Pretty Awesome Pasties: Weldon’s Pasties

Thanks for the feedback and comments from the inaugural installment of Pretty Awesome Pasties! First, to clear up one reader’s question, how is this Michigan delicacy pronounced? The delicious pasty featured in this series has a short ‘a’ and rhymes with “nasty” (which, of course, it is not!). The burlesque pasty, usually referred to in the plural form, pasties, has a long ‘a’ and rhymes with “tasty” (ironic, huh?).

Photo courtesy of Beth Baerman

The Nose Knows

However, it’s not what you hear that concerns us today. Another of the senses takes center stage: the smell. Imagine, after a long day’s work, the savory aroma of steaming-hot pasties wafting from your very own oven. The tempting smell of lightly-browned pastry and juicy beef… the fragrance of onion mingling with carrot, potato, and rutabaga… the mouth-watering scent of a hot-baked dinner just for you…

Forget about five-dollar pizzas. You can have a hearty meal that’s equally convenient if your commute takes you by Weldon’s Pasties. Pop the pasties in the oven at 350 degrees when you walk in the door. By the time you’ve changed into your sweats, taken out the dog, and put together a quick green salad, your kitchen smells like heaven, and your delicious “home-baked” dinner is ready.

Photo courtesy of Beth Baerman

About Weldon’s Pasties

Weldon’s has been perfecting pasties for 31 years, giving up cookies, pies, and breads to specialize in these savory treats. Weldon’s no-nonsense pasty shop, located at 19161 Merriman in Livonia, is a bakery storefront with no seating. They also have a Sterling Heights location at 2123 15 Mile Road.

Weldon “Nick” Hendrickson, a proud Yooper originally from Copper City, started with his mother’s traditional beef pasty recipe and later developed his own chicken, vegetarian, and green pepper varieties. Making more than 1,600 pasties each week, Nick hasn’t tired of them yet. “It wouldn’t bother me if I had to eat pasties every day,” he says.

You can purchase the pasties cold or frozen. You can also get them oven-hot to eat in your car if you just can’t wait.

Graphic designed by Collin Barlage

KPI Ratings

How do Weldon’s pasties rate according to our KPIs (Key Pasty Indicators)? We tested the beef and green pepper (with beef) varieties with the following results:

Crust to Filling Ratio = 9… crust stands up to travel and serving without breakage, but does not overpower the filling.
Filling Consistency/Flavor = 9… nice sized chunks of vegetables and coarse-ground beef; the overall flavor is excellent.
Price Consideration= 9… at $4.71 per pasty, Weldon’s offers good value.
Flake-O-Meter = 8, the vegetable-shortening crust is light, but strong.
Overall Savory Index= 10… Weldon’s makes an excellent pasty.

Overall KPI

Weldon’s overall rating is an impressive 9. We heartily recommend this pasty. Have you tried Weldon’s? What do you think?

Beth Baerman and Julie Rogier, Contributing Writers

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