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14 Splendid Spring Things to Do in East Michigan This Year

Have you ever opened the curtains on a beautiful spring day in Michigan and thought, “What do I want to do today?” The answer is easy because there are tons of spring things to do in East Michigan!

The only limit to the fun you can have in East Michigan is your imagination. You can have even more exciting experiences if you love adventure and travel.

Experience Spring Things to Do in Frankenmuth

Frankenmuth is known as Michigan’s Little Bavaria because it’s like stepping into a German town in the Mitten State. It’s a popular destination for Michiganders in the winter, but the spring is a great time to visit without being overwhelmed by crowds.

Bavarian Inn Restaurant

Stop into the Bavarian Inn Restaurant for its world-famous chicken dinners, and visit the shops in the restaurant’s downstairs area for some delicious baked goods to take home.

Bavarian Inn Restaurant, Frankenmuth - Winter In The Thumb Area, Spring In East Michigan
Bavarian Inn Restaurant | photo via @carmenfelicita

River Place

Once you’ve eaten, explore some of the local shops at Frankenmuth’s River Place. Yankee Candle, Zak & Mac’s Chocolate Haus, Popcorn Wagon, and The Stadium (a trading card shop) are just a few of the offerings here, and you can find some unique gifts.

River Place Shops, Frankenmuth - Spring In East Michigan
River Place Shops | photo via @marcialynn007

Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland

If you love all things Christmas, no trip to Frankenmuth is complete without visiting Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland. You’ll find wall-to-wall decorations, ornaments, snowglobes, trees, and anything else you need.

Bronner’s is one of Frankenmuth’s busiest spots during the holidays, so going during spring will give you more time (and space) to really experience all the store has to offer.

Bronner's Christmas Wonderland, Frankenmuth - Spring In East Michigan
Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland | photo via Jennifer Polasek

Plan a Spring Kayak Trip to Turnip Rock

For outdoor enthusiasts in Michigan, kayaking is one of the best spring things to do in East Michigan. And, no spring is complete without a trip to Turnip Rock. This turnip-shaped rock (with a broad top and narrow bottom) is located near Port Austin just a few miles into Lake Huron.

If you’re in good physical shape and have the stamina, put your kayak in the water and make the 7-mile there-and-back journey. Because the rock is on private property, you can’t get out and climb on it once you get there. But, you can take plenty of Instagram-ready pictures of this Michigan marvel.

Turnip Rock, Port Austin - Spring In East Michigan
Turnip Rock | photo via @missyincolor

Visit a Farmer’s Market for Spring Produce

Michigan is well-known for its farmer’s markets, of which the state has more than 300! At these spots, you can buy fresh, locally-grown flowers, produce, and so much more.

Flint Farmers’ Market

If you’re on the east side of the state, check out the Flint Farmers’ Market. It’s open all year on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays with more than 50 vendors.

During your visit, you can stock up on freshly baked bread and baked goods, meats, and produce. The market also has an art gallery, a cafe, and Mexican and Middle-Eastern groceries.

Flint Farmers Market, Flint - Downtown Flint Food Tour, Spring In East Michigan
Flint Farmers Market | photo via Aaron Cruz

Downtown Saginaw Farmers’ Market

The Downtown Saginaw Farmers’ Market had more than a dozen vendors last year, offering a wide variety of produce, greenhouse plants, and fall sweets in September and October. The market opens in May on specific days and runs through October. Starting in July, it’s open three days a week.

Be sure to check out the Downtown Bay City Farmer’s Market as well.

Saginaw Farmers Market, Saginaw - #Mittentrip - Saginaw, Spring In East Michigan
Saginaw Farmers Market | photo via Cassie Lovall

Enjoy Spring Fishing on the Flint River

The Mitten State is home to lots of fish species, including bass, walleye, perch, and trout. Fishing season opens in spring for many of these species (check regulations and daily catch limits).

You can charter a trip in the Saginaw Bay area, board your own boat in Bay City, or put a canoe into the Flint River. No matter your preference, fishing is one of the best spring things to do in East Michigan.

