Michigan Myths? Busted.
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Breaking Down 4 Intriguing Michigan Myths

If you visited up north Michigan (by the way, deciding what constitutes as “up north” Michigan is an entirely different article! Coming soon 😉 ) and saw Bigfoot postings that left you wondering if he was around, we have the lowdown.

If you haven’t heard of the Lake Michigan Triangle, well, then, heh, you better read on.

If you’re a fan of Michigan State and true love, best continue.

If you grew up in Michigan and a parental figure offered you Vernors for an upset stomach, you’ve come to the right place.

These 4 intriguing Michigan myths are about to be cracked wide open!

Michigan Myths - Bigfoot / Sasquatch
Bigfoot in Hartwick Pines State Park | photo via Leah Tennant

Bigfoot and Sasquatch and Yeti – Oh My!

When did Bigfoot become a thing in Michigan? I understand Bigfoot, commonly referred to as Sasquatch, is an ape-like creature rumored to inhabit forests in North America. But in Michigan? Really?

When I moved away 10 years ago, I swear this wasn’t a thing – but now I see Bigfoot t-shirts for sale and wooden Bigfoot silhouettes displayed on up north properties. Which, by the way, really freak me out on high-speed country roads. 

It’s true, there have been similarly described sightings of hairy, humanlike beings across the globe under different titles (I.e. the Yeti in Asia), but do we want to subscribe to the “everyone else is doing it” fallacy?

C’mon Michigan! Lest we forget Paul Bunyan? Now HE is an American folklore through and through; with strong ties to the Great Lakes no less! I hope I’m not breaking any hearts by suggesting this myth be a bust – I say NO, Bigfoot does not reside in Michigan.

Bigfoot Gif - Find &Amp; Share On Giphy

IF there was a Bigfoot in Michigan, I’d prefer it be the type that becomes besties with John Lithgow. Wouldn’t you?

A Summer Lake Michigan Road Trip, Ludington To Frankfort - The Awesome Mitten
Lake Michigan | photo courtesy of Aaron Cruz

The Sinister Lake Michigan Triangle – Oh My X3!

Most people have heard of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean where ships and airplanes have vanished. Many of the incidents occurred in good weather conditions with no distress signals whatsoever, they just disappeared!

Although there are many elaborate theories explaining The Bermuda Triangle, none of them prove that strange disappearances occur more often there than in other well-traveled sections of the ocean.

With this in mind, let’s explore the lesser-known, but equally befuddling, Lake Michigan Triangle.

The Lake Michigan Triangle
The Lake Michigan Triangle

The three points that make up The Lake Michigan Triangle are Ludington, Michigan, Benton Harbor, Michigan, and Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Having recently moved back to Michigan and on the new-to-us west side of the state, I am devastated to learn about this mythical portion of Lake Michigan.

After all, for this ominous triangle to divide it in a way that makes it unavoidable for one to sail its span just doesn’t seem right.

Sadly, it’s true, over hundreds of years this region of Lake Michigan has seen its fair share of oddities indeed. Like the Bermuda Triangle, many of these are inexplicable; others are downright bizarre.

For example, I am hard-pressed to believe the Lake Michigan Triangle is a hotspot for UFO sightings or a gateway to a parallel universe. but some instances do make me leery.

Take the ship named Rosa Belle for example. It is a known fact it takes two or more forces for a collision to take place. But this was not what happened to Rosa Belle when she and her crew of 11 entered The Lake Michigan Triangle in 1921. The ship overturned and debris indicated a collision was the cause.

The trouble is, no other ship accidents were recorded at a similar time and no other remains were found… not even bodies. The shipmates were never found and so the mystery turned cold and will likely never be solved.

If that doesn’t cause you to pause, surely one of these illustrations will: Unraveling the Mystery of The Lake Michigan Triangle.

As for me, I will look no further for creepy paradigms. I will be steering clear of The Lake Michigan Triangle.

Am Mimythbusters Beaumonttower
It is said a kiss under Beaumont Tower leads to lifelong love.

Smooching at MSU’s Beaumont Tower – Oh, Mi Amor!

Transitioning from an alarming subject to a romantic topic is not for the faint of heart. To be honest, I’m not quite sure I’ll be able to execute this… but I’m not one to shy away from a challenge. Let’s do this.

