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Riverside Inn Celebrates 20 Years - The Awesome Mitten

The Riverside Inn Celebrates 20 Years

Leland is well-known throughout Michigan for its famous Fishtown. Equally as stunning is the area of Leland just across M22 and up the road from Fishtown. Restaurants, wineries, the Leland

The Best Places In Leelanau County To Score A Deal - The Awesome Mitten

The Best Places To Score A Deal In Leelanau County

Leelanau County is well-known in our state for its beautiful landscape, sugar-sand beaches, and unlimited wineries. However, Leelanau County can also be known for high-end restaurants and expensive establishments. Fortunately, you’ve

Night of 100 Rieslings - The Awesome Mitten

Night of 100 Rieslings

Northern Michigan wine drinkers understand the fine art of Riesling. Fortunately, there is an event that takes place in Traverse City that aids in that department. The City of Riesling

Snowshoes, Vines, & Wines

True Michiganders are four-seasons enthusiasts. Wine tasting is most commonly known to be a summer activity, however, it is an awesome experience in the winter. Black Star Farms in Suttons

A #MittenTrip to Escanaba: Paradise in the UP

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is best known for the large number of year-round outdoor activities it offers. My #MittenTrip to Escanaba encompassed the best of the best when it comes to summertime

Michigan’s Best All-Season Sports

One of the most intriguing aspects of Michigan is the glory of its changing seasons. The irony is that even though the weather changes, the sports do not. A majority

Speak Up Zine Gets Traverse City Talking

Temporary and chronic homelessness are problems all over the world, and by no means does this exclude Traverse City. We have all heard the staggering statistics about local homelessness, but

Suds and Snow

Who says festivals are just for the summer? It is becoming more and more common for beer and music festivals to take place year round, and that includes outdoor winter

One Weekend: Three Toast-Worthy Events

Put on your drinking caps, friends! Northern Michigan has three (yes, THREE) amazing events taking place in one fabulous weekend. If you plan everything out perfectly, you can attend all