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24 Best Local Restaurants in Marquette Michigan

If you’re looking for excellent food in the Upper Peninsula, you’ll find plenty in Marquette. It doesn’t matter what kind of cuisine you’re craving because the city has a wide variety — Italian, German, Louisiana Southern, Mexican — and dine-in and takeout options are available.

Take a look at our list of the best local restaurants in Marquette Michigan – sure to whet your appetite while you’re experiencing the best things to do in Marquette!

Quick Bites From Marquette Food Trucks


For a quick pizza slice or a whole pie, Smelted is the ultimate mobile experience. The food truck makes wood-fired pizza and fresh salads. You’ll have no problem finding the perfect craft beer to pair with it because the truck is often parked outside of breweries.


For fast authentic Mexican food, go to Señors. Since this food truck frequently parks outside of breweries, it’s the best place to get amazing tacos and beer.

Cafe Bodega, Marquette - Marquette Restaurants
Cafe Bodega | photo via @thejoeborri

Burger Bus

If you love burgers, you can’t pass up the Burger Bus. The menu staple is the Brand burger, which includes a beef patty, American cheese, caramelized onions, in-house pickles, spinach, and garlic aioli. You can order a double beef patty, or add egg and bacon.

Aside from that, the food truck makes a vegan falafel burger and a chicken sandwich. Everything is gluten-free except for the brioche bun, but you can substitute that for a gluten-free bun.

Fish Express

A collaboration between two men who love to catch and eat fish, Fish Express is a first-rate seafood truck. The menu includes a range of fish dishes, including burgers, sandwiches, and tacos.

Along with fish items, the menu features chicken and veggie sandwiches as well as fries, hush puppies, and potato salad.

Marquette Restaurants for Casual Dining

Lagniappe Cajun Creole Eatery

Since 2006, Lagniappe Cajun Creole Eatery has been one of the most talked-about restaurants in Marquette Michigan. The chef has been in the food service industry for more than 40 years and creates authentic Louisiana culinary classics, cooking with spices for flavor rather than heat.

Everything on the menu — barbecue, Cajun, and Creole — is made from scratch, except for the ice cream.

Lagniappe Cajun Creole Eatery, Marquette - Marquette Restaurants
Lagniappe Cajun Creole Eatery | photo via @lagniappe_cajun_creole_eatery


Making dishes inspired by European and German cuisines, Steinhaus uses seasonal produce and meats from local farmers. Some of the made-from-scratch items on the menu include sausages, pretzels, and schnitzel.

Pair your meal with one of the 50-plus bottles of beer, a glass of wine, or a housemade cocktail.

Steinhaus, Marquette - Marquette Restaurants
Steinhaus | photo via @nicoleabuhakmeh

Vango’s Pizza & Cocktail Lounge

Home to the oldest pizza parlor in Marquette, Vango’s Pizza & Cocktail Lounge specializes in serving a fresh, homemade menu. The kitchen makes the pie dough and sauce from scratch and only uses the freshest vegetables.

Aside from pizza, the restaurant menu includes soups, salads, gyros, sandwiches, burgers, and more. The bar has a decent list of craft, draught, and imported beers and house wines.

Vango’s Pizza &Amp; Cocktail Lounge, Marquette - Marquette Restaurants
Vango’s Pizza & Cocktail Lounge | photo via @justin.carlso

Portside Inn

Offering an impressive array of made-from-scratch dishes, Portside Inn has been a favorite in Marquette since 1983. This casual restaurant has a pub-style atmosphere and focuses on making quality food.

Alongside fresh seafood, the restaurant is famous for its breadsticks and pizzas, and it serves fire-grilled burgers, stacked sandwiches, and pasta too.

Sol Azteca

Creating some of the most authentic, homemade Mexican food in Marquette, Sol Azteca offers friendly and fast service. The menu features burritos, enchiladas, tacos, and more.

Since it’s located in Marquette’s historic waterfront district, you get a breathtaking view of Lake Superior while you enjoy your meal. Also, the restaurant has a unique selection of beer, mixed drinks, and wine.

