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9 Greater Lansing Pumpkin Patches to Visit This Fall

While Lansing may be most famous for being Michigan’s capital city, it’s also a hidden gem of sorts. It’s not usually the first city that people think of when it comes to vacationing in Michigan, and even locals are more apt to head Up North in order to enjoy the natural beauty of the state. 

However, the Greater Lansing area should be a must-stop destination during fall in Michigan. There are many cider mills, farms, and other attractions to enjoy, as well as plenty of Greater Lansing pumpkin patches filled with ripe gourds ready for picking.

These are the best Greater Lansing pumpkin patches to visit this fall:

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Interactive map of Great Lansing pumpkin patches

Uncle John’s Cider Mill | St. Johns, MI

Open for Cider and Donuts August 30 through November 19

Uncle John’s Cider Mill is located north of Lansing in the rural town of St. Johns. It may be a 30-minute drive away from the state’s capital city, but it’s well worth the effort to get there. This cider mill is one of the most well-known cider mills in the region.

Not only does it offer cider and donuts in September, October, and November, but it also has a pumpkin patch for visitors to explore. 

While you and your family may spend an hour or so wandering through the patch in order to find the perfect pumpkin to bring home and carve, you also will find that there are plenty of other fun-filled activities to enjoy at Uncle John’s. This cider mill is known as being a leader in the agri-tourism industry, and there’s always something new to experience each season.

Uncle John's Cider Mill, St Johns - Greater Lansing Pumpkin Patches
Uncle John’s Cider Mill | photo via @thesassycorgis

Country Mill Orchard and Cider Mill | Charlotte, MI

Open: September Weekends and Daily in October

Situated about 20 minutes southwest of Lansing in the quiet town of Charlotte, Country Mill Orchard and Cider Mill is an idyllic place to spend a fall afternoon or evening. This farm is actually open seasonally throughout the year and offers different types of fruit picking depending on what is ripe. However, its pumpkin patch is only ready on September weekends and daily throughout the month of October.

While this farm has a massive patch dedicated solely to those large, round Jack-o-Lantern pumpkins, it also has other pumpkins to pick from as well. You can get mini pumpkins for decorating, pie pumpkins for baking, and a variety of gourds that can enhance your fall decor at home.

This farm prices their pumpkins by the pound, and don’t forget this tip: Walk as far into the patch as possible because that’s where you will find the best selection.

Country Mill Orchard And Cider Mill, Charlotte - Greater Lansing Pumpkin Patches
Country Mill Orchard and Cider Mill | photo via @kelli_weer

Reese Farm | Lansing, MI

Open: Late September and October

Reese Farm is the type of farm where you visit in order to get an authentic pumpkin patch experience. This no-frills farm is located in Clinton County, just outside of Lansing. Throughout the year, it offers you-pick experiences to visitors, but pumpkin season is far and away its most popular you-pick option.

People from across the region head to this farm in order to grab some of its bright orange pumpkins for their harvest gatherings and Halloween events. 

During the fall, visitors can come anytime between 9 a.m. and dusk in order to walk through the pumpkin patch and make their selections. With $1 pie pumpkins, $3 small pumpkins, and $5 large pumpkins, it is one of the most affordable places to get a farm-grown pumpkin in the area. There are event $3 corn stalk bundles available so that you can complete your fall decor.

Felzke Farms | DeWitt, MI

Open: Daily, with Pumpkin Picking in September and October

Another nearby farm that offers pumpkin picking is Felzke Farms, which is located about 20 minutes northwest of the city in the town of DeWitt. Felzke Farms is open throughout the summer season and into the fall, allowing visitors to get farm-fresh food throughout the entirety of the growing season. However, come late summer, the farm begins to provide its delicious donuts on the weekend, and by the end of September, its pumpkins are ripe for the picking. 

In addition to grabbing that perfect orange, white, or even warty pumpkin, you can also pay a visit to the farm animals that call Felzke Farms home. This always makes for a memorable experience, especially if you have young children who you are bringing to the pumpkin patch.

Felzke Farms, Dewitt - Greater Lansing Pumpkin Patches
Felzke Farms | photo via @racheltobes

Clearview Orchards | Haslett, MI

Open: Labor Day through Mid-November

For those who want to combine their day at the pumpkin patch with apple picking in the orchards, Clearview Orchards is one of the best places to go in the Greater Lansing area. This orchard is located in Haslett, about 20 minutes northeast of Lansing. While it primarily focuses on you-pick peaches in August and apples in the fall, this orchard also has a pumpkin patch that is fun to roam. 

