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10 Awesome Things to Do Inside When It’s Cold

You know those extra-cold, blustery days in winter, the ones so unbearably frigid and gloomy that it’s hard to remember what summer felt like? For those snowy days when it’s too stormy even to walk to the mailbox, I’ve compiled a list of awesome inside fun-tivities to keep your mind and body both happy and busy during the winter months.

Ten Fun-tivities to Do Inside When It's Cold - The Awesome Mitten
Family around the TV. Photo courtesy of vintage.es

1. Movie Marathon

There are few pleasures greater than snuggling up with a blanket inside your warm house, some snacks, and the guaranteed satisfaction that comes with no commercials or scheduling conflicts, and uninterrupted, hours-long blocks of your favorite movie or tv shows. Don’t have a big enough DVD collection or you DVR isn’t full enough? Netflix is your friend.

2. Rearrange Your Furniture

At first, this doesn’t sound very enticing. However, a lot can be said for the fresh feeling and inspiring atmosphere of a newly arranged living room or bedroom. Aren’t sure how to re-arrange your furniture. Try Feng Shui, the Chinese art of movement, because it’s never a bad time to increase the positive energy.

Ten Fun-tivities to Do Inside When It's Cold - The Awesome Mitten
Exploring the book stacks. Photo courtesy of hyper allergic.com

3. Hit the Books

If you find yourself needing a change of scenery, stroll over to the library and get lost among the shelves. Venture to a section you’ve never perused; set up shop at an empty desk overlooking a snowy landscape and finish some homework; or simply observe and meditate.

4. Play Catch-Up

Snow days are the best excuse to curl up with a good book, or brush up on current events. Plus, you won’t feel guilty about not moving for several hours at a time – knowledge is power, people! These are the days made for finishing projects and tying up loose ends: surprise procrastination solutions.

Ten Fun-tivities to Do Inside When It's Cold - The Awesome Mitten
Yoga class! Photo courtesy of nutrition smart.com

5. Yoga/Exercise

For relief of stiff legs and back after vast amounts of time spent lounging, yoga is one of the simplest, most beneficial, and calming exercises to partake in. Yoga poses reduce stress, increase flexibility, and improve endurance. Hot yoga is great option if you’re in dire need of a break from the cold (and don’t mind sweating an obscene amount!).

6. Create!

Copious amounts of leisure time due to six-foot drifts and gale-force winds? Keep yourself occupied for hours by tapping into your creative side. Draw, paint, or sculpt; listen to, write, or play music; knit, sew, or embroider – the only true limitation you possess is the boundary of your imagination!

Ten Fun-tivities to Do Inside When It's Cold - The Awesome Mitten
Let’s play Uno. Photo courtesy of viga.info

7. Play Games

Whether of the board, card, or word variety, games are some of the best remedies for less than agreeable weather or being stuck inside. There’s a reason they’ve continued to be such ubiquitous household companions, despite of the rise of the digital age. Victory is even sweeter when wagers are made: lose a round of Uno and you’re running barefoot down the frozen tundra that was once your street!

8. Head to a Coffee Shop

If you can gather the courage to brave the elements and a short commute to a local coffee shop or café, you will be welcomed with one of the most singularly rewarding drinkable pleasures on this earthly plane: coffee. While there, you can socialize with others, surf the net, or catch some live music. Of course, that’s not why you trekked through ten inches of snow and horizontal freezing rain… it’s for the fix!

Photo courtesy of greenbridgeguide.com
Photo courtesy of greenbridgeguide.com

9. Drink and Be Merry

It doesn’t have to be alcohol, and certainly not in an excessive manner if that does happen to be your drink of choice, but gathering a group of friends around a steaming pot of tea or a six-pack of  Mitten-based micro-brew is a tried and true way to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Stay warm sharing stories with a bottle of Michigan wine or locally roasted espresso.

10. Hone Your Cooking/Baking Skills

Trapped in a home with other survivors of the inclement weather? What better way to pass the time than by subjecting them – I mean, treating them – to your homemade fudge or famous surprise stew! Try out new recipes, or experiment with new ingredients in an old favorite. Use your loved ones as taste-testers – they don’t really have a choice anyway…

So there you have it – staying inside doesn’t have to be all bad. Cold weather can be the best excuse to partake in activities we love to do, and not have to feel guilty about it! Use this list wisely – here in the Awesome Mitten, we have plenty of snow days.

Claire Moore – Feature Writer

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