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The Awesome Mitten- Underrated Places in Grand Rapids

Underrated Places In Grand Rapids

We all know about the great local spots in Grand Rapids.  What about the hidden gems, the oft-overlooked spots that aren’t as flashy or don’t get as much hype?  Here’s

Ypsilanti #MittenTrip - Depot Town - The Awesome Mitten

Depot Town: New and Old Thrive in Ypsilanti

There is something about history that can awaken a person’s imagination and curiosity; it is what inspires archeologists to dig, Civil War reenactors to reenact, and helps the costume designers

Bortell's Fish Fry perch dinner. Photo courtesy of Tim Chilcote

Bortell’s: West Michigan’s Roadside Fish Fry

Across from a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan, on South Lakeshore Drive between Pentwater and Ludington, there’s a battered wooden sign—it reads simply, FISH. When summer arrives in Michigan, head for

michigan card game euchre - the awesome mitten

7 Ways to Become A Euchre Pro

As with pretty much any Michigander, euchre is a long-standing tradition of mine. I learned the card game from some college students I worked with at a restaurant, and I

Pohlcat Golf Course - #MittenTrip - Mt Pleasant - The Awesome Mitten

Teeing Up in Mount Pleasant

With a seemingly endless variety of nationally-ranked golf courses in Michigan, there is no shortage of options for golfers heading north from Detroit, Lansing, and Grand Rapids. As I discovered

Enjoying Coloring Books as a Grown-Up

Adult coloring– it’s a thing. CNN, Huffington Post, NBC, and many more national news conglomerates started 2015 by featuring adult coloring and its researched-based health benefits. While many studies have

The Good Neighbor Experience

There really is a great deal to love about the Mitten State, and I think that the popularity of the Leelanau Peninsula is due in large part to the presence