One of the things that visitors love most about this orchard is the fact that its pumpkin patch is located out in the pastures, where visitors can walk nearby the animals that leave on the farm. The sheep, in particular, can often be seen grazing by the pumpkin patch, delighting both the young and the young at heart. With its sweeping countryside views, this is the type of pumpkin patch that allows people to relax and enjoy the beauty of fall in Michigan.

Clearview Orchards, Haslett - Greater Lansing Pumpkin Patches
Clearview Orchards | photo via @allison266

Wyrick’s Orchards | St. Johns, MI

Open: Mid-September until Early November

Pumpkin patches and cider mills are incredibly popular in Michigan, making many them as noisy and crowded as an amusement park. If you are searching for a place in the Lansing area where you can pick a pumpkin in a peaceful setting, then Wyrick’s Orchards in St. Johns is an excellent choice. The orchard has been open since 1949, making it a mainstay in this area. It’s been able to make its mark as a classic farm and orchard, where people can enjoy what is wonderful about fall without all of the extra bells and whistles.

Surrounded by farm land and boasting panoramic views of the fall colors, Wyrick’s Orchards has both a pumpkin patch as well as an apple orchard. Visitors can enjoy you-pick experiences in both areas, allowing you to come home with a bounty full of farm-fresh fall goods. 

Wyrick's Orchards, St Johns - Greater Lansing Pumpkin Patches
Wyrick’s Orchards | photo via @andreakerbuski

Andy T’s Farm Market | St. Johns, MI

Open: Daily

What began as a roadside stand in the 1970s has grown into a community farm market that is beloved by the people of St. Johns. Andy T’s Farm Market is open daily throughout the summer growing season, offering a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and baked goods. While it’s the type of place you can visit each day and discover something new, this farm market truly comes to life during the fall season.

Andy T’s Farm Market has a pumpkin patch in the fall, as well as several other entertainment experiences. The entertainment barn welcomes visitors of all ages throughout the fall season in order to experience life in rural Michigan. From classroom field trips to team-building events for professionals, this farm has experiences that will delight people at any stage of life. In addition, this business also has a barn that is available for special event rentals, such as weddings, banquets, and conferences.

Andy T's Farm Market, St Johns - Greater Lansing Pumpkin Patches
Andy T’s Farm Market | photo via @xoxodomow

Davis Family Farm | Owosso, MI

Open: Hours Vary Seasonally

The Davis Family Farm is a livestock farm in Owosso that focuses primarily on raising livestock for customers who are interested in consuming farm fresh beef, pork and chicken. In fact, its hens have become famous for their ability to produce high-quality eggs that are adored by people who live in the Owosso area. 

While it is mostly a livestock farm, the Davis Family Farm does feature a pumpkin patch in the fall for those in the Lansing area who are looking for a unique place to select their pumpkin. In addition to its you-pick pumpkin patch and farm-fresh products, this farm also hosts special events, such as craft shows that allow artists to showcase their latest handmade goods to interested visitors. This may be a lesser-known fall destination in the Greater Lansing area, but it’s worth it to check out a farm that is both beautiful and functional.

Shawhaven Farm | Mason, MI

Open: Daily in October

Self-described as a working and educational farm, Shawhaven Farm in Mason has been family-owned and operated since 1947. The farm hosts a variety of events throughout the year, but none are quite as spectacular as the fall experiences that are available. During the month of October, people of all ages can come to experience harvest fun during the day and Halloween frights at night. 

The large pumpkin patch on this farm is open for you-pick during the month of October. It boasts more than two dozen varieties of pumpkins, so everyone is sure to find that perfect Jack-o-Lantern in this patch. In addition, the farm has an 8-acre corn maze that adds to the fun of a day at the pumpkin patch. If you are up for a scare, then head back to the farm after dark for a haunted experience as you wander around the grounds.

Shawhaven Farm, Mason - Greater Lansing Pumpkin Patches
Shawhaven Farm | photo via @maia_raby_aesthetics

More Michigan Fall Things to Explore in Greater Lansing and Beyond

Did we miss your favorite Greater Lansing pumpkin patch? Tell us about it in the comments!

In addition to pumpkin patches, Michigan is known for its apple orchards and cider mills, corn mazes, fall color drives, and so many more things to do in fall!

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