Sol Azteca, Marquette - Marquette Restaurants
Sol Azteca | photo via @adventure_daze

Breweries & Pubs in Marquette Michigan

The Vierling Restaurant & Marquette Harbor Brewery

Established in 1985, The Vierling Restaurant & Marquette Harbor Brewery is a focal point in historic downtown Marquette. The building is more than 100 years old, and the restaurant is the oldest brewpub in the city’s history.

One of the most popular dishes on the menu is the whitefish, which is caught fresh from Lake Superior.

The Vierling Restaurant &Amp; Marquette Harbor Brewery, Marquette - Breweries In Marquette, Marquette Restaurants
The Vierling Restaurant & Marquette Harbor Brewery | photo via @koamonsul

Iron Bay

Dedicated to creative comfort food and outstanding service, Iron Bay has an unforgettable, trendy environment.

The building was erected in 1872 and was the heart of the city and lifeblood of the mining industry. You can see this history in the photos and captions on the restaurant walls.

For food, Iron Bay serves burgers, sandwiches, and seafood dishes. It has a coffee and espresso bar and a taproom with at least 15 beers from various Michigan breweries.

Iron Bay, Marquette - Marquette Restaurants
Iron Bay | photo via @summertime_ami_eats

Stucko’s Pub & Grill

Home of the 32-ounce “Shoop” draft, Stucko’s Pub & Grill opened in 2006 and makes some delicious signature burgers and homemade barbecue. The well-rounded menu features Mexican and fresh whitefish dishes, and there are 14 beers on tap.

Nearly everything is made from scratch. While you dine, you can enjoy sports on one of the 13 flat screens.

Stucko's Pub &Amp; Grill, Marquette - Marquette Restaurants
Stucko’s Pub & Grill | photo via @erica.terry

Restaurants in Marquette Michigan for Upscale & Fine Dining

Zephyr Wine Bar + Cafe

One of the few upscale restaurants in Marquette, Zephyr Wine Bar + Cafe has the longest list of wine by the glass. You can order from a variety of beer, cocktails, and espresso as well.

Traditionally cured meats and cheeses pair well with the wines, and the menu includes homemade small plates, soups, and desserts.

Zephyr Wine Bar + Cafe, Marquette - Marquette Restaurants
Zephyr Wine Bar + Cafe | photo via @my.pics.2021

Elizabeth’s Chop House

The fanciest restaurant in Marquette, Elizabeth’s Chop House offers the best fine dining experience. Inside, the restaurant has a blend of historical old and fashionable new decor with an art deco back bar, brick walls, and high-back chairs.

You can order mixed drinks or wine at the bar, and taste the finest cuts of prime beef, fresh seafood, and gourmet desserts. Gluten-free options are available on the menu, and jazz music makes the whole experience romantic.

Elizabeth's Chop House, Marquette - Marquette Restaurants
Elizabeth’s Chop House | photo via @doc03

Marquette Gluten-Free & Vegan Friendly Restaurants

The Delft Bistro

Serving gluten-free and vegan-friendly items, The Delft Bistro is one of the best diet-friendly restaurants in Marquette Michigan.

Along with fries made in a dedicated fryer, the menu includes a range of items, including high-end versions of classic dishes — burgers, ribs, and sushi. You even get to see the cooking happen with the open kitchen concept.

The Delft Bistro, Marquette - Winter In Marquette, Marquette Restaurants
The Delft Bistro | photo via @thedelftbistro

Donckers Restaurant

Since 2008, Donckers has been serving homestyle breakfasts and lunches above its candy shop. The best part is that the deli makes gluten-free sandwiches and burgers.

The family-friendly restaurant makes fresh omelets, pancakes, mac and cheese, soups, salads, and more, including vegetarian options.

Donckers Restaurant, Marquette - Marquette Restaurants
Donckers Restaurant | photo via @erica.terry

The Pasta Shop

At The Pasta Shop, even guests who can’t eat gluten can enjoy Italian. The restaurant serves gluten-free ravioli and other pastas. Vegan-friendly options are available too. The kid-friendly menu includes homemade sauces, salads, soups, and desserts.

