Muldoons Strawberry Pasty
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Try Every Delicious Flavor at Muldoons Pasties in Downtown Munising

Summer time means exploring in Michigan – and taking part in all the little goodies that our state has to offer. When you’re in the Upper Peninsula, that means pasties! During our trip to visit the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, we stayed in Munising. While we love spending time at our campsite, we also love exploring local towns and finding new treats to devour. 

After an evening spent on the water for a Pictured Rocks boat tour with friends, we were ready for a change of pace and headed out toward Munising’s downtown area. On our way, we made an important stop: Muldoons Pasties for the best pasties in the U.P.!

Muldoons Pasties
Muldoons Pasties – made fresh daily and voted the #1 pasty in the U.P.

Muldoons Pasties

Muldoons Pasties has two locations in Munising, the main location on the way into town and then a smaller store front right in the heart of downtown Munising. We wanted the full experience, so we stopped at the little yellow house with the wrap-around porch on our way to explore town. 

Muldoons Pasties
Such a cute little building! We loved that you could order then sit outside to eat hot pasties.

The Main Location

Pulling into the parking lot, we found that there are picnic tables set up under an awning so that customers can enjoy hot pasties as soon as they are ordered – and everyone knows that fresh pasty is the best kind of pasty there is. We parked then hopped on inside to place our order. 

The smell wafting toward the doorway as we walked inside was divine – baked meat pies, what can go wrong with that? A variety of Michigan and U.P. goods were there for purchase as well – handmade jams and local honey and syrup were among the selection. 

Muldoons Pasties Menu
The menu: simple and to the point.

Muldoons Amazing Menu

If you ever suffer from decision fatigue (can’t choose, won’t choose) like me, then Muldoons is definitely the place to eat. There are 3 choices of pasty: Traditional (beef), Chicken and Veggie. Add gravy on the side and some coleslaw to round out your meal.

Of course we ordered all of the flavors as well as the Pie of the Day, which was strawberry. 

Muldoons Chicken Pasty
Oh, hello there, crispy, fresh chicken pasty.

Our tip: order your meal hot and eat those pasties right on site! We are gravy people, so we ordered a side of gravy with each of our pasties and slathered them up. My favorite is always veggie because I enjoy the broccoli and cauliflower in mine, but the meat ones were so delicious too! 

Muldoons Pasty Lunch

We stuffed our faces pull of pasties and then, of course, could not say ‘no’ to that strawberry pasty that was already warm and ready for tasting (you HAVE to eat them hot, you know?). We dug into that and were pleased to find that the filling had large, whole strawberries. The top was dusted with fine sugar and slightly glazed.

The only thing that could have made it better? A scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. 

Muldoons Strawberry Pasty
The strawberry pasty was divine!

Downtown Munising

Not far from Muldoons is the town of Munising. While the downtown area is on the smaller side, there are still plenty of things to see and do! We were surprised by the amount of unique little places to grab a bite to eat and drink – we are definitely food-centered travelers! You can see the bay from town and can walk down among the boats harbored there. 

Downtown Munising Fountain
Exploring downtown Munising.

Strolling the town’s main street doesn’t take long, but there are murals to look at and shops to buy trinkets in which makes the walk so worth it. An short afternoon is all you need to have a little bit of fun. We love to find hidden gems on our travels and were not disappointed with downtown Munising. 

Munising Art In The Alley
Munising Art in the Alley – such a sweet addition to the town.

Art in the Alley

During our walk, we happened upon Art in the Alley – an art installation featuring the work of local artists. There was a great variety of subjects and the kids had so much fun checking out each work of art and reading about the artist. The exhibit is seasonal and displays artwork from local residents and is decorated with local plants and cafe lighting. 

Munising Art In The Alley
The alley was full of paintings and photographs by local artists.
Munising Art In The Alley
We love finding art in all of our travels!

Falling Rock Cafe & Bookstore

Nearby Art in the Alley is the Falling Rock Cafe & Bookstore. We stopped in to take a look and were delighted to find even more local products for purchase. This little shop includes a coffee and ice cream cafe as well as a work space for locals and visitors alike.

Patrons can choose a table and get to work on their laptops in a quiet section of the bookstore. We grabbed a drink and perused the locally-made jewelry, postcards and art available. 

Munising Adventures and Eats

Walking around town worked up our appetite again, so for an early dinner, we stopped by the Dogpatch Restaurant. We had heard that the burgers were delicious from one of our friends so had to take the time to make a pit-stop. 

Munising Dog Patch Restaurants
Heading into Dogpatch for a burger!

Dogpatch Restaurant

The inside of the Dogpatch Restaurant is dim and dark – but filled with bright red tables and seats and vintage cartoons line the walls. The kids had a great time checking out all of the cartoons! The family ordered some burgers and scarfed those down – we love a great recommendation from a friend!

I ordered a whitefish sandwich, because you can’t go to the lake without eating all the whitefish you can handle!

Munising Dog Patch Restaurant
Inside Dogpatch, the walls are adorned with vintage cartoon characters.

Miner’s Falls Mini Golf

As always, every single trip must include ice cream. On our way back to our campsite at the Munising KOA, we stopped for ice cream and mini golf at Miner’s Falls Mini Golf. We ate ice cream first – after making some really tough choices.

The ice cream featured at Miner’s Falls Mini Golf is Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream (a Wisconsin based company) and the flavors are so fun! Our families picks of the day were: Birthday Cake, Blueberry Cheesecake, Coconut Almond Bliss, and Zanzibar Chocolate. 

Munising Mini Golf And Ice Cream
We can never go on a trip without sampling some ice cream.

The mini-golf course a kid-friendly, 18-hole course with lots of variety and fun water features. The area is wooded and provides tons of shade which was so nice on the sunny, warm day that we visited.

Our son is 6 and was able to keep up with the game – and with lots of pit stops to play in the water and watch his golf ball float down the little rivers, of course. 

Munising Mini Golf
Not a hole-in-one, but pretty close!
Munising Mini Golf
All smiles in Munising!

Muldoons Pasties – A Munising Staple

If you’re headed to Munising, don’t forget your pasties, whitefish and ice cream – if you are food-motivated travelers like us, you know that those are the most important stops you can make (aside from checking out the beautiful landscapes and nature, of course)!

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