Leaving Michigan: 13 Things You Miss Most When You’re Gone

Growing up in Michigan, I’ve always loved the wonderful things about our state—the people, the food, the lakes, the beautiful scenery, and the ability to show strangers where I live on the palm of my hand. But part of me has also taken the simple pleasures our Great Lakes State for granted. Like some Michiganders […]

10 Spicy Facts About Vernors, Michigan’s Favorite Beverage

Vernors Mural in Flint on side of Greater Flint Arts Council

Whether you call that carbonated beverage we all drink “soda” or “pop,” one thing we can all agree on is that Vernors ginger ale is a hometown favorite. This distinctive beverage with a bite has been well loved by those here in the Awesome Mitten for over 150 years. While you may know it’s familiar taste, […]

Michigan’s Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Michigan’s birthday is almost here again. Our Annual Michigan Birthday Bake Off is underway and people are voting on our Facebook page for their favorite cake! (psst…. you can too. Click here.) Along with our baking competition, we wanted to create a contest that everyone could be a part of! Introducing the Michigan Birthday Scavenger […]

Michigan State Symbols: Do You Know Them All?

State Symbols - The Awesome Mitten

Michigan has plenty of state symbols to represent all aspects of life in the Mitten State. Locals will probably recognize the apple blossom as our state flower and the royal blue of our state flag, but did you know that the state book is Legend of Sleeping Bear? Or, that Michigan recognizes a state fossil (the Mastodon)? Well, […]

Spring into the Michigander Lifestyle: 30 Reasons to Visit the Mitten

Torch Lake

Spring is in the air, and we are able to get outdoors and enjoy the sights, smells, and air. Looking for something special to do? Why not spend it in Michigan to explore our great state? The diverse landscape, history, and culture of our awesome Mitten are so unique that we’d like to take time to […]

The Great Michigan Food Experiment


I’ve lived in Michigan for about a year and a half now, but I’d hardly consider myself an expert on local customs and specialties. In particular, I’m awestruck by the variety of foods that are unique to Michigan and the Midwest, and have wondered on several occasions what makes local snacks and dishes so appealing […]