: hop-filled IPAs, flavor-blasted sours, and sultry dark beers. Within those categories, visitors will find several beers to choose from, ultimately allowing anyone who loves craft beer to find a drink that suits their style. 

Experience More Excellent Breweries Near Ann Arbor 

Depending on where you are in the city or what you are doing, you may find that one of these breweries near the city of Ann Arbor will be the best option for your itinerary: 

Arbor Brewing Company/Corner Brewery 

720 Norris St, Ypsilanti, MI 48198

First established in 1995 in downtown Ann Arbor, Arbor Brewing Company was considered to be one of the founders of the craft beer scene in the city. Not only was it the first brewery in the city, but it was only the fifth brewery founded in the entire state.

While the brewing company operated out of its original location for more than two decades, it eventually decided to close its downtown operations and focus on its Ypsilanti brewery and Plymouth taproom.

Today, Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti carries on the tradition that Arbor Brewing Company begin in the mid-90s. The Corner Brewery was first launched as a production center in order to distribute Arbor Brewing Company’s beers throughout the state, it has been open to the public since 2006. From that moment on, it has been considered one of the best places in Ypsilanti to hang out and grab a beer.

Arbor Brewing Company - #Mittentrip - Ann Arbor - The Awesome Mitten
Arbor Brewing Company | photo via Lyndsay Israel

Salt Springs Brewery

117 S Ann Arbor St, Saline, MI 48176

Saline is a small town located just outside of Ann Arbor. Known largely for its quaint and historic charm, this community is a surprising place to find a brewpub that is located inside a historic church building. However, that’s exactly what you will see when you head to the Salt Springs Brewery.

This eclectic brewery combines the casual nature of brewpubs with the elegant atmosphere of a cathedral, offering a memorable experience for all of those who visit. 

At any given time, you will find about a dozen beers and ciders on tap at Salt Springs Brewery. Their handcrafted beers range from light fruit beers that are ideal on a summer day to hop-centric beers that are perfect for experienced craft beer drinkers.

No matter which beer you choose, you are sure to quickly fall in love with the flavors and setting of Salt Springs Brewery.

Salt Springs Brewery - Saline, Michigan - Ann Arbor Breweries
Salt Springs Brewery | photo via @naomi.zhimei0312

734 Brewing Co.

15 E Cross St, Ypsilanti, MI 48198

Named after the local area code, 734 Brewing Co. has become a staple in Ypsilanti. This brewery is situated in Depot Town, which is a historic neighborhood in the city, and it strives to bring the flavor and mission of the craft beer scene to those who do not always have an opportunity to experience it.

It prides itself on being an inclusive community, and one that actively works to provide employment and investment opportunities to under-served populations. 

734 Brewing Co. has an eclectic assortment of handcrafted drinks on the menu, including cream ales, IPAs, bourbon, and apple wine. Even those who do not drink alcohol will find something that they love at this brewery because handcrafted root beer is on the menu.  

Stony Lake Brewing Co.

447 E Michigan Ave, Saline, MI 48176

For those searching for a cozy place to sip a beer, Stony Lake Brewing Co. in Saline is an excellent option. Founded in 2014 by Canadian natives who sought to bring a bit of their hometown to Metro Detroit, this brewery has quickly earned a reputation for being one of the best in the area.

Its beer selection consists mostly of American ales, and don’t be surprised to find a few hop-centric beers on the tap. The owner of the facility has a fascination with experimenting with hops. 

While the brewery does not have its own menu or kitchen, patrons are invited — and encouraged — to order-in food from local restaurants. In addition, food trucks are often scheduled to stop by the brewery, giving everyone a chance to fill their bellies and refresh their souls while at the Stony Lake Brewing Co.

Salt Springs Brewery - Saline, Michigan - Ann Arbor Breweries
Salt Springs Brewery | photo via @naomi.zhimei0312

Do More Than Quench Your Thirst at the Best Breweries in Ann Arbor

While many of the breweries in Ann Arbor serve small bites and snacks, you may find that you want to grab a meal at a nearby local restaurant. There are dozens of local Ann Arbor restaurants to try, ranging from international fare to classic fast food options, so you are sure to find something that you and your group will love.

When you pair the top attractions in Ann Arbor together with the best restaurants and Ann Arbor breweries, you are certainly going to have a memorable day.

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