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History of the Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers are truly a “Michigan Legacy.” You can’t go a day without passing a car representing the famous “D” or go to the store without encountering Tigers sportswear. They’ve been a vital part of Michigan’s image since they became a member of the National League in 1901 – 115 years ago. It is an integral part of Michiganders and their affinity for the state, and we embrace it to the fullest extent.

With the baseball season now here, fans (including myself) are gearing up for another (hopefully great!) season. There is no doubt that these next months will bring ups, down, hot dogs, and beer. We’ll fill Comerica Park with our cheers and our Detroit, Michigan spirit, just as we do every season.

Now as tomorrow’s game begins against the Miami Marlins, it’s time to take a step back to quiz yourself on the team we have all come to know and love.

Detroit Tigers - The Awesome Mitten
Seats in Comerica Park, photo courtesy of Joanna Dueweke

How many times have the Tigers won the World Series?

The answer is 4! The Tigers claimed the titled of ‘World Series Champs’ in 1935, 1945, 1968, and 1984.

In what year did the Tigers begin playing at Comerica Park?

The Detroit Tigers have played in three separate stadiums in Detroit since they started in 1901. The first stadium was named ‘Bennett Park’ (located at Michigan and Trumbull), and this was home to the Tigers from 1901-1911 and sat 14,000 fans in the stands. In 1912, the Tigers moved to the new ‘Tiger Stadium’ (or Navin Field in Corktown) and played there until their last game in September 1999. Beginning in the new millennium, the Tigers were welcomed to their current home of Comerica Park which is located in Downtown Detroit and seats a whopping 41,574 fans.

What uniform do the Tigers wear to their away games?

The Tigers have two distinct uniforms. The white and blue uniform that displays the Detroit “D” on the left side of the chest is worn at every home game. At away games, the team represents their hometown with gray uniforms that display ‘Detroit’ in blue and orange lettering across the chest.

Detroit Tigers - The Awesome Mitten
Tigers logo courtesy of the Detroit Tigers

What is the main difference between the American League and National League?

The American League, which is the league the Detroit Tigers belongs to, uses the ‘designated hitter’ model. This means that the team has one hitter that does not take part in the game on the field, but that person is used to bat in place of the least effective hitter on the team. Many times, the designated hitter takes the place of the team’s pitcher. The National League does not use this model, and all players on the field must bat.

How many games do Major League Baseball teams play during the regular season?

Professional baseball players play more games than any other professional sports in a season. The time between Opening Day and the beginning of the playoffs is over six months with 162 games being played during that time. Talk about commitment to a game!

Detroit Tigers - The Awesome Mitten
Comerica Park at night, photo courtesy of Joanna Dueweke

Last question: Do YOU have plans to go to a Detroit Tigers game this year?

Hopefully, the answer is yes! When Michigan summers roll around, there is no better place to have fun than watching the Detroit Tigers play. Grab some friends, enjoy some dinner in Detroit, and then head over to Comerica Park (don’t forget to get your picture in front of the Tiger!).

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