What do you love best about michigan

What Do You Love About Michigan?

We asked Awesome Mitten readers to answer the question, “What do you love about Michigan?”, and the responses overwhelmed us! Here are a few of the things that fuel your Michigan love!

Michigan Has the Best Beaches

Michigan is home and has everything we need. We tried living in Florida, but there is nothing like pine trees covered with snow and beaches that hold treasures like Petoskey stones! – Carol C

I am so proud to be from Michigan. While there is a variety of culture, there is a bond brought about from living on a peninsula surrounded and filled with glorious water, wildlife and fauna. We are cold, we are hot, beaches, dunes, and forests. Engineering marvels made by both man and nature abound here. We have access to cosmopolitan cities all around us, while always being close to the quiet of nature. We have produced extraordinary mechanics, fruit, vegetables, and people. Everything we need is right here — why go anywhere else?

I love Michigan because of the clear blue water, sandy beaches, amazing sights to see and a million things to do. It’s where I was born and raised and I’m very lucky for that! – Julie F

I’m a born-and-raised Michigan expat living in Miami Beach. I moved down here and November, and it took me two weeks to figure out that I’m moving back to Michigan. I love Michigan because out of all of the places I’ve lived for any significant time — New York, Indiana, and Florida — it’s the only state where you get a sense that everyone is on the same team (sports-wise and more generally too!). Thanks for your terrific site — it makes nursing my homesickness much more pleasant!

bliss fest, microbrews, railroad tressels, endless amount of beaches and water, organic farms, oryana – totally#mittenlove – Kaitlyn B

Michigan Has ALL the Seasons

I love the mitten because I can snowboard in the winter and swim in the summer! – Dean C

I love Michigan for the change of seasons, still waiting for winter though! – Beth G

I love Michigan because of the gorgeous summers and delicious wine! – Cortney Casey

I love Michigan because it has everything. I was born in Beverly Hills, MI, then moved to Columbiaville, near Lapeer, then I moved to Cadillac, MI, where I have lived ever since. I have traveled all around Michigan. From the east of Detroit and Saint Clair, through the plains of Sandusky, and everywhere in-between. I have been down the west of the state, seeing Michigan’s Adventure, Saint Joseph as the sun sets, climbing the dunes, and seeing all of what that area has to offer. I’ve taken the trip from Cadillac to Alpena many times, boated on Torch Lake, and taken 31 from Traverse City all the way to the bridge(one of my favorite drives). But don’t think that this lad only dwells in the simple life of the lower peninsula. I’ve had great times on Mackinac Island, both as a vacationer and as a Governor’s Honor Guard. I’ve been as east as Sault St. Marie, and as west as Ontonagon, even further. I have hiked the Porcupine Mountains, many miles of the North Country Trail, and it has been Michigan Businesses that have gotten me there. I love this state because it has everything I could ever want. Michigan is its own world. It is an amazing beauty on an extremely large landscape. It holds so many hidden treasures, more than I could ever find. We have the best state in the country. This is why I love Michigan, I’m never missing out. – Dave S

Because it is home! Everything about it is home (everything from Howell and the Balloonfest, to Meijer, to the U.P.). I’ve only been gone since September, but I miss it so much. While I thought there was nothing better than a Nevada sunset before I moved, there is absolutely nothing like a late summer/early fall sunset at home in Howell. And now I’m all emotional! – Jillian H

I love Michigan for the great wine, for beautiful hikes in the fall, for South Manitou Island, and for all the great new things happening in Lansing! – Julie V

I love Michigan b/c there is nothing better than spending a brisk fall day at an apple orchard drinking cider & eating doughnuts#mittenlove – Heather M

I love our state of MI because we have all four seasons, we have the Great Lakes, mountains, waterfalls, islands!!! – Kristina M

Michigan is an invitation marvel at creation as well as the place to DO IT ALL. On or in the (clean!) water – with a full 4 seasons to… kayak (river or sea), ski (water-, jet-, downhill- or XC), sail/parasail (water or snow) snow or boogie board, climb dunes, rock faces or waterfalls, hike, bike, swim, skate (inline or ice), fish, hunt, take in or participate in concerts or the best food events with glorious scenic backdrops, hands-on education opportunities, color tours, sunrise/sets, northern lights and stargazing, and the best retreat for family to REALLY get to know each other whether active or late nights around a fire (in or out), or curling up in a lake or riverside a hammock together with books…and unlike many other vacation lands in the USA, with rare exceptions, Michigan’s abundant wildlife won’t kill you! – Tricia S.

Love the seasons and the lakes. – Cindi K

I love the mitten because it is pure awesomeness… 4 awesome seasons!! ♥ #mittenlove – Kristen B

We love the mitten because of unsalted water, microbrews, farms, up north & 4 fantastic seasons! #mittenlove

Love the mitten because we have the best of every season! – Susan R

I love Michigan because of the amazing people, beautiful natural wonders, and the amazing ebbs and flows of the distinctive seasons – Ted P

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all four seasons in our wonderful state!!! Not only do we have beautiful and interesting environments, but they are quadrupled by having 4 season changes!! – Ruth P

I love Michigan! I was born here (in southern Michigan), raised in West Michigan, earned my degree at Central Michigan where I fell in love with a yooper, who proposed to me on sand dunes of Lake Michigan, and once married we moved to his hometown in the EUP, had our daughters at Northern Michigan Hospital, and now, for about two years, have been living on Mackinac Island! It’s gorgeous year-round, has a fascinating history, and all four seasons… What’s not to love? – Sonnet Q

I love Michigan for the flat land, inland lakes, great lakes & high lands, where else can you do it all in all season. – Daasha C

I love Michigan because who doesn’t love all four seasons?! Plus you can high five my home state! #mittenlove – Rebecca K

More Reasons for Michigan Love

Why do I love the mitten? I think Hem says it best:
“I am holding half an acre
Torn from the map of Michigan
And folded in this scrap of paper
Is the land I grew in”
– Juli K

Her natural beauty
Falling snow, sparkling in the sun
Crisp fall days with the smell of bonfire in the air and colors on the trees
Waiting for the school bus in the pitch dark bundled up like Eskimos
Crazy, unpredictable weather that always keeps you guessing
Middle class values and family
Country roads, woods, parties, and camping
Chance to wear scarves 10 months out of the year.
I love scarves.
Cemeteries in the fall
Homecoming football games
Strong history that I inevitably feel fiercely proud of
Endurance of spirit mixed with some serious redneck crazy
Ideal childhood in a small town
– Tricia S.

Want to share your love for Michigan? Sound off in the comments!

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