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20+ Indoor Things to Do in Flint Michigan

Nestled between Saginaw and Detroit on the east side of Mid-Michigan, Flint is a bustling city. From museums and live entertainment to recreational venues and shopping, there are so many great things to do in Flint Michigan, and the city truly has something for everyone to enjoy.

To help you plan a day or weekend of discovery, excitement, or relaxation, we’ve put together a list of the best indoor things to do in Flint Michigan.

Flint Discovery Centers & Planetariums

Flint Children’s Museum

Offering interactive exhibits for children between the ages of 2 and 10, the Flint Children’s Museum has been supporting child development for more than 40 years. With support from community partners and donors, the museum serves over 40,000 kids and families every year.

Its rotating Discovery Zone exhibit space has a different educational experience every three months.

Flint Children's Museum, Flint - Terrific Museums, Indoor Things To Do In Flint
Flint Children’s Museum | photo via @megradaz

Sloan Museum & Buick Automotive Gallery

Offering a variety of experiences, Sloan Museum is part of the Flint Cultural Center and was opened to the public in 1966.

The museum has fun hands-on science exhibits and regional artifacts that trace the area’s history back to the 1860s. A play area features distinct sections for children of all ages.

Attached to the museum, the Buick Automotive Gallery is one of the most interesting indoor things to do in Flint. It has a rotating display of 24 historic automobiles from the early 1900s to late 1980s. On top of all that, the museum continues to grow.

Longway Planetarium

Also part of the Flint Cultural Center, the Longway Planetarium has been delighting visitors since 1958. It’s one of the biggest, well-equipped planetariums in the country with a 60-foot dome in diameter.

The 45-minute shows vary from simple astronomy to holiday themes and other educational content. The planetarium hosts a trivia night too.

Longway Planetarium, Flint - Best Things To Do In Flint, Indoor Things To Do In Flint
Longway Planetarium | photo via @exploreflint

Michigan Art & History Museums in Flint

Flint Institute of Arts

The second-largest art museum in Michigan, the Flint Institute of Arts is the third biggest museum-connected community art school in the nation.

It has acquired, protected, and displayed global art and artifacts for more than 90 years, and the world-renowned collection exceeds 8,500 items. You can take guided tours of the permanent and temporary exhibits.

Flint Institute Of Arts, Flint - Winter In Flint, Winter In The Thumb Area, Indoor Things To Do In Flint
Flint Institute of Arts | photo via @rachel_swantek_mott

Flint Public Library

The Flint Public Library isn’t a museum itself, but it houses the Greater Flint African American Sports Hall of Fame. This museum includes a collection of more than 200 plaques that honor Black athletes from around Flint, featuring players and teams from sandlots to professional leagues.

While you’re at the library, take advantage of other programs — such as storytimes and book clubs.

Totem Books, Flint - Winter In Flint, Small Business Saturday, Indoor Things To Do In Flint
Totem Books | photo via @jessarielle

Whaley Historic House Museum

Built in the mid-1800s, the Whaley Historic House Museum is one of the most interesting indoor things to do in Flint. It tells the story of the Whaley family who lived there between 1885 and 1925.

The family had the 1859 Italianate home remodeled into a stylish Victorian home when they moved to Flint in 1885. The home has been preserved and restored along with the collections inside.

Stockton House Museum

Thomas Baylis Whitmarsh Stockton (a colonel in the Civil War) and his wife built an Italianate home in 1872, and now it’s the Stockton House Museum. The residence overlooks a natural spring, which the family nicknamed Spring Grove.

You can learn about the Stocktons’ interesting life while touring the ornately decorated rooms of the restored home.

Flint Film & Performing Arts Shows

Capitol Theatre

Located in downtown Flint, the Capitol Theatre is a historic building from 1928 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It has undergone a full restoration that stayed true to its original design.

The theatre offers a mix of film screenings and other entertainment, including concerts, comedy acts, dance shows, and theatrical plays.

The Capitol Theatre, Flint - Indoor Things To Do In Flint
The Capitol Theatre | photo via @rachelleighbarker

Flint Community Players

Performing live theatrical productions on stage, the Flint Community Players is a group of local performing artists. The group started out as The Theater Guild in 1929 but has since morphed into the Flint Community Players.

Despite the name change, the group upholds the original dream to present quality plays to the community.

Flint Community Players, Flint - Indoor Things To Do In Flint
Flint Community Players | photo via @reagan_shook

University of Michigan-Flint Theatre

The Department of Theatre and Dance at the University of Michigan-Flint offers rich, diverse learning experiences, and you get to see the fruits of that labor.

Directed and designed by professional staff, you can watch the students perform plays and listen to their musical talents throughout the year.

Um-Flint Theatre &Amp; Dance, Flint - Indoor Things To Do In Flint
UM-Flint Theatre & Dance | photo via @jenzafrenza

Flint Repertory Theatre

With a goal to provide thought-provoking, imaginative experiences, the Flint Repertory Theatre is a professional theatre. The performances are scheduled throughout the year and are entertaining and inspiring for audiences of all ages.

The theatre was awarded the National Theatre Grant from The American Theatre Wing in 2018.

The New McCree Theatre

The New McCree Theatre is a place where community, neighborhood, and business groups can come together to make a difference in Flint. They do this through art activities and performing arts.

The “Old” McCree Theatre opened in 1970 and went on an extended hiatus in 1989. The “New” McCree Theatre renewed the original commitment to excellence when it opened in 2004 — “To tell the African American Story in the African American voice.”

Live Concerts & Musical Performances in Flint

Flint Local 432

Hosting thousands of bands over the course of 30 years, Flint Local 432 is one of the longest-operating venues for all ages in the United States.

