Henderson Castle Kalamazoo
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Sweet Dreams Await You at Henderson Castle Kalamazoo

As you round the corner and come upon Henderson Castle, you’ll certainly gasp at the size and beauty of this stunning property. Located just outside of the downtown Kalamazoo area, it’s a stunning testament to the wonders of Michigan’s history.

Spending a few hours touring Henderson Castle Kalamazoo could be ideal for anyone staying in the city. But, this Michigan castle is a private residence and operates as a bed and breakfast. Though you may fall in love with the location, you don’t have to book a room at the castle to tour it.

Before you plan your trip to Kalamazoo Michigan, here’s everything that you should know about Henderson Castle and the activities you can do here.

Henderson Castle-Kalamazoo
Henderson Castle | photo via karikarchche

Things to Do at Henderson Castle Kalamazoo

Many people visiting Kalamazoo Michigan choose to make Henderson Castle home for their trip, and there are a variety of activities that you can do. Here’s a look at all of your options.

Take a Tour

The Frank & Mary Henderson Walking History Tour is available from Wednesday through Sunday most weeks. It allows you to tour the castle and surrounding gardens.

This tour is an excellent opportunity to learn about the intricate parts of the city’s history. Even those who live locally can benefit from a tour of this stunning home.

Visit the Winery

The castle is now home to a beautiful winery featuring Henderson Castle Meritage and Red, along with other varieties — chardonnay, pinot grigio, merlot, and riesling. The castle hosts wine tastings at various times of the year, which are booked in advance for guests and visitors.

The wine itself comes from grapes picked at the vineyard on the property. The grapes are processed at Fenn Valley Winery nearby. During a wine tasting, you can sample all of the options and enjoy a warm, welcoming experience.

Henderson Castle-Kalamazoo
Henderson Castle | photo via bornindefiance

Dine at Henderson Castle

Over the years, the options of things to do at Henderson Castle Kalamazoo have changed many times. One of the best reasons to visit, though, is for a fantastic meal.

H Prime Chophouse

H Prime Chophouse is a fine dining establishment noted for its handcrafted cocktails and elegant menu. Reservations are often necessary here.

Spirits Lounge

You can enjoy a drink at Spirits Lounge. You’ll find all of the favorite wines here, but also lots of spirits, cocktails, and craft-made brews. There’s a full bar with all of the lavish features of an elegant space.

High Tea Service

If you’re looking for something a bit more elegant and refined, set up high tea service — a high society tradition that the castle continues. It takes place Wednesday through Sunday. There’s a limited, small bites menu available as well.

Sunday Brunch & Breakfast

Sunday brunch and breakfast are served at the castle too. These are great for those staying on-site but are available to anyone. The Sunday brunch is a two-course experience that includes starters, a cocktail, and an entrée for a flat price.

Take a Cooking Class

Another fun activity to book in advance is an FCIA cooking class. It’s a good way to learn how to prepare various meals from scratch. After the hands-on class, you’ll get to enjoy what you prepare.

Henderson Castle-Kalamazoo
1930’s Murder Mystery Dinner Henderson Castle | photo via karikarchche

Book a Massage

The full-service, on-site spa now provides a wide range of holistic and naturopathic wellness treatments for guests, including the signature Swedish massage for individuals and couples.

It offers SCIO, biofeedback, molecular scanner treatment, facials, and other services too. We recommend booking a spa day well in advance.

Attend an Event

Although the events change throughout the year, there are a few fantastic experiences to be had at Henderson Castle Kalamazoo. In the past, it has held a princess tea party and murder mystery dinners.

Additionally, you can book a tour to learn the haunted history of the castle, which has been named one of the most haunted locations in the state. The property hosts private events, including weddings, corporate events, business meetings, and much more.

Henderson Castle-Kalamazoo
Henderson Castle | photo via karikarchche

Things to Know Before Visiting Henderson Castle

While the castle is a local historic treasure, it is a private location. You’re welcome to visit during business hours, but the property isn’t accessible to just anyone.

Another thing to bear in mind is that vacancies can fill up quickly. As a result, you should book everything that you want to do well in advance — from accommodations to spa treatments.

