Favorite Michigan Restaurants

My 5 Favorite Michigan Restaurants You Need To Try ASAP

One of my favorite things about traveling all over Michigan is being able to try new foods. I love trying new restaurants and getting to experience different foods and different drinks. I always look for new places to try. Once I find a place I love, I frequently return.

Here are my top 5 favorite Michigan restaurants that I have visited on numerous occasions starting with number 5:

Leveled up burger & fries at Seventy-Six | photo via Kassandra Olschanski

5. Seventy-Six | Holland, Michigan

On my first trip ever to Holland I noticed this place while I was in town for the Tulip Festival. It was on the main street. It looked intriguing so I decided to go in with my mom.

Seventy-Six is located in downtown Holland and is the perfect place to stop for lunch and dinner. The menu and food is classified as new American.

When I sat down I was prompted with a delicious menu after looking it over, I decided to order a lemon drop martini with a sugar rim which was delicious and one of the best I ever had. I also ordered some guacamole that came in a cute dish and with some very delicious chips.

Another thing I ordered was a side of fries that were absolutely delicious. Super crispy and covered in salt and perfect to dip in ketchup. When I took my boyfriend here a year later I ordered the same delicious guacamole and fries and my boyfriend got the double cheeseburger which came with a yummy side of fries as well.

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Breakfast at Artisan | photo via Kassandra Olschanski

4. Artisan Waterfront Restaurant & Tavern (in Delamar Hotel) | Traverse City, Michigan

This stunning restaurant is located right on the waterfront. With spectacular views and plenty of fireplaces inside to keep you warm. I have had the pleasure of eating breakfast and dinner here. Artisan’s menu is Great Lakes inspired.

The breakfast I had was a delicious pancake that was so sweet that I didn’t even need syrup. My favorite portion of the dinner I had was the cauliflower which was crispy with a delicious lemon flavor. I sipped on some wonderful cocktails during dinner too. I had a wonderful dessert for dinner as well that was presented with a candle as it was my birthday when I was visiting.

This is a stunning location perfect for a date night or to celebrate anything. It’s a hidden gem as someone may not notice it passing by as it is located in a hotel. Once you try this place, you will continue to return just like I have since I ever tried it. This restaurant is worth a trip to Traverse City in itself. 

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Create your own pasta from Tiramisu | photo via Kassandra Olschanski

3. Tirami Su | Northville, Michigan

This Italian restaurant is truly a hidden gem of Northville. You may not know it’s there unless you were familiar with the place. Tirami Su is my go-to spot for Italian food in all of Michigan.

They have a delicious create your own pasta that provides a wide variety of selections. I always create my own which is penne, with fra diavolo pasta sauce that gives it that extra spicy kick. They also have a wonderful variety of pasta selections to choose from the menu as well.

I got two different kinds of bread when I sat down and I was given olive oil to go with it. I always order a delicious cannoli for dessert and a glass of white zinfandel.

Their wine selection is wonderful and has something for everyone. I’ve also had the lemon Italian ice which is served in a real lemon. Outside of those, they have a wonderful selection of other desserts as well.

Barrio Cocina Y Tequileria
My go-to Mexican cuisine at Barrio Cocina Y Tequileria | photo via Kassandra Olschanski

2. Barrio Cocina y Tequileria | Plymouth, Michigan

Barrio Cocina y Tequileria is my go-to spot for Mexican food. They have a wide variety of options.

I love to start with the trio which is salsa, queso and guacamole and a perfect start to a meal. I frequently order the veggie fiesta bowl which is full of rice, lettuce, black beans, pico de gallo, cheese, and corn. This delicious dish also has sour cream, and guacamole on the side.

Another favorite dish of mine there is the fried avocado tacos that are topped with the best sauce. From fiesta bowls, to tacos, to burritos, quesadillas and more, this is my favorite place to get Mexican food by far.

I can also confirm that they have amazing margaritas, on the rocks and even frozen. There is a wide variety of flavors you can order as well. The atmosphere here is wonderful, creative, colorful and fun.

As a heads up this place is always busy, I recommend going on a weekday or right when they open at 11am if you choose to go on a weekend.

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Buffalo Cauliflower With Blue Cheese At Townhouse
Buffalo cauliflower with blue cheese at Townhouse | photo via Kassandra Olschanski

1. Townhouse | Birmingham, Michigan

This is by far my favorite restaurant in Michigan, and of everywhere I have traveled even outside of the state. I went here for my 21s birthday and I am 25 now and it has still been a favorite for me all these years. They have a wide variety of food that is perfect for everyone.

Townhouse is your typical American style restaurant filled with burgers, appetizers that range from chili to ricotta. Although this restaurant is small, it is the perfect spot for a meal in downtown Birmingham.

For brunch, they have delicious mimosas and amazing avocado toast. My favorite time to go is right at lunch time when they start serving their Lunch/Dinner menu. My absolute favorite thing to eat is the buffalo cauliflower with blue cheese. They have the most delicious truffle fries that are served with a side of ketchup and rosemary garlic aioli. The cornbread is a new addition to the menu that is simply delicious as well.

As for desert, the vegan chocolate chip cookies are my favorite choice and taste even better than you can imagine. They have a wide variety of cocktail choices and every single one is delicious. 

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Favorite Michigan Restaurants
My favorite Michigan restaurants | photo via Kassandra Olschanski

Michigan Restaurants You’ll Want to Visit Again and Again

Michigan has a wide variety of restaurants and food to try. If you are in any of these cities, I highly recommend checking them out. I have visited many restaurants across the state of Michigan and these are the ones that stood out the most to me and had such a lasting impact that I keep going back anytime I am in these cities. I hope you try these out and love them as much as I do.