Pretty Awesome Pasties: “The Pasty Place” on Michigan’s Sunrise Side

Pretty Awesome Pasties: “The Pasty Place” on Michigan’s Sunrise Side

We found out the hard way. It takes a ton of work to make a homemade Michigan pasty.

With all the chopping, mixing, rolling and assembling, creating Michigan’s hearty dough-enveloped meal is a time consuming endeavor.

You can read all about our efforts in our last post “In the Kitchen with Pretty Awesome Pasties.”

Today, we decided to let the experts do the work!

Turning to the Experts

Pasty experts trace the savory meat pies’ culinary lineage to Cornish miners who each day brought the tasty “pot pie without the pot” into the copper mines of Michigan’s U.P.

Our fair State boasts a wide range of talent in the creation of these delights.

This installment of the Pretty Awesome Pasty series of posts shines the spotlight on a small restaurant in Harrisville, Michigan that lovingly makes from scratch the Michigan delicacy known as the pasty.

Courtesy of The Pasty Place

The Pasty Place

The Pasty Place & Downtown Diner is a little shop located on the Sunrise Side in Harrisville, Michigan. It even offers a million dollar view!  The Pasty Place is less than a block from the shores of Lake Huron.

The Pasty Place team is headed up by a former pastry chef who hand makes homemade pasties daily. Typical offerings are the Cornish pasty (yes, with rutabagas), the house pasty featuring ground beef, a tasty chicken pasty, as well as the more adventurous pasties including their special made with smoked Italian sausage, potatoes, onions, and mozzarella cheese.

Photo by Julie Rogier

Key Pasty Indicators:   A key feature of these blog posts are reviews of Michigan-made pasties using a proprietary rating system developed just for the Awesome Mitten blog.

Photo by Julie Rogier

We ranked today’s pasty using the 5 Key Pasty Indicators (KPIs) which are unique standards carefully developed as pasty measurement criteria. Remember the KPI system goes from 1 to 11 just to keep things interesting.

The Pasty Place KPIs:

  • Crust to Filling Ratio Score = 7.5 … We found an adequate balance between pastry and filling.
  • Filling Consistency/Flavor Score = 8.25 … In both the house and Cornish pasties, we easily recognized carrots, rutabaga and onions, along with beef. Remember, a real pasty uses rutabagas!
  • Price Consideration Score = 9 … At about $6 a pasty, we thought the price was quite reasonable.
  • Flake-0-Meter Score = 8 … Crust flakiness was quite good.
  • Overall Savory Index = 8
Illustration by Collin Barlage

Overall KPI: Based on the criteria above, The Pasty Place achieved an overall KPI of 8.15. Be sure to check out The Pasty Place in Harrisville, and visit them on Facebook here.

I’m pleased to be a contributing writer for The Awesome Mitten! My family and I make our home in Rochester, but my heart is on the “Sunrise Side” of Michigan, in the upper Northeast community of Harrisville along the sugar sand beaches of Lake Huron. My husband John and I put our camping gear in mothballs after we purchased our little cabin perched on a bluff overlooking Huron’s majestic inland sea. There’s nothing better then spending time up north with our two sons, our friends and neighbors, and of course our adopted shelter dog Ethel. When I’m not writing posts about Pretty Awesome Pasties, I provide marketing consulting and marketing communications services to technology and professional service firms. I am a graduate of Michigan State University, where I obtained my BA in Communications; and hold an MBA in Marketing from Oakland University. I’m also an aspiring banjo player.