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3 Ways To Dine Outside This Summer In Kalamazoo

Have you ever talked with a non-Michigander and gotten “the look” when you describe how (beyond) amazing our Michigan summers are? It’s as if they think just because we get snow six (okay, sometimes seven) months out of the year that the temperature never reaches a degree past 50. Pshhh!

One of my very favorite things to do when Michigan summers are in full swing is to indulge in some outdoor drinking and dining. When the sun is shining and my shades are on with a breeze blowing and music playing, you will find me sipping on a local craft beer and soaking up all of the surrounding goodness.

Over the last few years, the restaurants that reside in downtown Kalamazoo have done a fabulous job of adding outdoor seating. Here are some of my favorite Kalamazoo restaurants with outdoor seating to experience this summer in Southwest Michigan, there’s one for everyone!

5 Ways To Dine Outside This Summer In Kalamazoo - Awesome Mitten
Photo Courtesy of mLive

Cosmo’s Cucina

A serene and private perch.

Best known for their Spinach Feta Burger and Margaritas, Cosmo’s has a quaint and inviting balcony on the edge of downtown. The outdoor space doesn’t fit more than 20 people and it feels like you are in a little Michigan treehouse.

It’s a great place to go to catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while, or for date night. Plus, once you’re ready to get the party started, you can head right downstairs to O’Duffy’s for some music, beer, and Irish roots.

5 Ways To Dine Outside This Summer In Kalamazoo - Awesome Mitten
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WL Socialhouse

In the center of the action.

Part of the Millennium Restaurant Group, WL Socialhouse (formerly Wine Loft) is right in the center of downtown Kalamazoo where the action takes place.

Their outdoor seating is just feet away from East Michigan Avenue, so it’s best for people watchers and those who want to socialize throughout the night. You should definitely try their wine (and wine flights), but don’t hesitate to order some food too, it’s just as tasty as the vino.

5 Ways To Dine Outside This Summer In Kalamazoo - Awesome Mitten
Photo Courtesy of Michigan 360 Tours

Bell’s Eccentric Café

Kid and beer-friendly.

On a Friday after work, you can find many families hanging out at Bell’s Beer Garden. Parents can grab a picnic table and chat over a beer while the kids frolic around the garden and entertain themselves.

Plus, have you tried Bell’s food? It’s stepping up the bar food standards.

Go ahead, head to downtown Kalamazoo, pick your vibe, and soak up that beautiful Michigan summer in outdoor seating – enjoy!

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