Eight Point Lake
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Spend the Day on Eight Point Lake in Clare County Michigan

Michigan may be famous for its Great Lakes, but far too often, people overlook its sparkling inland lakes that are perfect for fishing, water sports and simply splashing around. One of the most spectacular lakes in Michigan is Eight Point Lake, which is a large inland lake located in Clare County, Michigan.

About Eight Point Lake in Clare County

Eight Point Lake in Clare should be at the top of your MI bucket list because it is an all-purpose lake that has opportunities for people of all ages and of all skill levels.

Whether you want to spend the day cruising around on your speed boat, or you prefer to spend hours floating on a fishing boat with your reel in the water, you will find that this is an idyllic place to spend a perfect summer day in Michigan.

Another reason that families love to head to this lake is that it’s a shallow lake. With a depth of about 25 feet throughout the entire lake, this lake is able to accommodate a variety of boat sizes all while maintaining a comfortable water temperature during the summer months.

The warm waters make it a favorite among swimmers!

Eight Point Lake Wood Laser Map
Eight Point Lake | Wood Laser Map available on Etsy

For decades, Eight Point Lake was a private lake that only residents who owned property on the lakeshore were able to use. However, the state of Michigan purchased the lake in 2008, and by 2009, a public boat launch was installed that opened the lake to everyone.

This means that summer weekends are busier than they used to be and that boat traffic has increased, but it’s still a relatively peaceful lake.

Fishing in Eight Point Lake

If you drop a line into Eight Point Lake, there’s a good chance that a fish will bite. A recent assessment of the types of fish that live in this lake revealed that more than 16 species of fish call it home.

Bluegill are particularly abundant in this lake, and there is also a large population of smallmouth bass. Some of the other species that live in the lake — but whose populations are not as large — include crappie, walleye, and largemouth bass.

More Things to Do in Clare Michigan

While it’s hard to tear yourself away from the beauty of this lake, you may want to take at least a few hours to explore historic downtown Clare.

The downtown area is filled with quaint and charming buildings that would remind you of an era gone by. As you visit the boutique shops and check out the restaurant menus, you won’t want to forget to stop by Cops & Doughnuts — another essential summer bucket list MI destination.

Cops Doughnuts Lindsayrunsfordonuts
photo courtesy of @lindsayrunsfordonuts

Cops & Doughnuts in Clare

Cops & Doughnuts is a bakery shop known for its homemade doughnuts and other delicious confections. The bakery itself has been in operation since 1896, making it an iconic site in the community of Clare.

It was beloved by local residents and visitors alike, and there was a huge outcry when the bakery was almost closed. Rather than see this crucial community business go under, nine police officers from the Clare Police Department decided to take over the running of the business. 

In order to pay respect to their origins and to promote the important role that police officers play in the community, the officers transformed their new bakery into an innovative space that played on the age-old stereotype that cops love doughnuts.

Visitors to the bakery today will be delighted by the police-themed decor and the variety of doughnuts that are available to them.

Whitehouse Restaurant in Clare

While the bakery may have been operating in Clare since the late 19th century, there are other restaurants in Clare that also have become part of the fabric of the community.

Whitehouse is a casual diner that has been a favorite among Clare locals since 1935. Stop here for a hearty breakfast before you spend your day fishing on Eight Point Lake, or head there for a burger and a bowl of homemade soup after a day in the sun.

Lodging Near Eight Point Lake in Clare

If you want to camp near Eight Point Lake, your most convenient option is the Eight Point Lake Resort.

This RV resort has more than 24 spots available, as well as fire pits, boat slips, and more. It is known for its relaxing atmosphere.

Other Clare County lodging options include: 

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Photos of Eight Point Lake & Clare

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  1. Just a few miles from 8 Point Lake in the little town of Lake (Station) on Crooked Lake, there’s a full bait shop and Crooked Lake Resort, where you can rent a cabin and even has pontoon, kayak and peddle boat rentals, nice beach, horseshoe pits, basketball court & cornhole. It’s a wonderful place to stay, and convenient location to trailer your boat to.

  2. Unless Eight Point Lake has moved, it’s not located in Clare.
    It is near the small village of Lake or sometimes called Lake Station.

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