Day 111: Dexter Cider Mill

The Awesome Mitten - Dexter Cider Mill Sign
Photo by Jack Durham

The Dexter Cider Mill, established in 1886, is the oldest continuously operating cider mill in the state of Michigan. They only use apples grown locally in Michigan to make all of their products. The mill has a lot of history behind it; they still use the most traditional methods in the production of their products. Cider is made using the same way it has been for over 120 years: using oak rack presses. They are a member of the Michigan Cider Makers’ Guild, so you know you will get a quality made-in-Michigan product. Located right along the Huron River, the Dexter Cider Mill is a great, scenic place to spend a fall day and enjoy some cider and donuts.

The Awesome Mitten - Dexter Cider Mill Apple Butter
Dexter Cider Mill sells a variety of products including Apple Butter & Apple Jam. Photo by Jack Durham

According to owner Nancy Steinhauer, “we sell a lot of cider and donuts, both cinnamon sugar and plain, but we have a lot of other good products made right here in the mill too. The apple nut bread is fantastic, especially warm right out of the oven, and we have delicious homemade apple pies as well.” Another product you won’t find at every cider mill is the apple slushie, a cool and tasty treat on a warm day. The slushies and caramel apples will all be available come Labor Day.
The Dexter Cider Mill also sells many apple themed preserves and products. You can find apple jelly, apple butter, cinnamon cider syrup, baked apple goods, candies, and plenty of other tasty and locally made products with no apples. They also sell the famous award winning “Dexter Cider Mill Apple Cookbook.”
The Dexter Cider Mill is open Wednesday-Sunday from 9-5, all the way up to mid November. If you want to try some of the best cider and donuts in southeast Michigan, make sure to stop by! ~Jack Durham, Regional Director

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 The Awesome Mitten - Dexter Cider Mill Outdoor Seating
Dexter Cider Mill has outdoor seating to enjoy your cider & donuts! Photo by Jack Durham.

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