25 Intriguing Michigan Podcasts for Every Interest

Whether you’re on the go for work, hitting the gym, or doing chores around the house, there’s always time to listen to a podcast. More and more media platforms are offering Michigan podcasts, and, as a listener, there have never been more options to choose from.

Variety is the spice of life, and podcasts offer topics on everything you could ever want, including sports, politics, and pop culture. If you’re looking for some new podcasts, check out these fun Michigan podcasts and learn all about what’s happening in the Mitten State.

Michigan Travel Podcasts

Pure Michigan Radio Show

Travel Michigan talks weekly with industry pros to offer listeners content in this podcast designed to inspire them to travel and explore everything that the Mitten State has to offer.

Listeners can find lots of stories about travel and cultural experiences, and it’s easy to find because it airs on WJR in Detroit each weekend.

Pure Michigan Radio Show - Michigan Podcasts
photo via Radio Results Network

Michigan Sports Podcasts

MGoBlue Podcasts with John Jansen

For fans of University of Michigan athletics, this podcast offers an in-depth look at all things Maize and Blue with former Michigan football national champion John Jansen.

Listeners can find recaps of the latest football games, as well as interviews with current Michigan coaches and prominent athletic alumni.

Mgoblue Podcasts With John Jansen - Michigan Podcasts
photo via Art19

Locked on Wolverines

This podcast offers an in-depth look at Michigan’s football and men’s basketball programs for die-hard fans of the gridiron and hardwood. Listeners can find interviews, game previews, offseason analyses, and mailbags where listener questions are answered.

Locked On Wolverines - Michigan Podcasts
photo via Apple

John U Bacon by Michigan Radio

John Bacon is a University of Michigan alum who’s covered the school’s athletic teams for more than three decades. He has, arguably, become the foremost authority on the school’s football program.

Bacon even wrote several books on the football team. This podcast offers his weekly thoughts on the latest sports stories.

John U Bacon By Michigan Radio - Michigan Podcasts
photo via NPR

The Michigan Man Podcast

In this podcast, host Mike Fitzpatrick offers a look at news items, provides updates, conducts interviews, and provides analyses on all things related to University of Michigan sports.

It has more than 500 episodes and features interviews with those involved with Michigan athletics, such as radio announcers and local beat writers.

The Michigan Man Podcast - Michigan Podcasts
photo via The Michigan Man Podcast

The Beat by The Athletic

This podcast primarily focuses on Michigan and Michigan State sports, particularly football. But a deep dive on previous episodes reveals analyses of college football from a national perspective, as well as discussions of college basketball and wrestling.

The Beat By The Athletic - Michigan Podcasts
photo via The Athletic

Eastern Insider Podcast

If you’re looking for Michigan podcasts that don’t just focus on the University of Michigan, listen to the Eastern Insider podcast. It focuses on all things Eastern Michigan University.

The hosts talk to different EMU coaches about sports and life. Also, they talk to prominent athletic alums who have found success after college. If you follow EMU’s teams, there’s plenty of game discussion and analyses too.

Eastern Insider Podcast - Michigan Podcasts
photo via EMU Eagles

Maroon and Gold Podcast

Much like the Eastern Michigan podcast, Maroon and Gold takes a look at athletics at Central Michigan University. Most of the episodes involve discussions of the football program and interviews with head coach Jim McElwain.

However, previous episodes have included interviews with other CMU athletic figures, like the athletic director.

Maroon And Gold Podcast - Michigan Podcasts
photo via CMU Chippewas

True Crime Michigan Podcasts

Michigan Crime Stories by MLive

This podcast is a new one launched by news outlet MLive and offers a look at the murder, mayhem, and mysteries of the Mitten State. Episodes have typically been released weekly.

Fans of podcasts where topics extend multiple episodes will be delighted because this podcast offers several multi-part episodes, including a four-part look at the Pinconning Paralyzer.

Michigan Crime Stories By Mlive - Michigan Podcasts
photo via MLive

Sins of Detroit

True crime fans will enjoy this podcast, which takes a look at wrongful convictions in the state. It may be an eye-opener for some listeners as they learn about different kinds of misconduct, including how errors by law enforcement officials and crime labs have led to a failure to document evidence.

Sins Of Detroit - Michigan Podcasts
photo via Spotify

You’re Killing Me, Grand Rapids

The hosts of this podcast take a look at the local lore of Grand Rapids and the surrounding area. Past topics have included discussions of the Grand Rapids Grim Reaper, the ghosts on the Ghost of Grand Rapids Walking Tour, and the Craigslist killer.

You're Killing Me, Grand Rapids - Michigan Podcasts
photo via Apple


Journalists from Detroit’s WDIV take a look at the complex cases in Southeastern Michigan in this podcast, including several that have gained national attention. Seasons have been dedicated to one topic, so listeners can be drawn into the podcast for multiple episodes.

Topics have included the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa and former FBI informant, White Boy Rick.

