Pretty Awesome Pasties: Our Place in Lincoln, Michigan

Our Place Pasties
Photo by Julie Rogier

For those of you just discovering “Pretty Awesome Pasties,”  we direct your attention to the most recent post, which featured the highest-rated pasty so far in our series – Hiawatha Pasties hailing from the U.P.

Those delectable delights scored a whopping 9.6 on the proprietary Key Pasty Indicator (KPI) 11-point rating system.  The post also shares the results of our online “Great Gravy vs. Ketchup” poll. Voting is closed now, but you can follow the link to see the results.

To the Sunrise Side

Today we leave the U.P., where we’ve been for the past two posts, and head to Lake Huron’s northern shores.

Tucked away in Northeast Michigan’s Sunrise Side is the small town of Lincoln, Michigan. And we mean small.  As of the 2010 census, 337 people resided in Lincoln.

We’re regular visitors of the Sunrise Side and enjoy reading the local weekly paper every time we visit.  One of our favorite things to do is peruse the paper’s advertisements featuring local eateries

During a recent visit, an advertisement for Our Place caught our eye. Why?  Because at the top of the ad in big, bold print was the eye-catching headline “Now Featuring Homemade Pasties!”

Our Place is a modest little business on Lincoln’s Main Street that has recently started featuring homemade pasties during their lunch and dinner lineup. There’s no better lunch on a cold spring day during a weekend spent up North than a tasty pasty. We tucked the newspaper ad in the car and headed to Main Street for a sampling of Our Place homemade pasties.

 Gravy, Assumed

Our Place Pasties
Photo by Julie Rogier

We settled in to enjoy a pasty lunch at the restaurant, but were surprised to be served the beef pasty smothered in a large helping of brown gravy.

 At Our Place, gravy enthusiasm is assumed.

Don’t’ get us wrong. While we enjoy this topping over ketchup, next time we’ll ask the server to “hold the gravy” in order to perform a precise and accurate KPI assessment.

 Our Place Pasty KPI Scores

Our Place serves only beef pasties. The main cook whips up the crust by hand every morning, according to our server.

 If you are a meat lover, you will love Our Place beef pasties – they are the meatiest we’ve tried yet!

KPI Ratings 

Our Place ranks moderately high according to our Key Pasty Indicators (KPIs):

Crust to Filling Ratio = 8. The crust was balanced and did not overwhelm. This is not a “bready” pasty.

Image Courtesy Collin Barlage
Image Courtesy Collin Barlage

Filling Consistency/Flavor = 8. This is a true meat lover’s pasty.  There were some chopped veggies but beef emerged as the main sensory experience here.

Price Consideration = 9.  Our beef pasty was generously sized and served as part of a lunch dish, priced at under $8.00 served with a drink and side salad.  Not bad!

Flake-O-Meter = 7. It was hard to gauge flakiness due to the gravy so this score isn’t as accurate as it could be.

Overall Savory Index = a solid 8. Our Place pasties are worth the visit, but remember to “hold the gravy”.

Beth Baerman and Julie Rogier, Contributing Writers

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