Cabin Creek Coffee The Chipotle Breakfast Sandwich | Photo By Amanda Shaffer
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14 Michigan Towns With Quaint Cafes & Coffee Shops

Michigan is the kind of place that you need to sip and savor, and fortunately, there are plenty of charming towns throughout the state that offer a quintessential, local coffee shop experience. Check out these Michigan towns with quaint cafes and coffee shops.

9 Bean Rows-Suttons Bay
9 Bean Rows | photo via girldinner__


Known for its vibrant atmosphere, Houghton is a haven for small businesses in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, so it’s not surprising to find a charming coffee shop in this community.

Cyberia Cafe

Established in 2002, Cyberia Cafe is famous for being the oldest coffee shop in the Upper Peninsula. Today, visitors know that they can count on this locally-owned business to provide steaming cups of coffee and fresh-baked pastries.


When the biting winds of Lake Superior leave you craving warmth and comfort, be sure to head to downtown Marquette where you will find a safe haven in one of these coffee shops.

Dead River Coffee Roasters

Located in downtown Marquette, Dead River Coffee Roasters is considered the original coffee roasting company in the Upper Peninsula. Customers can grab a cup of in-house roasted coffee or bring freshly roasted beans to brew at home.

Velodrome Coffee Company

Velodrome Coffee Company may be housed in an unassuming building in downtown Marquette, but it is one of the community’s best hidden gems. Known for its international coffee beans and live music scene, it’s well worth the visit if you are spending time in the city.


On the eastern edge of the Upper Peninsula rests the town of Brimley, which is home to one of the oldest state parks in the Upper Peninsula. If you need a caffeine boost as you soak up the sparkling views of Whitefish Bay, you will want to stop by the town’s most beloved coffee shop.

Dancing Crane Coffee House

It’s hard to miss this coffee shop as you drive through Brimley because it is located inside a log-style home. Known for its cozy atmosphere, to-die-for coffee, and branded apparel, this is a must-stop destination during your Eastern Upper Peninsula tour.

Watercolor Cafe-Mackinac Island
Watercolor Cafe | photo via megangirardin

Mackinac Island

On the only island in Michigan where automobiles are not allowed, you will find yourself hopping on a bicycle quickly to get to these fantastic coffee shops.

Watercolor Cafe

Located near the island’s harbor, Watercolor Cafe is favored by locals and fudgies who are just passing through. While it always has a hot cup of coffee ready for waiting guests, this cafe is more famous for its homemade treats.

TIP: Be sure to stop in early in the day if you want to try one of the infamous Poppies, which are made fresh daily and come in a variety of flavors.

Lucky Bean Coffeehouse

True insiders know that Lucky Bean Coffeehouse is the best place to grab a cup of coffee in the historic and busy downtown area of Mackinac Island. While many come to soak up the atmosphere of the island, they leave with a newfound love for some of the most eclectic coffee flavors in the world.

Suttons Bay

As the gateway to Leelanau County, Suttons Bay is famous for its cider and wine — but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the excellent coffee shops in town.

9 Bean Rows

Tucked away on a farmstead in Suttons Bay, 9 Bean Rows is a quiet cafe where you can enjoy farm-fresh food on the weekends. From Thursday to Monday, stop by the cafe to experience a mouthwatering sandwich or wood-fired pizza handcrafted with fresh, local ingredients.

Cabin Creek Coffee The Chipotle Breakfast Sandwich | Photo By Amanda Shaffer
Cabin Creek Coffee The Chipotle Breakfast Sandwich | photo by Amanda Shaffer


Overlooking the wondrous shores of Thunder Bay, Alpena is a dynamic Michigan city that is bursting with charm and potential. Visitors have found that the unique local businesses in Alpena add to its overall allure.

Cabin Creek Coffee

In a home-like setting in downtown Alpena, Cabin Creek Coffee serves caffeinated beverages and made-to-order breakfast sandwiches daily. With free Wi-Fi and comfortable accommodations, there’s no need to rush through your visit here.


Whether you are traveling Up North or downstate, you may find that you need to fuel up for the next leg of your drive while you are in Mid-Michigan. Clare is the perfect place to sit back, relax, and enjoy a refreshing treat.

Cops & Doughnuts

Cops & Doughnuts is more than just a locally owned coffee shop in a quiet Michigan town. It’s living proof of a community’s willingness to stand together.

When this business was on the brink of closure, all nine police officers in town decided to band together and save the local bakery, which had been operating in the city for more than a century. It’s still serving some of the tastiest treats and most delicious cups of coffee in the region.

505 Cafe

Adding a dose of freshness to the historic downtown area, 505 Cafe has earned a reputation for being the top culinary experience in the city. This cafe has a menu consisting of locally roasted coffee and handmade treats.


Traveling along the western edge of the state, you will find that Holland Michigan is home to some of the most inviting cafes and coffee shops.


With a lively atmosphere and a commitment to generating zero waste, Lemonjello is an admirable coffee shop that perfectly balances its commitment to the earth with its dedication to quality.

