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Pretty Awesome Pasties: Suzy’s Pasties

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Another UP Pasty Fix

Thanks to a good friend who has family in the UP, this month we tried Suzy’s Pasties from St. Ignace. I’m lucky to have a U.P. pasty connection, since I don’t get there as often as I’d like. My friend’s last delivery was from Hiawatha Pasties, a real treat. Could Suzy’s compare?

The Source

Suzy’s, located at 1020 US Highway 2 in Saint Ignace, makes beef, turkey, and veggie pasties daily. They also make famous beef jerky, smoked fish, and fudge. We tried the beef pasties which were available frozen and ready for the trip down state.

The Score

Photo by Beth Baerman
Photo by Beth Baerman

Suzy’s pasty is undoubtedly favored by traditional “meat and potatoes” lovers. The filling was meaty with potatoes and onions. However, I missed the carrots and rutabaga. This pasty also has a unique crust. It’s very thin and somewhat hard…almost crunchy. The filling tended to squeeze out as I cut it in pieces. I prefer the flakier, tender crusts of other pasties we’ve tried. This pasty provides a tasty, hearty meal; however, it was not one of our favorites.

KPI Ratings

Suzy’s ratings according to our proprietary KPIs (Key Pasty Indicators):

  • Crust to Filling Ratio = 8… there was a generous amount of filling, but the crust is a bit thin.
  • Filling Consistency/Flavor = 7… the filling is tasty, but we missed the balance that carrots and rutabaga provide.
  • Price Consideration = 9… these pasties were a gift, but we’re told they were a good price.
  • Flake-O-Meter = 4, the crust was hard and crisp rather than tender and flaky.
  • Overall Savory Index= 6… Overall, this was a decent, average pasty.
Courtesy of Collin Barlage
Courtesy of Collin Barlage

Suzy’s scores an average of 6.8. While you can’t go wrong with a pasty, we think you can do better than Suzy’s.

Beth Baerman and Juli Rogier, Contributing Writers

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