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5 Reasons Ludington State Park Is the Best State Park in Michigan

Just a couple of short years ago, I made a goal for myself and my children to visit all 103 of Michigan’s state parks. While we are halfway through completing our goal, some state parks have stopped us from getting there because they are parks we want to return to repeatedly, making checking off new parks more difficult.

There is magic certain places have, and Ludington State Park holds that magic for both my children and me.

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Playing at the beach photo by Amanda Shaffer

5 Reasons Ludington State Park Is the Best State Park in Michigan

1. Endless Outdoor Adventures at Ludington State Park

If you are bringing your family, you’ll want to spend most of your time enjoying the beach, playing at the handicap-accessible playground at the Hamlin Beach Picnic Area, and learning from the interpretive and interactive areas of the Ludington State Beach House.

For those with more adventurous spirits, hike out to the Big Sable Lighthouse and walk to the top, or a tube or kayak ride down the Big Sable River to Lake Michigan. 

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Big Sable Point Lighthouse photo by Amanda Shaffer

2. The Iconic Big Sable Point Lighthouse

While you are normally only able to visit this iconic lighthouse by foot or bike by taking a 1.8-mile hike (one way) to the lakeshore, we were lucky enough to visit on a day that happened to be the last “Bus Day” of the season, where we were able to take a round-trip bus ride out to the 112-foot tall black and white striped lighthouse on a beautiful September day.

With the effort to make the trip to see this gorgeous lighthouse more accessible for all, you’ll want to keep your eye on the Sable Lighthouse Points Keepers Association calendar for next year. 

While my daughter did not meet the height requirement of 40 inches to climb to the top of the lighthouse this year, you can climb the light for $8.00 for adults and $5.00 for students 17 and under.

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Scenic views galore photo by Amanda Shaffer

3. Gorgeous Scenic Turnouts

As you make your way into the park, you’ll find a few scenic turnouts to hop out and enjoy the lake. While your first instinct may be to pass them by to reach your final destination, I encourage you to take the time to stop and explore these beautiful areas.

There won’t be the amenities you’ll find at the main beach area, but you’ll find a little piece of heaven and some solstice there at the lakeshore. 

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Sunset on Lake Michigan photo by Amanda Shaffer

4. Unmatched Sunsets

What’s a trip to a Great Lake beach town without taking in a couple of sunsets? When we are on a trip, we tend to loosen up our routine, and pushing bedtime back is always worth it when you can take in a Lake Michigan sunset.

Ludington State Park offers many opportunities to take in breathtaking sunsets. You can park at a turnout, head to the main beach area, or you can head to the Skyline Trail to take in breathtaking views. 

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Beach vibes at Stix Ludington photo by Amanda Shaffer

5. Convenient Dining at Nearby Stix Ludington

Just outside of the state park, you will find the restaurant and event center Stix Ludington. Whether you choose to enjoy the Biergarten, the bowling alley, or the dining room (or all three), it’s the perfect place to end a wonderful day at Ludington State Park. 

Lake Michigan At Ludington State Park
Lake Michigan photo by Amanda Shaffer

Appreciate All Ludington State Park Has to Offer

If you are looking for a state park with all of the amenities, breathtaking views, and countless ways to enjoy the outdoors, Ludington State Park is the place.

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