Kayak Fishing - Spring In East Michigan
Kayak Fishing | photo via Lake Michigan Angler

Visit a Flint or Saginaw Museum

You don’t have to travel very far to find great museums in Michigan. They’re awesome places to learn more about Michigan’s history and to let kids burn off some energy. In East Michigan, there’s no shortage of options.

Art Museums

If you like art, check out the Flint Institute of Arts, which boasts a wide range of paintings and a great atmosphere. The Saginaw Art Museum is also worth stopping into and features several exhibits that highlight African art and Black contributions to American life.

Saginaw Art Museum, Saginaw - Spring In East Michigan
Saginaw Art Museum | photo via @jaclahav

Other Museums

The Flint Children’s Museum offers kids (and adults) a fun-filled learning experience. If you would like to learn about the history of a city, Saginaw’s Castle Museum is worth visiting to learn all kinds of interesting stories highlighting the history of Saginaw County.

The Castle Museum, Saginaw - #Mittentrip - Saginaw, Spring In East Michigan
The Castle Museum | photo via Cassie Lovall

Attend a Spring Sporting Event in Saginaw

Michigan is home to four pro sports franchises, and you can always make the drive to Detroit to watch any of them. But if you’re looking for sports in East Michigan, there’s a 21-field soccer complex in Saginaw and some minor league sports to enjoy.

Saginaw County is well known for hosting youth sporting events during the year, but it’s also home to the Saginaw Spirit of the Ontario Hockey League. In the spring, it’s home to the Great Lakes Loons, a Class A affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers, too.

Great Lakes Loons, Midland - Mitten Trip Great Lakes Loons, Spring In East Michigan
Great Lakes Loons | photo via Margaret Clegg

Play Spring Golf in the Great Lakes Bay Region

Like museums, you don’t have to travel far in Michigan to find some great golfing opportunities. The state’s coastal courses deservedly get a lot of attention, but the Great Lakes Bay Region is home to some great courses as well — more than 20, in fact.

If you’re in East Michigan, there are three golf courses you absolutely need to play — the Sawmill in Saginaw, Apple Mountain in Freeland, and Fortress Golf Course in Frankenmuth. Any avid golfer will tell you that playing these courses is one of the best spring things to do in East Michigan.

Attend a Spring Festival in Freeland & Saginaw

No matter the time of year, there’s nothing better than attending a festival, and some great ones attract people from all over the state. The Great Lakes Bay Region is home to a couple of fun Michigan spring festivals.

Walleye Festival

In springtime, travel to Freeland in April for the annual Walleye Festival. While this festival celebrates the golden beauties that are plenty in Saginaw Bay, there’s a lot of fun for everyone. Past events have featured community-wide garage sales, poker tournaments, cornhole, bingo, a parade, a car show, and much more.

Bay Antique Center, Bay City - Spring In East Michigan
Bay Antique Center | photo via @art.dept.bc

Art and Garden Festival

In early June, Saginaw hosts the annual Art and Garden Festival. This all-day affair draws visitors for a one-of-a-kind gardening event with more than 30 vendors selling anything and everything you need to make your garden spring to life.

Other events at the festival include a garden raffle, a silent auction, and food for sale from local vendors.

Visit a Bay City Flea Market During Spring

If you love antiques and scoring deals, you might agree that going to a flea market is one of the best spring things to do in East Michigan.

In the Great Lakes Bay Region, one of the best flea markets can be found in Bay City — the Bay Area Indoor Flea Market & Specialty Shops. It’s open year-round, and you can find everything from clothes to vehicles to books to electronics.

If you like shopping around different antique malls and flea markets, you’re in luck because Americana Company Antique Mall and Bay Antique Center are also close by.

Bay Antique Center, Bay City - Spring In East Michigan
Bay Antique Center | photo via @kchamp82

Enjoy All the Spring Things to Do in East Michigan This Year

East Michigan is home to lots of fun springtime activities, whether you’re itching to get out on the water or go to a golf course or museum. For residents and visitors alike, it really is the best of both worlds.

Many cities and towns in the region are close enough to the water to offer kayaking and fishing opportunities while offering chances to golf, nosh on delicious food, explore, and above all, have fun. So if you’re wondering, “What do I want to do today?” the answer is simple — head to East Michigan.

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