Shattered - Michigan Podcasts
photo via Twitter

Michigan News Podcasts

State Side by Michigan Radio

This podcast covers everything that listeners want to know about the Mitten State. Listeners will hear stories that matter, including podcasts with policymakers, business leaders, and artists.

The stories you’ll hear range from very funny to very serious, which means that you’ll find a little bit of everything from the latest news to great stories. If you’re looking for the perfect podcast for your morning commute, this is the one for you.

State Side By Michigan Radio - Michigan Podcasts
photo via Michigan Public Radio

Detroit Economic Club’s Podcast

This podcast is an extension of the Detroit Economic Club’s mission to serve as a platform to discuss social issues, business, and government. Listeners can hear a variety of perspectives, including interviews with Republican National Committee Chairman Ronna McDaniel and Ford Motor Co. CEO Jim Hackett.

Detroit Economic Club's Podcast - Michigan Podcasts
photo via iHeart Radio

Michigan Food & Drink Podcasts

Michigan AF

Did you know that Michigan grows more than 300 foods and products that everyone uses each day? This podcast explores the entire food process in Michigan and how food goes from the farm to the fork.

The podcast hosts find local food companies, manufacturers, and restaurants. Then, they share those stories to let you, the listener, know what you’re eating.

Michigan Af - Michigan Podcasts
photo via Michigan Grown

A Healthier Michigan

Host Chuck Gaidica and his lineup of guests on this podcast explore many topics related to health and wellness, including food and nutrition. Past podcast episodes have included interviews with dietitians, nutritionists, behavioral health specialists, and wellness coaches.

A Healthier Michigan - Michigan Podcasts
photo via A Healthier Michigan

Fresh From the Field Podcast

This podcast is put on by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. It involves interviewing farmers, companies, and different divisions of MDARD to bring you all the latest Michigan food and agricultural news.

Past episodes have included topics such as Halloween food and safety, bovine tuberculosis, and Michigan soil.

Fresh From The Field Podcast - Michigan Podcasts
photo via Anchor

Other/Miscellaneous Michigan Podcasts

Listen In, Michigan

This podcast, put on by the online alumni magazine Michigan Today, offers a look at historical features, happenings around the University of Michigan campus, and dispatches from different alumni.

Listen In, Michigan - Michigan Podcasts
photo via Apple

Wildtalk by the Michigan DNR

This is the podcast to check out if you love all things outdoors. Representatives from the DNR answer listener questions and offer insights and interviews on all things Michigan wildlife. Recent episodes include a look at deer hunting season, the legend of the Michigan Dogman, and trapping in wintertime.

Wildtalk By The Michigan Dnr - Michigan Podcasts
photo via Listen Notes

Population Healthy Podcast

This weekly podcast takes a look at important health topics that affect people on an everyday basis. It’s produced by the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan and discusses health topics from multiple perspectives.

If you’re looking for a podcast that breaks down important public health topics in an easy-to-understand way, this is the Michigan podcast for you.

Population Healthy Podcast - Michigan Podcasts
photo via iHeart Radio

The Michigan Opportunity

This podcast promotes Michigan as the place to be in the business world. As shifts occur in the global economy, the podcast connects Michigan to those trends and discusses how the state may be affected by those shifts.

The Michigan Opportunity - Michigan Podcasts
photo via The Michigan Opportunity

Bright: Stories of Hope and Innovation in Michigan Classrooms

This podcast explores stories of how kids in classrooms all over the Mitten State find success by thinking outside the box. Past episodes have explored tips for coding with young students, setting and tracking goals with students, and how to teach culturally responsive education.

Bright: Stories Of Hope And Innovation In Michigan Classrooms - Michigan Podcasts
photo via Michigan Virtual

On Balance

This is a podcast offered by the State Bar of Michigan and gives listeners a variety of legal perspectives. The main focus of the series is on lawyer wellness and its interplay with practice management, as well as how to help lawyers thrive in their practices. You can think of it as a podcast for lawyers by lawyers.

On Balance - Michigan Podcasts
photo via Legal Talk Network

Talk Juicy

For fans of podcasts with a group of hosts, this is the one for you. This podcast is hosted by a quintet of friends who all have unique perspectives on life because of their jobs and where they’re at in life.

These friends have intriguing conversations about dating, womanhood, working, and motherhood — among other topics.

Talk Juicy - Michigan Podcasts
photo via Facebook

Damsels in Detroit

The City of Detroit’s social media associate hosts this podcast, which features conversations with local women. The host and her guests discuss everything from zodiac signs to real estate to cosmetics.

Damsels In Detroit - Michigan Podcasts
photo via Audible

Dozens of Michigan Podcasts to Enjoy

As you can see, there are plenty of Michigan podcasts that are worth checking out. Whether you want to go down a rabbit hole on a famous crime, catch up with the latest news on your team, or learn about how to live and eat healthier, you don’t have to search very hard to find an enjoyable Michigan podcast.


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