10 Places You Must Eat Tacos In Michigan

10 Places You Must Eat Tacos In Michigan

As we have explored many times in the past, Michigan is one of the best states to live in if you’re a foodie. Whether you want pizza, donuts, or vegan ice cream, you can find top-notch food no matter where you go. That includes tacos.

We’re talking real, fantastic tacos today. Michigan has a ton of places to offer you authentic tacos. Ranking the tacos would be a tall order, and I could rank them in 100 different orders myself, let alone all of you readers out there with your own preferences and rankings. That being said, here are ten of the best tacos in the state of Michigan, presented in no particular order (because they’re all number one in my heart and my stomach).

Donkey Taqueria – Grand Rapids

10 Places You Must Eat Tacos In Michigan - The Awesome Mitten
There were four tacos to start, but we couldn’t wait before taking a photo. Photo courtesy of Gabriel Aikins.

There isn’t a sign out front at Donkey, but they don’t need one. The food more than speaks for itself. Your tacos are brought out family-style on one plate, and you can chow down to your heart’s desire from there. The Taco De Pescado might be the best fish taco I’ve ever had. Their braised lamb taco packs all the flavor you’re likely to need in an entire week. If you’re old enough, the drinks here are also phenomenal. Try the prickly pear margaritas or a nice refreshing mimosa.

Harvest/Roaming Harvest – Traverse City

10 Places You Must Eat Tacos In Michigan - The Awesome Mitten
Tacos can be breakfast, too! Photo courtesy of Harvest.

Having lived there for a summer, I can say it might be literally impossible to not eat out of a food truck when you’re around Traverse City. If you’re in the mood for tacos, Harvest or its food truck Roaming Harvest have what you need. The Korean Beef Tacos have a nice zest and flavor to them for those looking for something different. You could also go for the breakfast tacos with scrambled eggs if you’re an early riser (because there’s never a bad time of day to eat a taco.)

Torti Taco – Battle Creek

10 Places You Must Eat Tacos In Michigan - The Awesome Mitten
The barbacoa tacos are where it’s at! Photo Courtesy of Shannon Aikins.

Torti Taco is proof that you need to stop in strip malls while you¬†travel because you never know what amazing food you’re going to find there. In this case, the amazing food is incredible tacos. Most of the tacos here are pretty straightforward, letting the flavor of the meat shine through. The barbacoa tacos are a must-try. If you do want to add a little something to them, you can try out Torti’s salsa bar, with salsas ranging from your standard mild salsa to blueberry or mango salsas.

Mi Pueblo – Detroit

10 Places You Must Eat Tacos In Michigan - The Awesome Mitten
Anyone else hungry for a taco right now? Photo courtesy of Mi Pueblo.

Detroit is one of the most underrated food cities in the country. Every food you can think of has a delicious home in the Motor City, and tacos are no exception. One of the best places for tacos in Detroit is Mi Pueblo. They offer a good variety of beef, chicken, and pork fillings, but the beef tongue is really where it’s at. Beef tongue done well is some of the most tender, delicious meat you’re likely to have, and Mi Pueblo does it extremely well. They also offer live music nights if you need some entertainment with your tacos.

Chilango’s Cantina Grill – Jackson

10 Places You Must Eat Tacos In Michigan - The Awesome Mitten
The fried oysters in all their glory. Photo courtesy of Gabriel Aikins.

This one is for anyone who loves seafood. Chilango’s has some fantastic seafood tacos, including a fried oyster taco. They serve oysters in a variety of ways, but since we’re talking about tacos that’s what we’re highlighting in this entry. The tacos have enough oysters that you get some with every bite, but not so many as to overwhelm the taste buds. We also tried the chicken tacos, which were excellent, but seriously, oysters are where it’s at here.

La Familia Morales – Flint

10 Places You Must Eat Tacos In Michigan - The Awesome Mitten
A taco doesn’t have to be complicated to be good. Photo courtesy of La Familia Morales.

If you’re cruising on I-75 or I-69 and feel the hunger for tacos grip you, La Familia Morales in Flint is where you should stop. And what you really should be going for is the Stew Pico Tacos. Instead of ground beef, you get beef stew. It’s a little thicker with more body when you bite into it. The pico de gallo freshens it up a bit, and obviously, cilantro closes the deal. Since this is the first mention of cilantro, here’s a message for those readers who normally don’t like cilantro: give it a try on one of the tacos on this list. Just try it. You might be surprised what it does for you.

Righteous Cuisine – Grand Haven

10 Places You Must Eat Tacos In Michigan - The Awesome Mitten
One of the many specialty tacos at Righteous Cuisine. Photo courtesy of Righteous Cuisine.

One of the newer places on the list, Righteous Cuisine, has been slinging food on the beach since 2011. If you need a suggestion on tacos, the pork butt is the way to go here. The meat itself has a ton of flavor, and it comes with pineapple salsa, which is a super underrated salsa. The fruitiness of the salsa perfectly compliments the meat. Righteous Cuisine also has a vegan taco that changes depending on what’s in season, so it’s worth stopping in a few times as the weather changes to see what’s new.

Imperial – Ferndale

10 Places You Must Eat Tacos In Michigan - The Awesome Mitten
Have you ever seen anything more beautiful in your life? Photo courtesy of Imperial.

Sometimes you just need to kick back at the end of a hard day or week and have a drink. Imperial is the place to do that if you’re in the Ferndale area. Plus there are tacos, so it’s even better. The carne asada here is to die for. You’re never going to tire of eating here, as Imperial offers monthly specials, some that last all month, some just for a week. A new taco every week? That’s the way to live your best life if you ask me.

Spanglish – Traverse City

10 Places You Must Eat Tacos In Michigan - The Awesome Mitten
You can get a little messy while eating tacos, that’s what napkins are for. Photo courtesy of Spanglish.

We head back to Traverse City for our next set of tacos. Spanglish is owned by couple Vicente and Anna Serrano and combine his Mexican heritage with her Northern Michigan roots. All of the tacos here come with their salsa verde (which is some of the best in the state) and shredded cabbage, which gives that satisfying extra bit of texture that makes a taco special. Their menu notes that all of their tacos come with lime wedges (many of the other places on this list do as well), which leads us to a universal point like the cilantro earlier. If you’re not already doing so, squeeze the limes on your tacos, please. You may think it’s optional, but it will completely change your taco eating life. If you’ve been on the lime train for awhile, you know that I speak the truth.

El Asador Steakhouse – Detroit

10 Places You Must Eat Tacos In Michigan - The Awesome Mitten
Just a few of the tacos El Asador offers. Photo courtesy of El Asador.

For the final entry on the list, we return to Detroit for some more delicious tacos. Since this is a Steakhouse, obviously you need to try the steak tacos here. You will not regret it, as this is some of the best steak you can find in the Great Lakes State (it’s even better in taco form.) Throw in the caramelized onion and the red sauce? Game over, man. El Asador also has tacos with lobster, shrimp, or mahi-mahi if upscale seafood is the direction you want to go in. There’s really no bad direction to go here.

While we’ve highlighted 10 fantastic places to get your taco fix in Michigan, this barely scratches the surface of the tacos that you can find while you’re here. Whether it’s one listed above, one in your hometown, or anywhere else, take the time this summer to share a taco with someone you love. What better way to bond?

What tacos did we miss? Let us know in the comments, and if you’re hungry check out the rest of our food coverage here!