The 205 Coffee Bar

Of course, The 205 Coffee Bar is known for its delectable coffee options, but it’s the waffles that truly stand out on the menu. Handcrafted with love and decorated as if they are works of art, these artisan waffles are the perfect complement to any caffeinated beverage.

Velodrome Coffee Company-Marquette
Velodrome Coffee Company-Marquette-ceciliehaehre


A commitment to revitalization pulses through the Flint community, and in the last decade, dozens of new businesses have found that this hardworking city is the right place to be.

Cafe Rhema

Proud to be the place where valuable conversations get started, Cafe Rhema has been breathing life into downtown Flint for more than a decade. Described as a European-inspired cafe, this location serves coffee and artisan sandwiches.

The Good Beans Cafe

Providing coffee to the people of Flint’s famous Carriage Town neighborhood, The Good Beans Cafe has long been considered a community staple. It also serves as a symbol of the city’s resilience after reopening after a temporary closure in the early 2020s.

Raven Cafe-Port Huron
Raven Cafe | photo via caridrinkscoffee

Port Huron

Serving as the entrance to Michigan’s Thumb, Port Huron is always a hotbed of activity. Those who are looking to slow down the pace, however, will be delighted by the city’s most famous cafe.

Raven Cafe

Doubling as a coffeehouse and a community library, Raven Cafe stands out as one of the most innovative cafes in the entire state. Not only can patrons sip on their favorite caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, but they can also borrow books from an extensive collection — and even save their spot for later.


Leaning into its reputation as a college town, Kalamazoo Michigan has long been home to some of the most delightful coffee shops and cafes.

Factory Coffee

Not only is Factory Coffee an independent, family-owned coffee shop, but it actively works to source its coffee beans from other small and sustainable coffee farms around the world. On any given day, patrons can sip coffee that is full of international flavor knowing that they are supporting a company that is committed to fairness and sustainability.

Fourth Coast Cafe & Bakery

Fourth Coast Cafe & Bakery can be found just below the Crow’s Nest in downtown Kalamazoo, making it an easy-to-reach destination when you need great coffee and fresh baked goods. In addition to your favorite coffee beverage, don’t forget to grab a homemade loaf of bread.

Caffe Casa

This is not your average coffee shop. Described as one of the most eclectic places to visit in Kalamazoo, Caffe Casa is known for its creative coffee beverages and steaming homemade soups, as well as the local art that adorns the walls.


With a population of just more than 1,200 residents, Bellevue offers small-town charm, historic appeal, and breathtaking park spaces. Plus, it’s home to one of the coziest coffee shops in the state.

Shebrews 210

Located in a turquoise building with red trim, Shebrews 210 is a coffee shop and bakery that treats every customer like a family member who is returning home. With coffee, homemade Chai tea, and fresh-made pastries on the menu each day, it has quickly become known as a place where you can nourish your body and spirit.

Fortress Cafe-Jackson
Fortress Cafe | photo via adventures.with.rissa


Known to locals as the Rose City, Jackson is a place where life has always bloomed and blossomed — no matter what else is going on in the world. These locally owned cafes and coffeehouses are proof of the city’s commitment to culture and beauty.

Fortress Cafe

While the name Fortress Cafe may seem formidable and intimidating, the actual coffeehouse in Jackson is anything but unapproachable. Established in 2018 to serve small-batch coffee and flavorful quick bites, this cafe has become an inviting and inclusive community hub.

Vito’s Espresso

Described as Jackson’s only third-wave coffee shop, Vito’s Espresso goes above and beyond to deliver its customers with sustainably sourced, deliciously flavored coffee. In addition, its entire menu is created from homemade ingredients, adding an element of love and comfort to the experience.

Jackson Coffee Company-Jackson
Jackson Coffee Company | photo via destinyschlenk

Jackson Coffee Company

For more than 17 years, Jackson Coffee Company has been handing piping hot cups of coffee to residents in the downtown area, making this the city’s oldest local coffee shop. Boasting a two-story location, there’s plenty of room for everyone to enjoy small-batch coffee or loose-leaf tea.


Sophistication is a way of life in downtown Rochester, where boutique shops and fine dining restaurants line the city streets. In addition to these cosmopolitan locales, visitors will find an endearing and inviting cafe.

Bean & Leaf Cafe

Open for both breakfast and lunch daily, the Bean & Leaf Cafe serves panini sandwiches, vegan and gluten-free treats, and homemade baked goods. The highlight of the menu, naturally, is the in-house, micro-roasted coffees, which are bursting with body and flavor. Grab a hot cup to go, or buy a bag of beans by the pound.

Caffe Casa-Kalamazoo
Caffe Casa | photo via eatenbyeb

Indulge in the Flavors of Michigan Towns With Quaint Cafes & Coffee Shops

Regardless of which coffee shop you choose to visit in Michigan, you are sure to discover more than just a great cup of joe. In these idyllic locales, you will meet some of the most welcoming and hard-working people in the state, and you will feel a sense of belonging — no matter where you are from.


  1. I recommend Connie’s Place in Ontonagon, if you’re in the area. Fantastic soups, sandwiches, pastries, and a chocolate croissant that’s to-die-for!

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