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12 Awesome Curling Clubs in Michigan

Curling may be the national sport of Canada, but during the Winter Olympics, curling captures the attention of scores of Americans, especially recently when the United States won curling gold in 2018. That admiration includes many Michiganders, and curling clubs in Michigan can be found all over the state.

The concept of curling is simple — sweep the ice in front of heavy polished rocks as they move toward a target. But, the scoring can be a little tricky, and the mechanics of the game can be more challenging than one might think.

Across Michigan, there are at least a dozen clubs, spanning from the Upper Peninsula to Metro Detroit, where Michiganders and out-of-town visitors can watch and even participate.

The Mitten is home to many spots where eager athletes and novices alike can try their hand at Olympic winter sporting events, and curling is one of the most popular. Clubs frequently offer learn-to-curl events and host league play and a variety of tournaments, offering the chance for people of any age to learn and enjoy the sport.

Kalamazoo Curling Club-Kalamazoo
Kalamazoo Curling Club | photo via xtinehaynes

Kalamazoo Curling Club | Kalamazoo

In West Michigan, the Kalamazoo Curling Club is committed to growing the game and offers several learn-to-curl options for those who want to take up the sport.

The club has drop-in curling on Sunday afternoons and multi-week curling academies. Over three days, interested participants learn the skills of throwing and sweeping, as well as how the game works. Then, they get to play.

Adult leagues here are open to all skill levels and cater to a variety of schedules, including a daytime league, an evening league, and a full-year league.

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Lewiston Curling Club | Lewiston

Nestled in Northern Michigan between Alpena and Gaylord, the Lewiston Curling Club has been going strong since the mid-1960s when members of the Detroit Curling Club taught the game to interested residents. A rink was built over a few years, and the rest is history.

Today, the club welcomes curlers of all skill levels and is one of only a handful of clubs in the state to have dedicated curling ice. Plus, it hosts both league play and learn-to-curl events, and it has a viewing area, so visitors can choose how much or how little they want to get involved.

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Greater Midland Curling Club | Midland

Many years ago, Midlanders with cabin fever dedicated themselves to curling and formed the Midland Granite Club.

Dreams of a sheet of curling ice became a reality in 1962, and the club’s facilities and location have changed several times since then.

The club offers a variety of leagues, including youth leagues, as well as rentals for social events and learn-to-curl sessions.

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Detroit Curling Club | Ferndale

According to this club’s history, the first US curling club was formed in 1831 in Orchard Lake Michigan. A Detroit Curling Club was later formed in 1840, in the early days of Michigan’s statehood.

Today, the club is the only such dedicated club in Metro Detroit with a membership of at least 300 and a dedicated curling facility with four sheets of ice.

The club’s season runs from October to May, and it has been the site of numerous bonspiels (tournaments), including regional and national tournaments.

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Detroit Curling Club-Ferndale
Detroit Curling Club | photo via jpboris22

Traverse City Curling Club | Traverse City

In Northwest Michigan, the Traverse City Curling Club is all about inclusivity and having a good time, which means that curlers of all ages can join in the fun.

The club was founded in 2014, has grown in membership, and now has its own dedicated facility. Curlers can join a league or try one of several learn-to-curl options.

Volunteering is also encouraged, and those interested in growing the game can purchase a yearly club membership to support the club, play in leagues, and get a chance to play in tournaments.

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Curling at Stormcloud Brewing Company | Frankfort

Established in 2016, this may very well be one of the most unique curling experiences a person can find in the Mitten State.

Every December, a custom curling sheet is constructed in downtown Frankfort Michigan right next to Stormcloud’s pub. Then starting in January, the brewery offers league play, learn-to-curl sessions, and private curling lessons.

It’s the perfect place for visitors to sample the delicious beers on Stormcloud’s menu (we recommend after curling) or watch curlers in action.

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Traverse City Curling Club-Traverse City
Traverse City Curling Club | photo via gary.j.rockwell

Thunder Bay Curling Club | Alpena

The formation of the Thunder Bay Curling Club on Michigan’s Sunrise Side started with a simple question: Why not Alpena?

That led dedicated curlers in Northeast Michigan to form a club in Alpena, which became incorporated in 2019 and got going with assistance from the Lewiston Curling Club and other curling associations.

The club may be in its infancy, but interest in the sport has been growing locally over the last several years, and members of the club have worked hard to offer both league play and learn-to-curl events during the winter.

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Lansing Curling Club | Lansing

Originally founded in 1972 and then relaunched in 2020, the Lansing Curling Club is dedicated to growing the sport locally and providing opportunities for those who want to play.

That growth is fostered by traveling to and hosting different tournaments with Michigan clubs, league play that includes spring and summer leagues, drop-in play, and more.

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Grand Rapids Curling Club-Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids Curling Club | photo via grcurling

Grand Rapids Curling Club | Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids has so much to offer anyone who visits, including a dedicated curling club. The Grand Rapids Club offers not only league play from October to February/March but also learn-to-curl lessons throughout the season, private events, and annual memberships.

It’s hard to pick just one thing to do while you’re in Grand Rapids, but a couple of hours spent curling, whatever your skill level, is time well spent.

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Leelanau Curling Club | Maple City

In addition to the Traverse City Club, the Lake Leelanau Curling Club offers another place to curl in Northwest Michigan and provides year-round access.

Whether or not visitors want to pick up a broom and start sweeping, the Leelanau Club offers something for everyone. Learn-to-curl events are offered, and league play is available for all levels, including easy-going social leagues.

As the only year-round curling facility in Northwest Michigan, the Leelanau Curling Club is perfect for group events too.

Leelanau Curling Club-Maple City
Leelanau Curling Club | photo via iammatthodges

Marquette Club Curling | Marquette

Marquette, the home of the U.S. Olympic Education Center, is also home to a local curling club that hosts learn-to-curl events and drop-in curling beginning in the fall.

With the winds of Lake Superior whipping off the wind, Marquette can get chilly in the later months, and curling is a good way to have fun and get out of the cold (at least for a while).

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Copper Country Curling Club | Calumet

Established in 1993, the Copper Country Curling Club (CCCC) proves that curling can be enjoyed even at the top of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula!

The club has a two-sheet natural ice facility that hosts learn-to-curl events, league curling five nights a week, an annual bonspiel, open houses, and rentals.

Additionally, the club supports the growth of curling by opening its facilities to Michigan Tech University’s curling club once a week and during MTU’s fantastic winter carnival. It is also working with local schools to start a youth curling program.

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Visit a Curling Club in Michigan Today

Whether you’re a passionate curling fan looking for a league to play in or you’ve never picked up a broom and want to learn the game, there’s a local curling club waiting to teach you!

Curling can be as competitive or relaxed as a small group or a league wants to make it. Anyone of any age can learn, new friendships can be made, and no one keeps track of mistakes. It’s all about having fun!

So, check out a Michigan curling club today. You never know, you could be a natural. And, it’s a new activity to enjoy with friends and family. Either way, you’ll get some exercise and have fun while you do.

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