Harbor In New Buffalo, Southwest Michigan

New Buffalo: The Perfect Destination for a Relaxing Lake Michigan Getaway

Throughout Michigan, there are many wonderful Lake Michigan beach towns and cities. These cities are perfect to visit any time of year. And yet, there is one city in particular that I have never had the chance to visit until now – New Buffalo, Michigan

The Journey to New Buffalo

New Buffalo sits near the border of Indiana and not too far from Chicago, Illinois. It is the perfect location for a Michigan getaway for residents in the state of Michigan, and those in the surrounding areas as well. Whether you drive or take the train, New Buffalo is worth visiting.

The drive itself to New Buffalo is gorgeous. I took the trip in October which means the fall colors were in full swing when we made our drive from the metro Detroit area.

Boat In New Buffalo In Southwest Michigan
Photo via Kassandra Olschanski

Stay at the Harbor Grand Hotel

There is a hotel that sits on the harbor of New Buffalo called The Harbor Grand Hotel. I have dreamed of visiting this adorable boutique hotel for some time and I finally got to visit in October.

This hotel is nestled on the waterfront and brings in the most stunning views. I have always heard about how quaint New Buffalo is and I knew it was finally time to take a trip.

When you pull up to the stunning hotel you are greeted with a bike rack full of complementary bikes and a refreshing and welcoming front of the building. The outside of the building is designed beautifully.

All the Amenities

Once you are inside, the front desk welcomes you and offers complimentary tea, coffee, and lemon water. There is a seating area with a fireplace and blankets to sit back and relax in the lobby. Upon checking in we were given the lay down of the grounds.

The bikes are complementary to rent and take out as long as the weather permits as this is a seasonal amenity. The hotel includes a spa and restaurant on the property, a fitness center, a saltwater pool, as well as a hot tub. There is also a sun deck that is available to go out in the warmer months.

After I had checked in, I was made aware of the complimentary breakfast option that comes with the room. Everyone gets a free breakfast that arrives in the morning in a picnic basket. I thought this was the absolute sweetest touch.

You fill out a card and can pick 2 food items as well as 2 drink items, and pick a time you would like it to be delivered in the morning. All you have to do is leave the card hanging on your door and it will be collected the same evening that you check in.

Harbor In New Buffalo, Southwest Michigan
Photo via Kassandra Olschanski

View of the Harbor

Once we got to our room I was pleased with the harbor view we had, even though it was October, there were still quite a few boats to see in the harbor. The room came complete with a fireplace, a stand-alone bathtub, and a shower as well. There are complimentary robes that come with bath salts, as well as rubber shoes to use during your stay as well. 

We were greeted with complimentary water and complimentary chocolate in our room. The chocolate was delicious, it was milk chocolate with pretzel and it was the perfect welcome treat. I thought this was such a nice touch to have inside the room and truly an amazing welcome treat for us.

Bike Ride In New Buffalo
Photo via Kassandra Olschanski

Bike Ride Through Downtown New Buffalo

We used the complimentary bikes to ride down by the harbor, as well as around the downtown area. It was so fun being able to bike to the nearby town and with it being so close, it made the ride quick and easy.

Dinner at the Terrace Room

We ate dinner that night at the Terrace Room, on-site at The Harbor Grand Hotel. It was excellent. The drinks were amazing, and the entire staff was super knowledgeable about the menu. The bread that was served upon arrival was delicious as well.

They had an array of foods and many options that you cannot go wrong with. We ordered pasta, truffle fries, broccolini, and cauliflower. We were given a small cookie as a treat for dessert as well. The ambiance of the restaurant was amazing as well. 

After dinner, we enjoyed a swim in the saltwater pool, as well as the hot tub. It made for such a relaxing weekend and everyone at the hotel was super friendly, helpful, and informative. The pool was stocked with towels as well as lemon water in the pool area to enjoy while lounging around.

Picnic Breakfast From The Grand Harbor Hotel In New Buffalo
Photo via Kassandra Olschanski

Picnic Breakfast

The next morning, we received a knock on the door to our pre-selected morning breakfast time at 10:00 am. I selected coffee and orange juice for myself. I was presented with a fresh, warm pot of coffee and the cutest coffee mugs. I requested dairy-free milk or creamer to go along with my coffee and I was provided with an entire container of almond milk along with my requested orange juice.

For my food selections, I had a bagel and cream cheese with fruit. It was an extremely delicious choice. My boyfriend ordered grapefruit juice and orange juice. His food choices were a crustless meat quiche and a bagel with cream cheese as well. We enjoyed our breakfast in bed which was presented to us in the cutest picnic basket.

Lake Michigan At New Buffalo Beach Iin Southwest Michigan
Photo via Kassandra Olschanski

New Buffalo Beach

After checking out of the hotel, we drove to a nearby beach and walked up a lookout area to view the lake from above. The sight of the water was extremely beautiful and breathtaking. Although it was toward the end of October, it was not cold at all being down by the water and the views were stunning.

Plan Your Own Adventure to New Buffalo

New Buffalo in Southwest Michigan makes an excellent place for a day trip or a weekend trip. If you are in New Buffalo, you must visit The Harbor Grand Hotel. Whether it’s to stop at the spa, eat at the restaurant, or have a quiet and relaxed morning with breakfast in bed.

With beautiful harbor views, nearby beaches, and charming downtown, New Buffalo is the perfect Michigan destination for a relaxing getaway.

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