4 Michigan Drives To Make The Most Of Fall

4 Michigan Drives to Make the Most of Fall - Awesome Mitten

We may hate to admit it, but summer is winding down. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back in season, my mother is already talking about Halloween, and I just pulled out my first flannel shirt. The realities are settling in that fall is here. Although summer is when we usually spend the most time on the […]

3 Scenic Winter Drives For The Michigan Adventurer

This post was originally published on November 21st, 2017.    Michigan is a state lucky enough to experience all four seasons. Our numerous lakes make for fantastic summer destinations, and spring and fall have enough good weather to stretch camping and road trips through most of the year. However, Michigan is notorious for its brutal winters, especially […]

Hooked on Huron Room

The Huron Room - The Awesome Mitten

Over the past couple of years, Detroit’s restaurants have slowly been making a name in the culinary industry with new restaurants opening one after another. The media has been talking about the city and likening it to a food mecca. While most new eateries are geared toward Downtown, Jacques Driscoll, owner of Green Dot Stables […]

Top 15 Awesome Mitten Articles of 2015

Big Sable Point Lighthouse

Happy New Year! Throughout 2015, The Awesome Mitten continued to explore the many hidden gems of this beautiful state and began to venture out on numerous #MittenTrips to capture the essence that makes Michigan towns unforgettable. As always, we’ve had a blast bringing you all the awesomeness this state has to offer. Thank YOU to […]

Port Austin Farmer’s Market is Worth Your Saturday Morning

#MittenTrip Port Austin - The Awesome Mitten

As soon as I started planning my #MittenTrip to Port Austin, an instant trend arose: Every single person I asked for recommendations mentioned the Port Austin Farmer’s Market. Even when I got to the town and started talking to locals, it was all they could talk about. I was in luck too because holiday weekends are […]

Play Hard in Port Austin: Biking and Hiking to Get Away

#MittenTrip Port Austin - The Awesome Mitten

There are definitely ways to explore the great outdoors in Detroit, but there’s nothing quite like the quiet of being “up north.” That experience is true for where I hail from (Traverse City), and it is absolutely true for the tip of the thumb. While on a #MittenTrip in Port Austin, I took my adventures […]

#MittenTrip: A Guide to Port Austin, Another Kind of “Up North”

Port Austin #MittenTrip - The Awesome Mitten

When I was in college at Michigan State University, I would always laugh when my friends told me about their “up north” adventures in “The Thumb.” Since I’m from Traverse City, I had very specific views about what those kinds of adventures should entail. As with most things, I got older and learned that I […]

A Michigan Road Trip Around the Thumb

The Awesome Mitten - A Michigan Road Trip Around The Thumb

Are you in the market for an off the beaten path Michigan road trip option? Take a look at M-25 and the drive around “The Thumb.” From Bay City to Port Huron, along Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron, you’ll find an abundance of parks, hiking and adventure opportunities, beaches, scenic overlooks, resort towns, and more. Bay […]