So Lake Michigan has a sketchy past, that’s life. Do you know what else is part of life? Faith, hope, and love. Make no mistake, the greatest of these is love.

Are you in love? Do you want your love to endure the test of time? Legend has it, Michigan State University’s historical Beaumont Tower is your ticket.

So hop on the love train! Kiss your special person in the Beaumont courtyard. A couple who kisses here, either in the tower’s shadow during the day or at the stroke of midnight, will be wed. 

I know what you’re thinking, it’s a silly fairy tale. I agree fairy tales can be absurd, but they’re not impossible. Dreams can come true when smart choices and efforts are made to achieve them.

Unfortunately, many focus on the dream-come-true part and don’t think about the undertaking. They want it now and become skeptics when the fantasy isn’t dropped on their heads.

To those who may scoff at the romantic idea of kissing under the Beaumont Tower, I would like to offer once more: faith, hope, and love. Have faith in the unknown, hope for the best, be patient and kind – for that is the definition of love. And for pity’s sake, put in the work!

Now, I didn’t intend to have a mic drop moment here, but kissing under the Beaumont Tower did result in marriage for my husband and myself.

Am Mimythbusters Beaumonttower2
We kissed in the courtyard and it worked out, keyword, WORK.

Oh no! Please don’t be mad I did it this way!

I wanted to express the points above without seeming biased. Trust me, our fairy tale will always be a work in progress and it takes some elbow grease each day. Still, we chose wisely, we treat each other kindly, and we will continue to be intentional in our marriage and family life.

Vernors | photo via @elliottbrood

Vernors POP: Oh My, That’s Good! 

First off, may I just say that I’ve missed sugary, carbonated beverages being called pop? Due to my husband’s military service we left the mitten to live in Florida, Texas, Virginia, and California. Not a one says pop and it’s a travesty. There isn’t a more perfect name for a drink with so many tiny bubbles that burst in your mouth.

Second, Vernors is delicious and Canada Dry doesn’t hold a candle. It was my only option for the last 10 years and I promise you they didn’t get more than one case sold outta me. Don’t mess with an original, Canada Dry. Vernors is the oldest ginger POP in the United States.

Third and last, the reason we are all here – does Vernors Ginger Ale actually cure an upset stomach as many Michigan mommas (including my own) claim?

James Vernor, creator of Vernors Ginger Ale aka Vernors, was a respected Detroit pharmacist who experimented with a tonic of spices, vanilla, and ginger for medicinal purposes. He hoped the elixir would calm stomach aches. During the Civil War, Vernors decided to put his trials on hold to serve in the 4th Michigan Calvary.

When Vernor returned after four years, he opened the oak barrel containing his experiment. A surprisingly gingery, sweet, and spicy beverage with wood notes was born! While it may be delightful, science says that there isn’t enough ginger to have anti-inflammatory or soothing properties for tummy troubles.

On the other hand, let’s not discount “mind over matter” – the placebo effect. The idea that your brain can convince your body a fake treatment is the real deal. Science tells us that, under the right circumstances, a placebo can be just as effective as long-established treatments.

Despite the ginger levels in Vernors being too low, if you combine the placebo effect with fond childhood memories of mom putting a tall cup of iced Vernors with a sipping straw next to your bed on a sick day from school… I’d say you got yourself a bonafide remedy.

Michigan Myths Results Are In

  • NO Bigfoot sightings here!
  • YES, the Lake Michigan Triangle is freaky…
  • MAYBE you should be careful necking under the Beaumont Tower because you know what they say – first comes love, then comes… 😉 and then you REALLY gotta be careful!
  • YES, Vernors can (under the right circumstances) soothe your stomach.

One Comment

  1. I’m 58 and have always lived in the metro Detroit area. I drank Vernor’s (with the apostophe) as a kid, and I remember Mom giving me warm Vernor’s for tummy aches. It had TONS of flavor, especially the ginger that tickled your nose. And when you burped it burned and made your eyes water! (Any Michigander over 40 will attest to this!) Real ginger and oak barrel aging was a big part of Vernor’s unique taste experience.

    I say “was” because once the brand was sold and they closed the Detroit factory, the oak barrel aging went out the window, along with a few obvious recipe ‘tweaks’and Vernors (sans apostrophe) has never been the same. That old burn is gone, and it’s sweeter and less complex than the original. I still drink one on a rare occasion – mostly for nostalgia’s sake – but it’s always disappointing.

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