Taste the World: 8 Restaurants in Oakland County

When I get the chance to experience new cultures, I like to take it. I have recently started trying more food from countries all around the world, and Metro Detroit restaurants offer a wide variety of authentic cuisine from around the world. Listed below are eight restaurants in Oakland County, Michigan, that will craft a culinary experience your taste buds won’t soon forget.

Asian Restaurant in Oakland County: Yummy House (Commerce Charter Township)

Located in front of the Commerce Township Meijer, this eatery might not be one you have noticed before. With its creative menu, Yummy House succeeds at bringing fresh flavors and exciting twists to your usual East Asian restaurant. Enjoy delicious Chinese and Japanese cuisine at this Oakland County restaurant.

Greek Restaurant in Oakland County: Uptown Parthenon (West Bloomfield)

Throughout the years, I have enjoyed countless family meals and birthdays at the Uptown Parthenon. I find myself returning because of the dependable, savory Greek cuisine in Oakland County that makes it a perfect fit for anyone. No matter your food restrictions, you can always find something delicious to eat at the Parthenon.

8 Oakland County Restaurants Where You Can Taste The World: Greek Restaurant In Metro Detroit
Vegetarian Trio – photo courtesy of Stefani Chudnow.

Indian Restaurant in Oakland County: Aroma Indian Cuisine (Farmington Hills)

Aroma is an Indian restaurant in Oakland County that combines fresh ingredients and unique spices. This combination creates delectable takes on classic Indian food. Their warm environment and tasty entrees are just two of the aspects that designate Aroma as a must-visit eatery.

Italian Restaurant in Oakland County: Crispelli’s (Berkley and West Bloomfield)

Crispelli’s serves heavenly Italian dishes that I would classify as a cross between a European bistro and an upscale restaurant. On this list, Crispelli’s restaurant in Oakland County is unique because you can either sit down and order your food, or you can take the fast-food route and order right at the counter.

8 Oakland County Restaurants Where You Can Taste The World: Italian Restaurant In Metro Detroit
Half olives/pineapple and half margherita pizza – photo courtesy of Stefani Chudnow

Lebanese Restaurant in Oakland County: Anita’s Kitchen (Ferndale)

As a kid, my first introduction to Lebanese food was at Anita’s. Since then, I’ve discovered that their creative take on Lebanese cuisine in Oakland County (including such delicacies as “pita pizzas” and raw juices) makes for an invigorating dining experience.

8 Oakland County Restaurants Where You Can Taste The World: Lebanese Restaurant In Metro Detroit
Pita pizza – photo courtesy of @anitaskitchen_ferndale on Instagram

Mexican Restaurant in Oakland County: O.W.L. (Royal Oak)

Right off of Woodward Avenue in Royal Oak is a quaint little place called O.W.L. They serve a combination of traditional Mexican food and Mexican food with an American flair. They’re even open 24 hours. While they don’t have as big of a menu as some of the other places on this list of restaurants in Oakland County, even the small ticket items have multiple layers of flavor.

8 Oakland County Restaurants Where You Can Taste The World: Mexican Restaurant
O.W.L interior – photo courtesy of Stefani Chudnow

Thai Restaurant in Oakland County: Sy Thai Café (Birmingham)

The very first place I ever tried Thai food in Oakland County is the Sy Thai Café in Birmingham. Their classic but enticing menu of Thai classics couples perfectly with a movie at the Birmingham 8, or even a simple stroll around Birmingham’s quaint downtown. It is an especially enjoyable restaurant in Oakland County because you get a lot for your money. You’ll likely have leftovers for the next day (which you’ll be thankful for). Sy Thai doesn’t have a website, but you may reach them at (248) 258-9830.

Vietnamese Restaurant in Oakland County: Pho Vinh (Farmington Hills)

I had never tasted Vietnamese food in Oakland County until recently. Pho Vinh is a great place to try it, though. They make the menu super easy to understand, even for someone unfamiliar with Vietnamese cuisine. They have a lot of different routes you can take. A few of their menu items include rice and noodle bowls, heaping bowls of pho, and even bubble tea.

8 Oakland County Restaurants Where You Can Taste The World: Vietnamese Restaurant
Pho – photo courtesy of @eatmywaydetroit on Instagram

Are there any other restaurants in Oakland County or the Metro Detroit area we should try? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. You really should try one of the Pho Lucky vietnamese restaurants Novi, Southfield, Midtown, or Redford. They have hands down the best tasting and most consistent pho broth in the three counties.

    For Chinese food, there are tons but the best Dim-Sum is at Shangri-La in West Bloomfield. They have a midtown restaurant as well.

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