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How many of you have ever wanted to pick up a new sport or hobby, but just couldn’t justify dropping half your pay check on something you weren’t sure you would even like? I mean, hobbies are expensive!  A lot sound like that old Master Card commercial. Snowboard: $500, Goggles: $100, Lift Ticket: $52, making memories with your friends: priceless. Needless to say those are some expensive memories.

Photo courtesy of Facebook.com/yogaHEAT
Photo courtesy of Facebook.com/yogaHEAT

Well I’ve always felt this way about yoga, especially hot yoga. My misconceptions have always been A. I cannot possibly bend like that and B. It’s out of my price range. Thanks to Yoga HEAT in downtown Grand Rapids it turns out I was wrong about B, and with a little help from the instructor and yoga blocks, I was wrong about A as well.

Yoga HEAT is a yoga studio located near The Brassworks Building, and was designed with the athlete in mind. Although they do practice hot yoga the word HEAT actually stands for “Helps Every Athlete Thrive”. Owner Elizabeth Saunders, who has completed 9 marathons, incorporates hot yoga into her marathon training to strengthen her running. Elizabeth is a strong believer in combing a strong yoga practice with athletic training and has taught several yoga for runners workshops and currently leads a community running and yoga group at Lululemon Athletica in East Grand Rapids.

Although Yoga HEAT is designed with the athlete in mind, it’s welcoming atmosphere is intended for anyone, athlete or not, that wants to practice yoga in 80-85 degree heat. The heat not only makes you work up a sweat, but also makes the muscles become more pliable, while helping to build strength.

The Awesome Mitten - Yoga Heat
Photo courtesy of facebook.com/yogaHEAT

For my fellow non-flexible friends out there, you would be surprised how much the heat increases your flexibility. However, even the heat couldn’t help me get into the more challenging poses. This is when those yoga blocks and the modified moves the instructor demos really become handy.

What makes Yoga HEAT so unique is that not only do they offer a variety of affordable packages, but they also offer at least one class a day that is pay-what-you-can. Yoga HEAT wants to make yoga accessible to everyone, so to support that they started a once a day SPICY (Sliding Payment-Inclusive Community Yoga) class. You can always use your package to sign up for these classes as usual, or drop by and name your price. Yoga HEAT is dedicated to ensure everyone is able to enjoy yoga.

The Awesome Mitten - Yoga HEAT
Photo courtesy of facebook.com/yogaHEAT

With 10 different types of classes to choose from, and variety of convenient times this might be one hobby that I actually stick with. If you want to join in on the fun you can check out all of the different classes options and learn more about Yoga HEAT on their website and Facebook.

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