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13 Unique Options for Lodging + Hotels in Grand Rapids Michigan

As one of the top cities to visit in the Mitten State, there are several hotels in Grand Rapids Michigan, plus other lodging options, to keep you comfortable during your stay.

Across the country, Grand Rapids is known by many names. In Michigan, many young adults herald the town as Beer City U.S.A. because of its vibrant craft beer scene.

Those who have been part of the community for decades are more familiar with its timeless nickname Furniture City, which it earned because of the prominent role that the furniture manufacturing industry played in the city’s development. Others simply refer to it as River City.

Regardless of the nickname, you likely know that Grand Rapids is one of the best cities in Michigan to visit. As a gateway to the best that West Michigan has to offer, it has long attracted travelers. If you’re planning an upcoming trip to Grand Rapids, consider these lodging options.

The Best Hotels in Grand Rapids Michigan

Grand Rapids is a bustling metropolitan area and has always welcomed business travelers. As a result, there are many chain hotels in the downtown area. So, travelers who are looking for a quick, budget-friendly trip will have no shortage of options.

If you’re looking to stay in a luxurious, locally-owned property, though, you may be more interested in the following hotels in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Amway Grand Plaza

The Amway Grand Plaza is considered the premier hotel in Grand Rapids. While it’s currently owned by Hilton Hotels, it has long been a mainstay in the community. It was first developed at the turn of the 20th century, and at the time, was known as the Pantlind Hotel.

The Pantlind Hotel was considered one of the finest hotels in Michigan, but it fell into disrepair as suburban sprawl took shape. Amway Corporation purchased the property and restored the hotel in the early 1980s, changing its name to the Amway Grand Plaza.

Today, the Amway Grand Plaza is still considered the grandest and most luxurious hotel in Grand Rapids, attracting the likes of politicians, local celebrities, and well-to-do travelers who want to enjoy the best that the city has to offer.

Amway Grand Plaza Hotel - Grand Rapids, Michigan - Grand Rapids Lodging
Amway Grand Plaza Hotel | photo via Amway Grand Plaza Hotel

Morton Hotel

Morton Hotel is, perhaps, the most unique property in the Grand Rapids hotel scene. While it’s located in the bustling Hotels District downtown, it’s the only hotel that has the distinction of being a dog-centric building.

This hotel is designed specifically with dogs and their pet parents in mind. With a residential feel, it has quickly become a home away from home for travelers who like to bring their four-legged friends along for the journey.

Morton Hotel - Grand Rapids, Michigan - Grand Rapids Lodging
Morton Hotel | photo via Morton Hotel

The Finnley Hotel

If you’re searching for a hotel with an eclectic vibe and local flavor, you’ll absolutely love The Finnley Hotel, which is a relatively recent addition among the hotels in Grand Rapids Michigan.

This locally-owned hotel is run by a growing family — named after the owner’s daughter — and it’s designed for locals and visitors alike. Specializing in upscale comfort, it’s known for its distinct interior design plans and perfectly-placed vintage details.

The Finnley Hotel - Grand Rapids, Michigan - Grand Rapids Lodging
The Finnley Hotel | photo via The Finnley Hotel

Grand Rapids B&Bs and Boutique Hotels

In the downtown Grand Rapids Hotels District, you’ll find dozens of sky-high hotels that represent nearly every corporate chain in America. If you venture into the city’s neighborhoods, though, you’ll find many quaint and charming historic bed-and-breakfasts.

The Lafayette House

Located just a short walk from downtown Grand Rapids is The Lafayette House, a bed and breakfast in a historic Heritage Hill home.

This intimate lodging features three rooms, all of which include an attached private bathroom and heated floors. Every room is decorated in a unique and comfortable style and features artwork produced by local artists, providing guests with a memorable stay.

The Lafayette House - Grand Rapids, Michigan - Grand Rapids, Lodging
The Lafayette House | photo via @haltewoman

Peaches Bed and Breakfast

Another bed and breakfast in the Heritage Hill district is Peaches Bed and Breakfast. Guests who stay in one of the five rooms will appreciate that the Georgian Country Manor home is in its original condition. It provides a sense of authenticity to your trip to Grand Rapids.

In addition to having comfortable guest rooms with modern amenities, guests also have access to a foyer, living room, game room, library, and gardens.

The Parsonage Inn

For an elegant and intimate experience in the Heritage Hill neighborhood, guests can book a room at The Parsonage Inn. This bed and breakfast is operated out of a Queen Anne home that was built in 1882 by a prominent Grand Rapids family.

