Michigan Brewers Guild’s Detroit Fall Beer Festival

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Michigan Brewers Guild.  The Michigan Brewers Guild is a nonprofit organization founded by Michigan Brewers to celebrate the state’s brewing community and promote all things Michigan craft beer. In October of 1997, the Guild started with a meeting of Michigan craft brewers in Saginaw, according to the […]

Brew Tour: Eastern Market Brewing Co.

Eastern Market has been a Saturday staple in Detroit since 1891. It provides weekends full of fresh produce and local vendors. With the rise of Detroit over the past couple of years, the spirit of the city has never been so bright. The community is starting to grow organically. Local, small businesses are taking up […]

10 Michigan Craft Beers To Try On St Patrick’s Day And Where To Find Them

Michigan is the fifth largest craft beer state. It is a fascinating subculture that has inspired generations of beer connoisseurs, both drinkers and brewers. The growing interest in craft beers created such a market within Michigan, it can be likened to a modern day parallel of the wine culture in Napa Valley. It showcases a […]

Kalamazoo History Puts Michigan On The Map

kalamazoo history map of Michigan

Kalamazoo, the popular small town in the southwestern portion of the Awesome Mitten, is rich in culture, civil rights heritage and innovation. I spoke to several residents to gain a deeper appreciation, and Kalamazoo history is incredibly fascinating. Here 10 reasons why this small town should gain your intrigue as well. Titus Bronson and Kalamazoo […]

City Adventures With Small Town Charm: A #MittenTrip In Kalamazoo

As a town that wants you to know that, “Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo” (Creedence Clearwater Revival didn’t just make it up), Kalamazoo boasts the promise that you’ll definitely be back after your first visit. Even though there is no longer a zoo, it is still a diverse city. I was lucky enough to embark on […]

5 Ways To Dine Outside This Summer In Kalamazoo

5 Ways to Dine Outside This Summer in Kalamazoo - Awesome Mitten

Have you ever talked with a non-Michigander and gotten “the look” when you describe how (beyond) amazing our summers are? It’s as if they think just because we get snow six (okay, sometimes seven) months out of the year that the temperature never reaches a degree past 50. Pshhh! One of my very favorite things […]

A Wintry Stroll Around Downtown Kalamazoo

The Awesome Mitten - A Wintry Stroll Around Downtown Kalamazoo

Fact: Things don’t always go as expected when you’re on a road trip. Mother Nature definitely had other plans for me on a recent day trip to Downtown Kalamazoo when a planned, self-guided, outside tour was for naught because of snow, temperatures gravitating towards zero, and blizzard-like conditions. All that and the snow-covered roads could have […]

BRU Fest 2014

BRU Fest is back again this year and better than ever. Now in its fourth year, BRU Fest is a favorite of metro-Detroiters, including us here at the Awesome Mitten (I myself featured and attended the event last June). And how could you not be a BRU Fest enthusiast? On June 14th, the event will bring […]

National Beer Day

Photo By Chaz Parks

Beer, that one drink no matter where you adventure, it will find it’s way to you. From five star restaurants to dive bars to 40,000 feet in the air, this fun fuzzy substance is waiting, and it’s been around since, well about ever. At one point it was safer to drink than water because beer […]

Letter from the Editor: Endless Winter

Dearest Michiganders, A word to the wise: the best way to shake these endless winter blues is to sweat. A lot. I’ve been up in the gym just workin’ on my fitness this month, folks, and I must say that it’s working wonders for my mood. It helps me smile through all the grayness and […]

Keep Calm and Oberon

Every March, as Michigan is thawing out from yet another frigid winter, craft beer drinkers have something to look forward to – Oberon. Originally debuted as Solsun in 1991, Oberon is a “wheat ale fermented with Bell’s signature house ale yeast, mixing a spicy hop character with mildly fruity aromas.”[i] The name of the beer […]

Race Across the Mitten: It’s Fall-tastic!

Summer is officially over and as we transition into my favorite season (winter!), there is an abundance of lovely fall runs to participate in. Here are a few that I thought sounded exceptionally fun: Dances with Dirt – September 21, 2013. Hell – 50K, 50 Mile, 100K Relay With an accurate tagline of “see you […]

BRU Fest 2013

On the evening of Saturday, June 15th, the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market will be bustling not with patrons in search of fresh produce, but with the attendees of the third annual BRU Fest. BRU Fest is a fundraising event aimed at bringing together beer aficionados and food lovers to support the Children’s Leukemia Foundation of […]

Brew Tour: Oberon Opening Day

Bell's Brewery Production Facility - The Awesome Mitten

My first encounter with summer nectar, well craft beer in general, was in high school. I rummaged around my Dad’s beer cooler, looking for a couple beers to snag for a party. As I was rifling through the same old stale red and white cans, something in the back caught my eye. Vibrant yellow rays […]

Michigan’s Best Live Music Venues

The Awesome Mitten - Michigan's Best Live Music Venues

Michiganders are smart: we know that life is not complete without live music. More often than not, the venue can make a large difference in the enjoyment of the musical experience, so it is time to dive into some of the best live music venues that the Mitten State has to offer. 1.Bell’s Brewery A […]