Falling Waters Trail
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Spend a Day on the Falling Waters Trail

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In Jackson County, MI, the Falling Waters Trail is a 12-foot-wide, 10.5-mile-long paved pathway that connects the City of Jackson and Village of Concord. The trail is an important community link that was built on an abandoned section of the Michigan Central Railroad. Opened in 2007 and dedicated as a Jackson County Park, it passes through marshes, lakes, natural springs, and parks — all of which offer great recreation opportunities.

Falling Waters Trail, Jackson - Falling Waters Trail
Falling Waters Trail | photo via @runfardvs

A Rich Native American and Railroad History

The Falling Waters Trail gets its name from the region’s numerous lakes, rivers, and springs. In fact, it passes through lakes and springs that form the headwaters for four major rivers in Michigan. Also, the Potawatomi Tribe was the earliest recorded inhabitants near the trail. They referred to the area as “The Land of Falling Waters,” and the name honors their presence.

In regards to transport, the value that the Falling Waters Trail brings to Jackson County dates back to when it was part of the Michigan Central Railroad. This Michigan Air Line section of tracks was used for more than 100 years. Snyder Station used to be alongside the railroad at Moscow Road in Spring Arbor Township (about mid-trail), while Concord and Lime Lake had depots with ticket agents.

The Falling Waters Trail Route

Since the Falling Waters Trail is paved, it’s ideal for biking, running, and walking. It winds through the outskirts of Jackson where there are few road crossings. You’ll mostly see countryside and woodlands until you get to Concord, which is teeming with Victorian homes.

Although you can start at the Concord trailhead at the intersection of Main and River streets, we recommend starting at the Jackson trailhead about mid-Weatherwax Drive between Horton and Kibby roads. There’s plenty of parking and a restroom here. Use this map to get a better idea of the trailhead location.

About 6.5 miles from the Weatherwax trailhead (4 miles from the Concord trailhead), you’ll come across Lime Lake and Lime Lake County Park in Spring Arbor. It’s a great place to stop for a break, and restrooms are available. Also, you can do many recreational activities here. The lake is 96 acres and 27 feet deep with a boat launch and swimming area, so you can go fishing and scuba diving. The park is 321 acres and has playground equipment and picnic areas.

At about 7.5 miles into the trail (3 miles from Concord), you have the chance to visit the preserved Potawatomi Tribe’s village at Falling Waters Historic Park in Spring Arbor. It’s located about ½-mile north of the trail near where Hammond Rd and Cross Rd intersect. The walk-through museum-like park is free and features a log cabin, artifacts, root cellar, and more. Additionally, interpretive signs are posted along the trail to provide a look into the past.

As you continue on the Falling Waters Trail toward the Concord trailhead, you’ll pass through some wetlands and by Reynolds Lake, which is another good spot to rest or go fishing. This area is full of birds and other wildlife. Before the trail ends at River Street in Concord, it crosses over the Kalamazoo River.

Falling Waters Trail, Jackson - Falling Waters Trail
Falling Waters Trail | photo via @runfardvs

Where to Get a Bike

If you want to bike the Falling Waters Trail, you have two options — rent a bike or bring your own. The Weatherwax trailhead has a Jackson County BCycle kiosk that allows anyone to rent a bike for a small fee for a few hours. Of course, there’s an additional fee for more time. Annual memberships are available, which allow you to check out bikes with a B-card.

Jackson has two bike shops if you want to purchase a new bike or need to repair your current bike. On Two Wheels is located on Laurence Avenue and has a host of name-brand bicycles and accessories. The staff will fit your bike and help you choose the right helmet. At P & T Fitness on Jackson Street, you’ll find classic, hybrid, mountain, three-wheel, and other bikes from top brands.

Experience Cycling With Other Enthusiasts

To enjoy cycling the Falling Waters Trail with other cycling enthusiasts, you could join the Cascades Cycling Club. This group is available to riders of all ages and interests. It has organized rides almost every day and goes mountain biking on various trails. There’s even a Pedal & Whine Bike Tour for adults to join.

Where to Grab a Bite

For a bite to eat before you start the Falling Waters Trail, you can get coffee and a quick bite at Daily Grind & Food Hub near the intersection of Horton Road and Weatherwax Drive. It serves breakfast and lunch sandwiches. If you prefer pizza, C & J Family Pizzeria is near the same intersection and serves burgers, subs, hot dogs, wings, onion rings, and more.

To fill your belly midway through the trail, you can either have a picnic at Lime Lake County Park or take a detour into Spring Arbor. In the same group of shops on Spring Arbor Road are Ixcanul, which serves Guatemalan and Mexican cuisine, and Laughlin’s Slice of Spice, which serves wood-fired, brick oven pizza.

When you get to Concord, the best restaurant to stop at is Cadet Tavern. It’s located on Main Street near its intersection with Hanover Street. The restaurant has a varied menu of pizza, sandwiches, chicken strips and wings, burgers, and subs.

Falling Waters Trail, Jackson - Falling Waters Trail
Falling Waters Trail | photo via @sowleman1964

Other Trails and Points of Interest

At the Weatherwax trailhead of the Falling Waters Trail, the trail continues east as part of the Martin Luther King Equality Trail — which was previously the Jackson Inter-City Trail. This part of the trail stretches for 3.4 miles and is made on the same abandoned section of the Michigan Central Railroad.

It passes through Ella Sharp Park, where you can play golf, miniature golf, disc golf, basketball, tennis, and softball. The property features the Ella Sharp Museum too, which has gallery exhibits, historic 19th-century buildings, and a planetarium.

In Spring Arbor, there’s the Ye Ole Carriage Shop, a museum that showcases Jackson-made automobiles and has a diverse collection of memorabilia. In Concord, you can explore the Hubbard Memorial Museum, which consists of several historic properties. Concord also has the Mann House, a Victorian home built in the 1880s.

On top of that, the Falling Waters Trail is part of a much larger trail — Route 1 of the Great Lake-to-Lake Trail that stretches from South Haven to Port Huron. That trail is part of the even more massive Iron Belle Trail from Ironwood in the Upper Peninsula to Detroit, which connects more than 2,000 miles of trails across Michigan.

Camping & Lodging in Jackson, Michigan

Whether you’re from out of town or a local, the area has some great campgrounds.

Additional lodging options include:

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  1. The trail has a newly constructed “spur” that comes from Spring Arbor Village a mile away and meets the FWT at the middle of Lime Lake at the scuba diving launch site. Many scuba divers from across Michigan are attracted to the dive site because of the unusual underwater contour of walls, pillars, spires, and “mountains” left by the early 20th century mining operations of marl here. Those walking/bicycling the trail may come across a scuba diver crossing the trail in full gear to enter Lime Lake at this point.

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