With three single bedrooms and a two-bedroom suite, there’s flexibility and versatility at this property. Beyond the historically-influenced bedrooms, guests can enjoy the common areas, which include a wraparound front porch, comfortable living room, and welcoming dining room.

The Parsonage Inn - Grand Rapids, Michigan - Grand Rapids Lodging
The Parsonage Inn | photo via @rachleehafler

The Leonard at Logan House

The Leonard at Logan House is yet another historic property. Situated in the heart of the Heritage Hill district, it gives visitors an opportunity to experience what life would have been like for the most prominent Grand Rapids families in the early 20th century.

Eight rooms are available, all of which have a signature style and don a royal name. Combining a historical atmosphere with contemporary conveniences, this is one of the best places for savvy travelers to stay in Grand Rapids.

Vacation Rentals in Grand Rapids Michigan

Vacation rentals are becoming an increasingly popular lodging choice in Grand Rapids, not only because you can score a great deal on a comfortable place to stay but also because of the immersive experience they can provide.

The type of vacation rentals that are available in Grand Rapids may vary based on the time of year that you plan to visit, but you’ll likely be able to find something that suits your style. An increasing number of vacation rents are appearing in and around the city, highlighting the demand for this travel experience.

Anyone who is looking to live like a local in Grand Rapids Michigan will love these apartments and vacation rentals.

Downtown Apartment

If you’re planning a long-term stay and want comfortable lodgings, you may appreciate being able to rent an entire apartment unit for the duration of your stay. This downtown apartment is tastefully decorated and is within walking distance of many of the best shops and restaurants downtown.

Downtown Apartment - Grand Rapids, Michigan - Grand Rapids Lodging
Downtown Apartment | photo via Airbnb

Eastown Bedroom

Those who need someplace convenient and private to stay can find single, private rooms available to rent in apartments and homes in Grand Rapids. For example, this centrally located Eastown bedroom is available for up to two guests and is located inside a 1916 Craftsman bungalow.

Eastown Bedroom - Grand Rapids, Michigan - Grand Rapids Lodging
Eastown Bedroom | photo via Airbnb

Grand Rapids Home

While many of the vacation rentals in Grand Rapids are apartments or private bedrooms in downtown Grand Rapids, there are some single-family homes available to rent as well.

For example, this Grand Rapids home is considered one of the most popular entire-home vacation rentals in the city. Situated in the heart of a neighborhood that’s just a few minutes away from the city’s best attractions, this clean, comfortable, and renovated home is perfect for families who are visiting the area.

Grand Rapids Home - Grand Rapids, Michigan - Grand Rapids Lodging
Grand Rapids Home | photo via Vrbo

Camping in Grand Rapids Michigan

Grand Rapids is generally considered an urban vacation destination, so there are few campgrounds located within the city’s limits. Just a short drive from downtown, though, you’ll find many campgrounds.

Camping in and around Grand Rapids Michigan allows you to perfectly blend an outdoor experience with the cosmopolitan nature of city life. Take a look at some of the best campgrounds in the area.

Woodchip Campground

Woodchip Campground is a family-friendly campground only 20 minutes outside of downtown Grand Rapids. It has more than 120 campsites, and each features a picnic table and fire pit.

In addition to its pristine grounds and beautiful location, campers can enjoy an outdoor pool and basketball courts, as well as volleyball courts.

Steamboat Park

Steamboat Park is an RV campground in Jenison Michigan, which is just 20 minutes from downtown Grand Rapids. Built in 2017, this newer campground is quickly gaining ground as one of the best places to camp in the area.

It features numerous campsites with waterfront views of the Grand River, as well as entertaining amenities, such as rides on its paddle-wheel riverboat, The Grand Lady.

Steamboat Park Campground - Jenison, Michigan - Grand Rapids Lodging
Steamboat Park Campground | photo via @woodlandairstream

Scalley Lake Campground

Situated on a private lake between downtown Grand Rapids and historic Rockford, Scalley Lake Campground is a favorite among West Michigan campers. There are more than 40 campsites and a few cabins available to rent.

Along with its well-maintained grounds, campers appreciate that they can rent boats to enjoy on the lake and that they can go swimming on the campground’s beaches.

Experience All That Hotels in Grand Rapids Michigan & Other Lodging Can Offer

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to visit Grand Rapids for a romantic weekend getaway or a weeklong family vacation. You’ll find that the city has plenty to offer every type of traveler.

With so many hotels, vacation rentals, and campgrounds available, you can enjoy the vacation that suits your preferences and lifestyle.

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