The Awesome MItten-Valent-ICE


The Awesome MItten-Valent-ICE
Photo Courtesy of Valent-ICE

If you’re a current resident of Grand Rapids, then you are well aware of the numerous events and activities to do during the weekends. But if you’re looking for a unique experience, and a way to enjoy the wintery weather with a significant other, then checking out Valent-ICE should be penciled into your schedule.

Valent-ICE is a live ice carving competition held by Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. The event takes place February 12 through February 14 and includes activities such as “Lunch on the Rocks,” where “Ice Guru” Randy Finch from Food Network will chisel ice like you’ve never seen ice chiseled before. Local restaurants will provide food to keep you warm and energized for a day filled with icy fun.

To keep up with the “Valentine” theme, Valent-ICE is even offering a “Love is in the Ice” day where couples can have their pictures taken with the featured ice sculptures. It’s a Valentine’s Day that you’ll never forget. And hopefully not due to frozen fingers, or frostbite.

If hanging around ice sculptures isn’t your thing, don’t worry, Valent-ICE provides plenty of other date ideas. They’ve even taken the guessing out of which event you should attend by grouping them into categories such as “Throwback Couple” and “Early Love Birds.” You’re welcome, gentlemen.

Voting for your favorite ice sculpture is unfortunately closed. But don’t shed tears, you can still attend the reveal of the communities favorite on the 12th at the Grand Rapids Art Museum from noon to 2 p.m.

So whether you’re an ice carving fanatic, or just looking for a unique Valentine’s Day idea, Valent-ICE is sure to be filled with fun, food, and lots and lots of ice.

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