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Ski, Swim & SkyBridge: The Ultimate Winter Weekend at Boyne Mountain

Winter was approaching, our minds excited for the prospect of snow and all the delight it brings. Our kids have been begging for a ski weekend at Boyne Mountain with some of our closest family friends- and after some careful planning, we decided this was the year!

Kids In Front Of Ski Lifts At Night. Boyne Mountain
Our group of kids ready for adventure at Boyne Mountain!

We researched a cozy rental that would fit all of us, with space for the kids to play, and a cabin feel to make it memorable. We pegged the first weekend in February as the target date and crossed our fingers for snow.

As we all know, the winter of 2024 has been one scarce on snow, but abundant in sunshine and warm temperatures. These make for unusual skiing conditions for us Northern Michiganders, who are used to cold, wind, and icy slopes.

Boyne Mountain does many things right- one of these being the ability to make and maintain decent snow, even with Mother Nature’s twists and turns. 

Kids In Bunk Beds Smiling At The Camera
The kids loved their room in our cozy cabin for the weekend!

Beginning our Adventure

Our ski weekend in February arrived, and we loaded our car and headed out. Arriving at the cabin, we found ourselves in a cozy forest, fairly secluded, with a view of the swaying treetops above.

The cabin was reminiscent of an A-frame, with an open staircase leading to the bedrooms upstairs. The kids squealed in delight as they entered their bedroom, stocked with games, legos, and double bunk beds with reading lights. 

The cabin truly set the mood for our weekend- no detail was spared. There was a record player with several classics ready for playing; table questions in the dining room to aid in deep conversation; and fur blankets on the couch for cozy moments.

The adults cracked open a beer, baking cookies as the cabin warmed with our presence. I could already tell this would be a weekend to remember.

A Blue And White Lighted Walkway At Night.
The lights made our walk through the Skybridge magical.

Braving the Skybridge!

After dinner, as dusk set in, we set off on our first adventure of the weekend- the Skybridge at Boyne Mountain! I must admit, I was prepared to be unimpressed. I’ve been across countless bridges in my life- so I couldn’t imagine how this would be any different.

I’m happy to report that my preconceived notions were wrong. Boyne has created something truly special with the Skybridge. 

We began our adventure by riding the chair lift up the mountain. The lights across the hills twinkled with delight; the music set the stage for joy to be found.

At the top, the bridge was much bigger than I expected- ranging from one peak to another, with the ski runs below. Lights adorned the bridge, with only a clear floor below your feet.

The view from every angle was simply stunning- the setting sun on the horizon, the stars above your head, the glow of campfires ahead. 

What Boyne Mountain offers with the Skybridge isn’t just a walk across a platform- instead, it offers a chance for a memory to be made. 

A Group Of People Walking Through Lights On A Walkway.
Marveling in the simple wonder of the Skybridge.

As we exited the bridge, we found ourselves in the Skybridge “camp” zone. Fires were roaring to keep us warm and an airstream served drinks and small bites to eat. We took off our gloves, letting our fingers thaw, while our kids jumped off snow piles.

We made the reverse trip back across the bridge, this time riding the chair lift down- the lighted village below welcoming us. What Boyne Mountain offers with the Skybridge isn’t just a walk across a platform- instead, it offers a chance for a memory to be made. 

Group Of People Gather Around A Fire.
Warming up at the fire after our walk through the Skybridge!

Bluebird Skies and Making Memories

The next morning, we awoke to bluebird skies and the promise of temperatures in the mid-forties. These conditions were more like Colorado skiing than what we typically find in Michigan- and I’ll take them!

As we parked and unloaded, I was impressed by how easy Boyne has made getting to the lifts. They had shuttles running from the lots to the base of the hill, and kiosks made printing our tickets a breeze. Staff were available everywhere to provide assistance.

The best part was the music blaring through the village, getting all of us geared up to begin skiing.

Two Adult Women And Two Children On A Ski Hill.
Hitting the slopes with our daughters!

As we rode the first lift of the day, I was reminded of why I love to ski- the sensation of the sun on my face, the building excitement of the kids to conquer something new, the cheerful greetings from the lift operators that make you feel like you are part of a community.

It’s funny what joy can do- at some point during our day, my son started speaking with an accent just to make us laugh; my daughter began yelling “hum-dinger-dinger” as a greeting to the skiers below our chair lift.

I remember doing these things with my own brothers when I was a kid- some things just never change.

Women And Boys In Ski Goggles On A Chair Lift.
My friend, Katie, and I with our sons- about to conquer the terrain park!

Fueling Up and Finishing Strong

We skied for four straight hours- until our bellies were growling and our legs needed a break. The kids begged for pizza, so we landed at the Trophy Room Pub & Pizzeria. Still to this day, not much beats a good piece of pizza and a beer after a few hours of skiing.

I was pleasantly surprised at not only how tasty the pizza was, but also the value- our money went a long way to feed our hungry crew! Lunch fueled us to keep going for several more hours before finally calling it quits as the sun began to set. 

Back at the cabin, contentment ran through us as we shared our memories of the day. My son and his best friend played DJ on the record player- while my daughter and her friend got cozy in PJs and made hot cocoa while we prepared dinner.

Our crew took a group picture to mark this weekend, and we gathered around the TV to cheer on the MSU Spartans to victory.

Kids And Adults Eating Pizza At A Restaurant.
The Trophy Room Pizzeria and Pub made for the perfect mid-day fuel.

Exploring Avalanche Bay Waterpark

The next day, we traded our ski gear for swimsuits, spending a day at Avalanche Bay Waterpark. The kids ran around, going from the hot tub to the drop slide, to the racing mats, and into the lazy river.

There is no shortage of activities here- something for every level of swimmer. My son and his friend made laps on the “toilet bowl” big slide, laughing in delight every time they spun through the tunnels.

My daughter and her friend enjoyed a relaxing float through the lazy river, before challenging me on the slides. My friend and I got to relax on the lounge chairs, just enjoying the joy on our kids’ faces.

It was the perfect way to end our ski weekend before heading back to reality.

A Group Of Adults And Kids In Matching Pajamas.
Making memories with friends is the best use of time.

Passing the Torch

When I was a kid, my parents used to have these same ski weekends with their friends, too. I remember running around in the cold, daring one another to lay in the snow before jumping back into the hot tub. Or racing each other through the woods, seeing who could land the biggest jump. And staying up way too late, watching movies while the parents played cards.

And now, here I am- passing the torch of these traditions on to my own kids with our friends. It is not lost on me how special these moments are. As we played cards one night, we vowed to set aside this first weekend in February for as long as we could.

Visions of our kids through the years flashed through our minds- how they will grow and change, how they eventually will want to bring their college roommates, girlfriends, and boyfriends along with us on this trip.

As with everything in this phase of my life, it is hard to make time slow down- but man, do I keep trying. 

Boyne Mountain
Bluebird skies at Boyne Mountain.

Boyne Mountain Keeps Improving

Boyne Mountain exceeded our expectations for a weekend away, offering something for everybody. The cozy lodge, roaring fireplaces, a village full of eateries and shops-not to mention the mountain terrain that is some of the best in the Midwest.

The best thing is, Boyne Mountain keeps improving- adding ski runs, the Skybridge, improved lifts, and new experiences. I already can’t wait for next year- to add memories to the ones we made this year and build on the lasting friendships we share. 

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