The Pasta Shop, Marquette - Marquette Restaurants
The Pasta Shop | photo via @sgowtham

Cafe Bodega

Located in an 1884 building that used to be a school, Cafe Bodega is a bakery, restaurant, and bar. It uses only local, fresh ingredients for its menu, which features grass-fed beef burgers and gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan dishes.

Additionally, the restaurant has teamed up with Colectivo to serve high-quality coffee.

Cafe Bodega, Marquette - Marquette Restaurants
Cafe Bodega | photo via @2_run26

Coffee & Bakery Shops in Marquette

Java Bay

Considered a hidden gem, Java Bay is one of the top restaurants in Marquette Michigan for coffee. You can order coffees, specialty espresso drinks, and smoothies.

More than just a coffee shop, though, Java Bay serves awesome breakfast and lunch deli sandwiches. We recommend the grilled breakfast burrito to kick-start a day of recreational exploration.

Babycakes Muffin Company

A longtime coffee shop, Babycakes Muffin Company has been serving Marquette since 1988. While sipping on your coffee in an easygoing environment, you can enjoy cookies, muffins, panini, or sweet potato salad. Several items on the menu are dairy free, vegan, and gluten free.

Babycakes Muffin Company, Marquette - Marquette Restaurants
Babycakes Muffin Company | photo via @laurensfoodfeed

231 West Patisserie

If you enjoy a good macaron, 231 West Patisserie makes the best ones. However, there’s more on the menu than these French pastries. You can order from a list of baked goods and sip on some great coffee.

Marquette Restaurants for Ice Cream & Dessert

Frosty Treats

When you want a cold, refreshing treat after eating at any of the above restaurants in Marquette Michigan, head to Frosty Treats.

You can order soft-serve ice cream cones, sundaes, milkshakes, and specialty desserts. Frozen yogurt is also available.

Vango’s Pizza &Amp; Cocktail Lounge, Marquette - Marquette Restaurants
Vango’s Pizza & Cocktail Lounge | photo via @yoopereats


If you prefer a healthier option than ice cream, Yoop-Phoria is a self-serve frozen yogurt shop. This frozen yogurt contains healthy probiotics and active cultures, so it’s actually good for you. The shop serves smoothies, floats, crepes, and specialty desserts as well.

Donckers Candy Shop

Since 1896, Donckers has been serving made-from-scratch sweets to the residents of Marquette. Even after all these years, the shop is still designed like an old-fashioned soda fountain and candy store.

You can get Donckers’ signature caramels, truffles, chocolates, fudge, chocolate-dipped pretzels, and retro candies. In addition, the shop serves The Chocolate Shoppe and Jilbert Dairy ice creams.

Frequently Asked Questions About Restaurants in Marquette Michigan

Which ones are the best Italian restaurants Marquette, MI has?

In our opinion, the best place in Marquette for Italian is The Pasta Shop.

Which seafood restaurants in Marquette, MI are the best?

Freshness is one of the most important parts of good seafood, and you won’t be disappointed in the dishes at Portside Inn, Elizabeth’s Chop House, and the Fish Express food truck.

Which ones are the best Mexican restaurants Marquette, MI has?

When it comes to Mexican cuisine, authentic is the best way to go. That’s exactly what you’ll get at Sol Azteca and the Señors food truck. However, Stucko’s Pub & Grill serves delicious Mexican dishes as well.

Which Marquette restaurants are open for dine in?

Actually, the dining rooms at all of the above restaurants in Marquette Michigan are open.

Which ones are the best takeout restaurants in Marquette, MI?

Many of the restaurants in our list of the best places to eat in Marquette offer takeout. Some of our favorites include The Delft Bistro, Lagniappe Cajun Creole Eatery, Elizabeth’s Chop House, The Pasta Shop, and Babycakes Muffin Company.

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