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The Awesome Mitten (The Ravens Club)
Photo Courtesy of visitannarbor.org

If the jury was ever out on whether or not there were awesome restaurants in Ann Arbor, Mich., I’m pretty sure The Ravens Club settled the verdict once and for all with a resounding YES.

According to the owners, Chris Pawlicki and Jeff Paquin, The Ravens Club (TRC) is a unique concept in the Michigan community.

The juxtaposition of the sense of antiquity and modernity, simplicity and vibrancy, brings this concept to life in a way that both emulates a 1920’s speakeasy and enforces the importance of sustaining agricultural initiatives in today’s economy.

Located at 207 S. Main St. in downtown Ann Arbor, TRC supports local farms, businesses, bands, theaters and events. Regular patrons look forward to Wednesday Jazz nights featuring the Ron Brooks Trio, an integral part of Ann Arbor’s jazz culture, while sampling the ever-evolving menu, courtesy of the dedication to local produce.

The Awesome Mitten (The Ravens Club)
Photo Courtesy of The Ravens Club

I spoke to general manager Jon Tipton about the most sought after meal at TRC and he had a number of mouth-watering options recommended to me. The most popular small plate award was a tie between the Rabbit and the renowned Charcuterie: this plate is different depending on what Chef Dan Vernia has in house and is always supplemented with locally “brined” sauerkraut and pickles from Ann Arbor’s own Brinery.

In addition, Tipton said the Short Rib entree has become a popular meal, followed by any combination of their creative desserts.

For as much work as farm-to-table restaurants can require, the team at TRC has managed to keep the prices reasonable; drinks under ten dollars and entrees thirty dollars or less.

The Awesome Mitten (The Ravens Club)
Photo Courtesy of annarbor.com

While Chef Dan’s access to seasonal produce ensures a continuously updated lunch and dinner menu, patrons can also look forward to the expansion and overhaul of the drink menu by the beginning of August.

All of their menus can be perused at your leisure on the website; they are powered by realtimefarms.com, an amazing tool that helps you trace the menu item you want to enjoy to the farm it came from.

So the next time you are wandering around the east side of our mitten stat and are hungry and ready to try something new, check out The Ravens Club!

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~ Lyndsay Israel, Feature Writer

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