About Henderson Castle Kalamazoo

Henderson Castle was built in 1895 and is considered one of the oldest homes in Michigan. It sits on West Main Hill, a high spot in the city’s landscape that also happens to offer a beautiful view of the downtown area.

It’s easy to imagine yourself in one of the pulpit windows more than 100 years ago, looking at what was happening downtown on a clear day.

Original Henderson Castle Owners

The home was built by Frank Henderson, one of the most successful businessmen in the city and region. He owned the Henderson-Ames Company, which made uniform regalia for a wide range of organizations, including the military, secret societies, and fraternal organizations.

The property was inherited by Frank’s wife, Mary. She owned the land long before the company took off. Over time, Frank decided he wanted to turn this vacant land into a suburban area, not just for his home (which he positioned in the residential district) but also for a vibrant, naturally infused community.

Castle Architecture & Design

Henderson Castle was built in the Queen Anne style and was designed by C. A. Gombert, a well-recognized and awarded architect from Wisconsin.

The project for the castle entailed building a seven-bathroom home — quite unique for the time — along with a third-floor ballroom where the Hendersons welcomed guests throughout the year.

There was also an elevator — another posh mark for the period — and, at the very top of the home, a soaking hot tub that was added much later. In total, the home included 25 rooms, all of which utilized fine materials and exquisite attention to detail at every turn — all at a cost of $72,000.

It was built with sandstone harvested from Lake Superior and brick made locally. Inside, the home was adorned with beautiful, richly colored mahogany wood, quartered oak, areas of birch, and beautiful bird’s-eye maple.

The property was the epitome of wealth and lavish features. When it was finally ready, the Hendersons held an impressive housewarming party, inviting notables from around the country. Unfortunately, Frank died just a few years later in 1899, and his wife remained in the home through 1908.

New Ownership

After the Henderson family, a number of others owned the property. In total, nine people have owned the property for various lengths of time. It wasn’t until 1957 when the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts purchased the property that it became more accessible to residents in the area.

Over time, the castle changed hands again to the Kalamazoo College, which served as home to the liberal arts school that was founded just to the north of the property.

The current owners purchased the castle in 2011 and continue to maintain it. Though privately owned, it is still accessible for tours, weddings, and other special events.

Also, it operates as a bed and breakfast with 13 uniquely designed rooms for guests to stay in. Each has a unique theme, such as the Italian Room and the Miracle Room. There are the Queens and Kings Towers too, both of which have impressive views.

Henderson Castle-Kalamazoo
Henderson Castle | photo via bornindefiance

FAQs About Henderson Castle Kalamazoo

Who owns Henderson Castle Kalamazoo?

Though it’s had numerous owners over the years, Master Chef Francois Moyet purchased the property in 2011. He’s responsible for the operation of both the inn and the restaurant.

Is Henderson Castle the oldest house in Kalamazoo?

Henderson Castle isn’t the oldest residence in Kalamazoo Michigan, but it’s one of the oldest. The Justus Burdick House is older, dating back to 1837. Burdick was a pioneer who came to the region years prior.

How can I book an experience at Henderson Castle Kalamazoo?

The best way to find out what’s happening at Henderson Castle and book an experience is to visit its website. You can discover the latest events, see photos of the rooms, and make reservations for dinner.

If you’re in the city for a night and want a fantastic cocktail, you could stop by Spirits Lounge.

Can I book Henderson Castle Kalamazoo for a holiday party?

If availability is open for your party dates, you can book Henderson Castle for a wide range of special events, including holiday dinners.

Can I get a gift card for a friend for Henderson Castle Kalamazoo?

Yes, you can purchase gift cards for Henderson Castle via its website.

Henderson Castle-Kalamazoo
Henderson Castle | photo via picturethis1979

Enjoy All That Henderson Castle Kalamazoo Has to Offer

When it comes to finding fun things to do in Kalamazoo Michigan, visiting this and other historical treasures in the region is well worth the experience. You are sure to love the intricate details of Henderson Castle, the organic gardens, and the lavish meals.

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