Part of the Red Ink Flint program, it’s a youth-focused venue because age restrictions constantly exclude young people from participating in music.

You can hear local bands play a variety of genres — Americana, hip-hop, indie, metal, punk, and rock. It hosts other programs as well, such as puppetry, film, dance, and theatre.

Flint Local 432, Flint - Indoor Things To Do In Flint
Flint Local 432 | photo via @tjaofficial

Flint Institute of Music

Changing lives through the arts, the Flint Institute of Music is the home of the Flint Youth Theatre, Flint Symphony Orchestra, and Flint School of Performing Arts. Because of that, it’s one of the best places to see a variety of live performances — dance, drama, and music.

The orchestra is known for playing music that inspires and challenges audiences and musicians. Also, the performing arts school is the largest community arts school in Michigan (and one of the biggest in the country) with over 3,500 students.

Flint Institute Of Music, Flint - Indoor Things To Do In Flint
Flint Institute of Music | photo via @theponderingwanderer

The Whiting

Promoting and presenting the best performing arts in the region, nation, and world, The Whiting is where you can see Broadway, comedy, dance, music, theatre, and other plays.

It was officially opened in 1967 and underwent a major renovation in 1999 while maintaining the grace and charm of its European style.

Every year, the hall hosts performances by the Flint Symphony Orchestra, Flint Youth Theatre, and more.

Recreational Indoor Things to Do in Flint

B’s Bowling & Richfield Bowl Centers

Bowling is a favorite activity among more than 70 million people in the U.S. and is one of the best indoor things to do in Flint. You can join the fun at B’s Bowling Center and Richfield Bowl, which are two separate locations about 4 miles apart.

B’s Bowling Center has 24 lanes, a game room, billiards, and more. Richfield Bowl is larger with 48 lanes. Both offer cosmic bowling with black, disco, laser, runway, and strobe lights. Heart-pounding music plays while you bowl.

Richfield Bowl, Flint - Best Things To Do In Flint, Indoor Things To Do In Flint
Richfield Bowl | photo via @jencourtland

Rollhaven Skate Center

Since 1990, Rollhaven Skate Center has been operated by the Brown family. They’ve been awarded the Life Member Achievement Award from the Roller Skating Association International.

The arena hosts open skating sessions, birthday parties for all ages, and special events. The facility has laser tag, a bounce house, and a giant soft play area too.

Rollhaven Skate Center, Flint - Indoor Things To Do In Flint
Rollhaven Skate Center | photo via @scotttpowelll

Spymaker Escape Rooms

Serving Flint and other towns in the surrounding area, Spymaker Escape Rooms is one of the best places to test your brain power and team skills. The company creates various scenarios for which you must discover clues, perform tasks, and solve puzzles in one or more rooms.

The scenarios include The Alchemist, The Dead Man’s Hand, Spymaker, Escape the ’80s, and The Catacombs. You can even book virtual reality escape rooms.

Flint Boutiques & Other Shops

Courtland Center Mall

Some people consider shopping to be one of the best indoor things to do in Flint, and Courtland Center Mall is a local favorite.

Located in a 472,000-square-foot building, the enclosed shopping mall features a range of major retail anchors, such as Dunham’s Sports, JCPenney, Jo-Ann Etc., and Staples. It even has a movie theater — NCG Courtland Cinemas.

Downtown Shops

For unique, boutique shopping, you should head to downtown Flint. There are tons of shops where you can find creative, one-of-a-kind, and handmade items for yourself and others. Here are a few of our favorites:

Totem Books, Flint - Best Things To Do In Flint, Indoor Things To Do In Flint
Totem Books | photo via @spacejink

Flint Farmers’ Market

Also located downtown, the Flint Farmers Market is a fantastic place to find locally grown and made products. While it has many outdoor vendors, more than 50 vendors are set up inside.

During your visit, check out the Rooftop Terrace and neighboring Market Tap, as well as the 70-foot Atrium. D’Vine Wines is located in the market too, selling wines from around the world.

Flint Farmers Market, Flint - Best Things To Do In Flint, Indoor Things To Do In Flint
Flint Farmers Market | photo via @lpinkblonde

Not 2 Shabby Red Barn

On the south side of Flint, the Not 2 Shabby Red Barn is an awesome place to get antiques. The owners believe that there’s no such thing as junk. Everything is a treasure to someone, so you’re bound to find an item (or a few) to call your own.

Salons & Spas in Flint Michigan

Going to a salon or spa can be one of the most relaxing indoor things to do in Flint. The city has several places that offer spa and salon services all in one place — such as massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, haircuts, hair coloring, and waxes.

A few of our favorites are Grossi G Spa, Pure Bliss Salon & Spa, and Summerset Salon Day Spa.

Frequently Asked Questions About Indoor Things to Do in Flint Michigan

Are there any free things to do in Flint, MI?

A few indoor attractions in Flint offer free admission, such as the Flint Public Library, which is home to the Greater Flint African American Sports Hall of Fame. You can tour the Stockton House Museum and Whaley Historic House Museum for free too. If you’re looking for free family day activities, head to the Flint Institute of Arts.

What are some fun things to do in Flint, MI?

Flint Michigan has a lot of enjoyable indoor things to do — bowling, roller skating, laser tag, and virtual reality. Also, the Flint Children’s Museum, Sloan Museum, and Longway Planetarium offer entertaining experiences for kids.

What are some Flint entertainment options that are indoors?

Indoor entertainment is plentiful in Flint, MI. You can watch a film at the Capitol Theatre, live theatrical performances by the Flint Community Players, and live musical performances at the Flint Local 432 and The Whiting.